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Sources: Sidney Crosby, game-time decision, was not diagnosed with a concussion. There was some initial concern, with a headache after Game 5, that might be the case. He was tested, negative result. Nothing further developed and belief is he’s remained symptom-free since..

Heidelberger Arzt Gunter Frank weist auf eine signifikante Häufung schwerer Nebenwirkungen nach Corona-Impfungen hin und spricht von der „größten Fehlleistung seit Bestehen der BRD“, während der Weltärztebund-Chef nur durch Arroganzanfälle zu glänzen weiß..

O Los Angeles Lakers está perguntando aos possíveis técnicos sobre como eles potencializariam o jogo de Russell Westbrook. Dificilmente o armador sairá da equipe, e a franquia acredita que Frank Vogel não soube usá-lo corretamente na última temporada. 🗞 Sam Amick 📸 Kent Smith.

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「好きな歌のタイトルや歌詞からバンド名つけたりするやん。Smoke on the Waterとかどう」 「べただけどいいね」 「Out to Montroux」 「悪くないね」 「Lake Geneva Shoreline」 「プログレバンドっぽいね」 「Fire in the Sky」 「メタルだね」 「Frank Zappa and the Mothers」 「それはどうかな」.

Deutschland Kurier: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Hammer-Rede im Bundestag: Alice Weidel (AfD) rechnet mit „Ampel“-Totalversagen ab! via @YouTube.

Ay me encanta este imitador, Frank Sinatra siento es el mejor imitador , canta maravilloso 👏👏👏👏 #ElRetadorMega.

Fabra es crack. Un dia te hace un golazo él solo como contra Central, y al otro partido esta parado mirando la tribuna y el 7 le hace un gol. Frank va quedar en la historia del club como uno de los mejores laterales. Lleva 7 años en el club.

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I was gonna listen to goblin but I heard Frank and was like ima listen to his albums😩.

的中🎯 3-5-6 ではあるが、オッズ下がっとる、、、 ごめんなさい🙇‍♂️ 4残ってて欲しかった😭.

@elonmusk NOOOOOOOO VANGELIS NOOOOOOOO 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🥺🥺🥺🥺 VANGELIS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 MAY HIS MUSIC STAYS FOREVER Please promise to save him somehow forever🙏 and Frank Sinatra 😭😭😭😭😭.

One thing I am sure about: With vol getting mushed today on a red day, this is either the mother of all traps & the mkt is about to collapse 10+% similar to Feb 2018 or this is the bottom. We will probably know by morning tomorrow because this type of divergence is not normal..

Yo no apoyo a Rodolfo Hernández porque ese señor se monta al poder y finalizando año lo estamos enterrando..

@yerrenes @vaderqin to be quite frank…everyone in bridgerton bored me except edwina and kate and lady danbury…also eloise sometimes was ok.

I’m going to bed thinking about frank who finally plays again with his favourite band, his family and bestfriends I love you Frank you deserve the fucking whole world.

@necomi555 確かにそう見るとそんな感じがしますね😭😭戻ってきて欲しいけど、Frankくんなりに頑張って欲しいです🥺.

Inc: Fire Alarm Loc: FRANK SOTTILE BLVD, Ulster (ULSTER AVE / MIRON LN) Time:5/16/2022 19:04:41.

Na verdade era um ep de @alemdomeme 😂😂😂 mas achei mesmo q o algoritmo tava me sacaneando.

@timothyjgraham spam (for which we had solutions for decades) or otherwise mostly false positives (at least from browsing a few dozen). 2/2.

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Source: HER STORY is the other side and that’s forbidden #BLACKOWNED #BLACKARTIST.

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sigo sin caer q frank ocean arranca nights diciendo, round your city round the clock everybody needs you tipo cual era su nececidad locooo.

50 Powerful Ways to Become a Better Person ➤ | by Frank Sonnenberg | #LifeSkills #FindTheLesson.

Birmingham let’s the cat out of the bag: Public service “efficiency dividend” can be delivered by more “contracting out” to the private sector. A big win for the big 4 and other for profit consultancies at the expense of frank and fearless public servants #auspol #ausvotes.

@frankgore Way to go Frank! You are the man! Congratulations! Been a fan for life! West Palm Beach Native, watched you as a Hurricane!.

FRANK TURNER?!?! OPENING FOR MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE?!?!? AN I WONT BE THERE?!?!? this is the hell dimension.

@frank_maciel Fico sem entender a que o ponto o ser humano é capaz de chegar , não era melhor pelo menos tentar , ajudar a pessoa a mudar , dá aquele para ,mudar de rumo ,seguir outros caminhos, recomeçar é para todos,mas primeiro tem que consertar seus erros para seguir em frente ..

Transparency and the Frank Scott administration. Another miraculously undocumented development at City Hall via @arktimes.

@redwardprice719 @itsJeffTiedrich Frank James is in custody. I bet you have to look up who he is and he’s just as monstrous. Racism is evil, but you’re only being divisive by insisting it’s a white issue only.


i woke up at around 5am today, decided i wanted to ride my bike for like 15 mins and listen to some frank ocean just bc that was honestly the best 15 mins of my life. i felt sm at ease then after that i watched an interview of tyler w nardwuar then i instantly felt like shit.

Pairs trading can help reduce risk and increase probability of profit. Find out how using #CrudeOil and #Gold futures from @tastytraderMike and @frank_kaberna:.

Whoever Marshall frank is. Thank you so much. And wilfredo too !! This shit means so fucking much to me. Thank y’all niggas fr!.

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