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$10B in Rescue Plan funds have been committed to public safety across the — one of the largest single-year commitments of federal resources for state & local law enforcement and public safety on record. @POTUS is calling on every community to step up..

The Secretary of State should serve the people of Florida, but Cord Byrd today was appointed because he will serve only Ron DeSantis. This reckless appointment should make every Floridian question Ron DeSantis’ commitment to free, fair, and democratic elections..

Facts! The Turner diaries are the Bible of this white power movement. Through fiction they been imagining a racial war/apocalypse (that is also anti-state) since the 70s. And the government has provided them with the resources/ training to materialize it every step of the way….

@Sharon_Kuruvila Why do they only cover State Department-approved topics? Why not talk about Yemen they say to the group that tracked down the chain of custody of a Saudi rocket back to its manufacturer. Every critique of them is debunked by just looking at more than one thing they have done..

@Breck_Worsham Every single drug bust in Oakland nets automatic weapons. In a state with some of the most strict gun laws..

@Ojeda4America @lisakrstin Richard, Your statement pertains to every state in the Nation. I understand the percentages are different, but hopefully this will GET THE VOTE OUT!.

Bring #luna back to $50 and I’ll bring several AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR GYMS TO EVERY STATE EXCEPT NVM.

@GavinNewsom We have health for all in every state already little man. Or do you mean forcibly stealing from us using guns to bribe voters for the likes of you?.

Few noticed, because this was California, where every fourth-rate character actor breaking wind makes the front pages but the inner workings of the state governing the world’s 5th most powerful economy are left to a handful of overworked reporters at the Sacramento Bee..

@GovMurphy And this could have easily been stopped by a good guy with a gun. But you wanna rely on questionable police response times in a blue state. Blood is on your and every single dems hands. You did this. Own your mess..

@Courtstar413 We only get 12 months. And out of 40 million people in this state, they’re like YOU! We’re gonna make you do it every year!.

@ToleratingTruth @BradsBrilly Is there an amendment that protects lives? If so the 2nd is redundant as it’s taking lives every damn day, in every damn state, in every damn major city in your third world country.

“Few noticed, because this was California, where every fourth-rate character actor breaking wind makes the front pages but the inner workings of the state governing the world’s 5th most powerful economy are left to a handful of overworked reporters at the Sacramento Bee.” 🎯🎯🎯.

@Paul49213470 @tommy_lowell Every state is encouraged to collect and these are the states that have restrictions with collecting. The above link you can click on the states that show legal but restrictions for further information..

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Penn State fans travel well, and this season will see some good destinations to visit. Every stadium Penn State will visit in 2022..

@RWApodcast Funnily, this dude was inspired by the same people Russia shows on state television every night..

@RBReich I’m for a consumption tax. Everyone pays their fair share. Drug dealers, prostitutes, others who work under the table. Every state already has a sales tax system..

@DelawareWFP Please don’t rest until every birthing person in Delaware receives one abortion paid for by the state!!.

@realDailyWire Gun free grocery store in a state with every gun law the most extreme left have asked for. like the majority of these shootings..

Sooo every city/state/country Cayah & l travel to, I try to find a sign so she can take a picture by it for her travel photo album 🥺 but here’s her NOLA pic 💕.

Every State Photo,Every State Photo by me asf,me asf on twitter tweets Every State Photo

@M00Namjoonie song was utter garbage, like most songs of every infact almost every other song was better despite most being crap, this contest has always been about politics/showing unity for neighbour countries/the bloc+super state..

@ohminiii no shit because how would it be the same if its just the american version of it? its just the same CONCEPT in terms of every state submitting just one song and the voting system consisting of judge votes and audience votes. they just took europes concept and made their own thing.

@RepJayapal Washington state one of the highest gas taxes in the country greed from the democrats sucking money out of every working family.

@RepAdamSchiff You know this happend in a democratic control state where it’s illegal to have these guns and still didn’t work keep blaming others for your failures especially when Lori light foot has shit like this happening every weekend in a area where guns are illegal.

@GavinNewsom How about flat out actually lowering taxes and the cost of utilities throughout the state? bet you won’t do that so that it’s given back equally to every California rather than specialty areas..

@elonmusk Congress and the State houses should be forced to repeal a law every time they want to inact a new one. That will stop the regulatory woke social justice madness into which Western Capitalism is descending. No wonder China is ascending. Marketplace of regulations..

The AHSAA baseball semifinals, soccer semifinals and finals and softball regionals took place this week. Here is a look at how every team in the hunt in the Tuscaloosa area fared..

Life good so I’m feelin’ great. Call me outta town shorty, every week a different state..


@VT_Tray21 @Jagerrich Comparing the safety of US satellite states that are countries in Europe to the US itself is asinine. Every country in Europe is a satellite state of the US. They also still took weapons by force. Say you ban “assault weapons” ok. How you gonna get them from anyone without force?.

@AllAubarn Texas and A&M are in the same state they should play every year just like Alabama and Auburn, Florida and Georgia, Tennessee and Vanderbilt..

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