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🎯 The free-kick 💯 The century 🙌 The celebration 🔊 The scream 🇵🇹 You can rest assured @selecaoportugal milestone-maker @Cristiano has that #FridayFeeling

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Dolph LomaGGGringo 🇺🇸
Dolph LomaGGGringo 🇺🇸 ()

LETS ROCK. #FridayFeeling Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue via @YouTube

💕🐾Hannah🐈‍⬛&Milo🐈💕🐾 ()

Humom is especially grumpy after stressful week of virtual now something on the news has made her do my very best to be extra adorable and snuggly♥️♥️♥️Hannah #CatsOfTwitter #FridayFeeling

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Robyn Abdusamad
Robyn Abdusamad ()

When your close friend calls and y’all talk for 3 hrs catching up & laughing like never before. So great to hear from her. Stay in touch with loved ones. #FridayFeeling

Jeff C Fuller
Jeff C Fuller ()

Now you will see how fast McConnell can get the Senate in action unlike in 2016 when they stole a seat from Merrick Garland. #FridayFeeling

Dawn H-M, PhD 😚
Dawn H-M, PhD 😚 ()

#FridayFeeling The mother ship 🛸 has finally landed! Starting off the weekend with fresh cans of @otherhalfnyc #AllTogetherBeer ...where it all began. 👏👏👏 Many more thanks to the great peeps at OH for launching & hosting ⭐ a worldwide collaborati…

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Tatiana Prowell, MD
Tatiana Prowell, MD ()

Bring your whole, authentic self to whatever you do. That’s the tweet. #FridayFeeling

Dr. Mark Rowe
Dr. Mark Rowe ()

‘My mission in life is not merely to survive But to thrive And to do so with some passion Some compassion Some humor And some style.’ Maya Angelou 🙏♥️🦋📘 #FridayFeeling #quote

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Ledo Pizza
Ledo Pizza ()

‼️ #FridayFeeling Giftcard GIVEAWAY ‼️ RETWEET & FOLLOW for a chance to win a $50 #LEDOPIZZA GIFT CARD! (1 winner picked at 10pm 9/18/20) Fridays are made for PIZZA! Order Online! Fast. Easy. Fresh.

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Gordana Biernat
Gordana Biernat ()

Where is love to be found? - Always in your heart. How can I reach it? - By being fully present now. How can I share it? - With honesty, stillness and intention. Every now moment is sacred.❤️ #FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts

S k i l l e n z a
S k i l l e n z a ()

Why would a Coder name the program Amul? Ans :- So that it runs Smooth as Butter 🤭 #Amul #FridayFeeling

Mari Hannah
Mari Hannah ()

Thanks Elaine - and hello @bertsbooks. This is my current #FridayFeeling 😃

Penguin Books UK
Penguin Books UK ()

‘Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.’ Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet #FridayFeeling

RR ()

i have been sitting at my computer for an hour now and have quite literally only drawn a single line #FridayFeeling

Alby ()

Who’s ready for another fabulous weekend? #FridayFeeling 🍑😉🏖

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NewWonder Management
NewWonder Management ()

Self tape request just in for #TeamNWM @DasBernhardt #FridayFeeling 👍🏾👍🏾

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NAILBA prides itself on making sure that member agencies stay connected with new tools & industry insights. LOG IN & gain access to exclusive webinars, reports, articles, & discounts! #FridayFeeling Not a member? Learn the value of a NAILBA membership:

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FIT26 ()

The #Weekend is almost here everyone and the CLUB26💙 terrace is ready and waiting for you 🍻 Did you know access to CLUB26 drinks & dining experience is complimentary with your FIT26 membership? 👉Not yet a member? Find out more here: #FridayFeeling

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#ACL2020 ()

A picture that speaks a thousand words 🗣️🏆 #FridayFeeling

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SriKrishnam Vande Jagadgurum ( Sri Harshavardhan )
SriKrishnam Vande Jagadgurum ( Sri Harshavardhan ) ()

🙏Harekrishna 🙏 Sri Narayana Krishnam 🙏 Sri Narayani Krishnam 🙏 Sri Mahadeva Krishnam 🙏 Sri Mahadevi Krishnam 🙏 Sri Brahmadeva Krishnam 🙏 Sri Brahmadevi Krishnam 🙏 Sri Datta Krishnam 🙏 Sri Dattadevi Krishnam 🙏 #Srikrishna #FridayFeeling

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DCUK - The Original Wooden Duck Company
DCUK - The Original Wooden Duck Company ()

Ducks and feathered friends in a row on #Fridays! 😁 Started collecting in March; absolutely love them. Now looking to choose the next one. ❤️ #FridayFeeling Which of our ducks or feathered friends do you think Alison should pick next? 🤔 📸 Alison

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Joey the Cat 💚🐾
Joey the Cat 💚🐾 ()

THANK FLUFF IT’S FRIDAY! 🤪 #FridayFeeling #CatsOfTwitter

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FIFA.com ()

🎯 The free-kick 💯 The century 🙌 The celebration 🔊 The scream 🇵🇹 You can rest assured @selecaoportugal milestone-maker @Cristiano has that #FridayFeeling

@Motivated ()

Unconditional love should not be wasted on the ungrateful #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling

Dublin Devanney
Dublin Devanney ()

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will 🕺🏻 #FridayFeeling

Lovely_Plot 🌻🌸🦋🌺🐝
Lovely_Plot 🌻🌸🦋🌺🐝 ()

Some #DahliaLove for you all gorgeous people 🌸 This one had to make it to the flower shrine and she secured a prominent position 😍🤩 #FridayFeeling

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A... Wrestling Fan
A... Wrestling Fan ()

Will Smith bringing those Bel-Air feels! #FreshPrince30th #FridayFeeling

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Jon From Dunore Energy
Jon From Dunore Energy ()

Energy connections, metering and suppliers! The 3 things that have really kept me busy for the last few weeks! Social media and networking have taken a bit of a back burner but that in itself can cause stress😅 #FridayFeeling #energy

Hereiamatul ()

जीवन में अहंकार भी आवश्यक है जब बातें अधिकार, चरित्र और सम्मान की हो.. #FridayFeeling #KanganaRanuat

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Sunil dass 🌹🌹🙏🙏
Sunil dass 🌹🌹🙏🙏 ()

#FridayFeeling जब तक गुरु मिले नहीं साचा, तब तक गुरु करो दस पाँचा। कबीर झूठे गुरु के पक्ष को, तजत न लागै वार। द्वार न पावै मोक्ष का, रह वार का वार।। ⬇️⬇️ अवश्य देखें सत्संग साधना चैनल पर शाम 7:30 बजे ||

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☚ #covid19 #संजय_सिंह_गुंडा_है ☛
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