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😏🤳👑🐂 #HastaSiempreRoger @rogerfederer #FEDAL @RafaelNadal.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by ESPN Tenis,ESPN Tenis on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo

Yo no estoy llorando. Vos estás llorando. 🥺 #HastaSiempreRoger #Fedal.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by ESPN Tenis,ESPN Tenis on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo

Happy to have been born in their Era 👑✨️🙏🥺 #Fedal.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by fedaltennis⁴²,fedaltennis⁴² on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo

307- Roger Federer kariyerinde son kez korta çıktı. Çiftlerdeki partneri Rafael Nadal ile birlikte tarihe geçiyorlar #LaverCup2022 #Fedal.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by 59.748 tenis anı,59.748 tenis anı on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo

Fedal just being proud parents, watching their babies at #LaverCup.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by Sarah,Sarah on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo

Roger Federer vibing with Nadal backstage for his last match and eating is such a mood. Hope he’s enjoying the buffet, lots of nice food on offer 😋 #LaverCup fist 👊 bump 👊 #Fedal.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by liberty is really feelin it,liberty is really feelin it on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo

الأن المباراة الأخيرة 😢 في مسيرة المايسترو 🐐 روجر فيدرير منافسات الزوجي مع نادال في كأس لافر #Fedal #LaverCup2022 📺 Bein Sports HD 5.

@mufaddal_vohra Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal #fedal Jhulan Goswami - Harmanpreet Kaur #gour.

Чакам мача на Федерер и Надал като априлска ваканция #FEDAL.

フェデラー現役最後の試合がナダルと組むダブルスで良かった。練習、試合前の2人の様子を観て心から思った。 #Fedal #FedalForever.

imaginez Nadalito annonce sa retraite en même temps que Roger le duo Fedal s’éteint sous les larmes et les applaudissements.

This brought me tears. Tears of joy. Tears remembering watching the duo. Tears thinking how badly will I miss FEDAL. 💔.

i mean how often do rivals and friends go together in one sentence, right? fedal is one of those very few times.

to torcendo tanto pro murray, ele também participou da história do federer, e merece a vitória hoje. até pra fedal jogar com mais tranquilidade nas duplas também. #TenisNaESPN.

the hell is wrong with these two fellas! get done with your game asap. everyone want to see #fedal not you! #LaverCup.

Narda @_FNARDINI, da teus pulos aí pra alterar o jogo do FEDAL para as 20 hrs please. Esse jogo do Murray não acaba nunca e a despedida do GOAT vai acabar acontecendo bem na hora do meu treino. Help please!!!! #TenisNaESPN.

Last #FEDAL coming up! It’s gonna be an emotional night 😫😭🥲. Will miss you so much @rogerfederer #LaverCup2022.

Va a empezar el último partido oficial en la ATP de mi 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Forever #TeamFederer 😍 Y la despedida no podía ser con alguien diferente, Rafa FEDAL!!! 💪🏼🎾 ¡Vamosssssss!.

Não tô preparado, mas lá vamos nós ver Fedal pela última vez. Dessa vez como parceiros e não como adversários. OS MAIORES!.

roger was calling out for the toss and rafa was still asking about the warm up time from the umpire in the background 😂 #LaverCup #Fedal.

The last dance 😢 @rogerfederer 💪❤️ #LaverCup2022 #Fedal.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by Laura Manuel,Laura Manuel on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo

@atptour @LaverCup Mark Petchey’s fawning commentary is too overbearing to listen to. Your undying love for Fedal is limitless. We get it. I’ve had to turn the volume off..

I just love this so much! Fedal point, Nole cheering, like where else would you see something like this 🤧❤️.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by soro soke,soro soke on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo

Anche il Team World tifa Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal!! 🤣🤣 #fedal #LaverCup.

Eu não sei se choro mais pelo fim do Roger ou por ver o Rafa inconsolá Fedal ❤️.


نهاية الحقبة الأعظم والأجمل والأمتع بتاريخ الرياضة بقيت لوحدك يارافا 💔💔💔 #Fedal.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by JF,JF on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم استغفرالله♥️الحمدلله سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم استغفرالله♥️الحمدلله سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم استغفرالله♥️الحمدلله سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم استغفرالله♥️الحمدلله #Fedal.

Nadal and Federer really fed us with the enemies/rivals to lovers/bffs trope all these years 😭🫶🏻 Fedal is truly the best bromance on atp tour 🥺.


i cry in 7 minutes, realize that no more Fedal in the next days on the field 😭.

Thank you @rogerfederer #Fedal one last time, laughing and crying pero holding hands?? Ang clingy nyo 😭.

#Fedal Photo,#Fedal Photo by 20 pesos na ba ang bigas?,20 pesos na ba ang bigas? on twitter tweets #Fedal Photo
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