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I never usually speak out on things that don’t physically harm me or my family but to see my mom upset after being racially abused by a few Everton fans brought fire to my stomach!.


Former Real Madrid and Everton player James Rodriguez wants Liverpool to win the Champions League final 😳.

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FT. And UP THE %$*@£!@ TOFFEES!!!!!! 🔵 3-2 🦅 #EVECRY.

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Everton’s best moments in the past 27 years: - Beat Lincoln in the second round of the Carabao Cup - Finished 16th in the Premier League.

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FIMMMMMMMMMMMMM DE JOGO NO MARACANÃ! O Mengão vence a Universidad Católica por 3 a 0 com gols de Willian Arão, Everton Ribeiro e Pedro, e garante a classificação para as oitavas de final da Conmebol Libertadores! VAMOS! #CRF #VamosFlamengo.

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Luis Díaz en 105 días con Liverpool: ➤ Campeón de FA Cup. ➤ Campeón de Carabao Cup. ➤ Finalista de Champions. ➤ MVP en los cuartos de Champions. ➤ MVP en semis de Champions. ➤ Ya marcó en El Clásico ante el United. ➤ Ya asistió en El Derbi ante Everton. SEÑOR FICHAJAZO..

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Say what you like about Everton fans, not every club would get these numbers for a 16th-place celebration.

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✅ Gabriel Magalhães ✅ Emile Smith Rowe ✅ Folarin Balogun ✅ Thomas Partey ✅ Benjamin White All trained ahead of Everton. #ARSEVE.

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🗓 July 16 🔴 Arsenal v Everton 🏟 M&T Bank Stadium Tickets are on sale 𝗻𝗼𝘄! 👇.


If Spurs draw with Norwich on Sunday, Arsenal need to beat Everton by just 16 goals to finish 4th….

Liverpool have now won their second trophy of the season and the Everton fan group are taking no chances… (18+ BeGambleAware).

With Liverpool going for their second trophy of the season, the Everton fan group are taking no chances… (18+ BeGambleAware).

On This Day in 2011, Carlo Ancelotti was sacked as #CFC manager just two hours after losing to Everton. In his first season he won the Premier League and FA Cup. Then in his second season, he finished second in the League. One of the harshest sackings in the history of football..

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Tottenham confirma su interés por 3 jugadores del Everton para la proxima temporada, el delantero Brasileño, Richarlison (25), el extremo Ingles Anthony Gordon (21) y el defensa Ingles Ben Godfrey (24) a petición personal del DT Antonio Conte. [Daily Telegraph].

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HOY HAY PREMIER. ⏰12:00 🆚️ 🔴 Arsenal-Everton 🔵 🆚️ 🐝 Brentford-Leeds ⚪ 🆚️ 🔵 Brighton-West Ham 🆚️ 🟣 Burnley-Newcastle ⚫ 🆚️ 🔵 Chelsea-Watford 🟡 🆚️ 🦅 C. Palace-Man United 🔴 🆚️ 🔴 Liverpool-Wolves 🐺 🆚️ 🔵 Man City-Aston Villa 🟣 🆚️ 🟡Norwich-Tottenham⚪.

Liverpool will have been in the same amount of finals in the past 4 months than Everton have been in in the past 33 years..

O PODER DO POMBO! Richarlison participou de 8 dos 13 gols do Everton nos últimos 10 jogos na Premier League; VEJA #FutebolNaESPN #PremierLeagueNaESPN.

O Ancelotti é pika, mas se esse pergunta fosse feita 1 anos atrás, talvez nem seria lembrado. Já tratavam como fim de carreira quando decidiu ir pro Everton..


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #PremierLeague 🛡 Arsenal x Everton ✅ Para Lacazette chutar ao gol + ❤️ Gostou? LIKEEE!.

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Arsenal can lose to Everton by 10 - 0 and still finish above Manchester United. Wei y3 team? tsw💔😂😂.

So we are expected to beat Everton and Norwich is expected to beat Tottenham.

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If Tottenham beat Norwich on the final day of the 202p1/22 Premier League season, they will secure #UCL football for next season. If Tottenham draw against Norwich, Arsenal need to win by 16 goals against Everton..

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🔴 MATCHDAY #AFCvEFC - EPL (38° rd) Às 12h00 • Emirates Transmissão: Star+ Na história do confronto os clubes já se enfrentaram 218 vezes, com o Arsenal tendo enorme vantagem: 108 vitórias vs 64 do Everton. A maior vitória foi um 7-0 aplicado pelo Arsenal em 2005..

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We’re at the point now where seven Arsenal players will pin down an Everton forward for five minutes on the final day and the ref still won’t see it, VAR won’t give it and the world will justify why it isn’t a foul… zzzzzzzzz.

Everton face legal threat as furious rivals Burnley and Leeds contact Premier League.

Amigos de @StarPlusLA y @starplushelp, acá en Argentina 🇦🇷 faltan cuatro partidos de la Premier en la plataforma: Norwich - Tottenham Arsenal - Everton Brentford - Leeds Burnley - Newcastle Espero que lo puedan solucionar y no nos perdamos nada. Un fuerte abrazo..

Publish all clubs’ profit and sustainability compliance: it’s one way to avoid the distrust and lawsuits now heading towards the Premier League.

Brentford killing Everton on and off the pitch. Love to see it. 🎇🎇🎇🎇.

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