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Updated: December 6th, 2021 10:38 AM IST

German politicians now want the police to enforce the new restrictions. So police patrolling the streets checking peoples papers to see if they are allowed in Germany? Where have I heard of this 🤔

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This is more of the propaganda that jihad enablers and their allies have used decades. In the 1940s, the likes of Danios (@DrJavadTHashmi) would have been screaming that the foes of Hitler were anti-German. The charge of hatred and bigotry is a massive deflection technique.

German politicians now want the police to enforce the new restrictions. So police patrolling the streets checking peoples papers to see if they are allowed in Germany? Where have I heard of this 🤔

Should I count the broken German I can speak as one of the languages I know? I can read it mostly fine but my pronunciation is terrible lol. That and I’ve forgotten the linguistic gender rules for nouns.

There is diversity in the sub-ethnic Jewish communities. Ashkenazi & Mizrahi (& Sephardic) are umbrella terms for diverse experiences. German Jews were different to Polish. Iraqi Jews were different to Tunisian. Despite these cultural differences, we are still one People.

#ÚLTIMAHORA DGCIM irrumpió en la alcaldía del municipio Juan Germán Roscio del estado Guárico cuando se realizaba la toma de posesión de la alcaldesa, Sulme Ávila, electa por @AlianzaDemocVE. No queda claro el motivo de su presencia en el lugar/vía @monitoreamos

Ralf Rangnick: Manchester United set to appoint German on six-month contract - Rang Nick of time


Crazy, the three BIGGEST clubs in England are going to be coached by German managers.

@LuudBarrientos Ya estoy chamuyando, me está contando de sus nietas ah jajajajajajaja

im in a gc with a bulgarian and german and they are talking abt the alphabet im so confused

@baloobas1 Thank god for that! like em either, but loves my german xmas goodies! Ha!

bold of u to be mean to me when ur literally learning german like last week i hward u screaming wir suchen dich what was that all about then huh??

Ralf Rangnick | “Everything will be fine!” – Lokomotiv chief on German’s move to Man United, will ‘think’ after EL game #mufc

I am honestly just so proud of my lil trans german princess 😭 out here performing at #macysparade?! She’s such a popstar. She’s doing what she’s always wanted to do. What she always dreamed of. She’s living it. Imagine how that must feel 🥺🥰🦃🏳️‍⚧️ @kimpetras

He criticized outgoing Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble for not being tough enough on Greece Σόιμπλε θα λέτε και θα κλαίτε 😛

@andrewfx_51 been waiting 15 months for them to process my families confirmation of german citizenship, hope this will spur them on to fast track all those waiting

cool cool german air force is helping with covid situation everything cool and normal

1/72 Cast Metal German cm PaK 40 Towed Anti-Tank Gun Model Metallic Color

Argentina looks so breathtakingly beautiful. Wanna visit someday. Maybe even be the first german to move there that isnt running from investigations for crimes against humanity.

German coalition deal promises a modernising agenda. But note: they only commit only to technical reforms of stability pact, and flatly reject renewal of recovery fund. Eurobond further away than ever. -

Good morning!😘☕️🍂🍁🌹 Isaac Albeniz Travel memories, Op. 71: No. 6. Rumors of La Caleta Pierre Huybregts Picture:Maximilian Joseph Haushofer (12 September 1811 – 24 August 1866) was a German landscape painter.

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Just finished my first WW2 German Submarine model…… #DasBoot.

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@Khamenei_pilled My guess is the German invasion of Belgium is sometimes referred to as the “rape of Belgium”

@Soullovv Ye, that’s exactly what I mistook gut for. Instead of intestine I thought it was the German word gut. So the bacteria must be very benevolent and polite, since they decided to use the German word “gut” to describe it 😆

@BWSFOS @declamare Also kinda funny that the English text is shorter to such an extent even though the content is the exact same. So much for German efficiency. ;)

The new German government announced today it will lower the voting age to 16 We should do so too. I am introducing a bill into Parliament in January for votes at 16


German parties to present coalition deal on Wednesday

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German lawyer explains why #NordStream2 is a purely political project and why it still can be stopped. If one is ready to do the right thing. (In German)

@German_Mataro @nton_makarenko Да! Этот живорожденный, или как его там, только популизмом занимается! На деньги ЦРУ и Моссад! Вражина! У нас в городке понастроили школ и больниц, народу столько нет! Теперь приходится закрывать половину, ходить некому. 1 новая школа 15-ти послевоенных стоит!

23 November 1875 | A German, Karel Kurtzer, was born in Peltschütz. A shoemaker. In #Auschwitz from 17 October 1941. No. 21834 He perished in the camp on 7 January 1942

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“Probably by the end of winter, more or less everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dead. - Jen Spahn, German Health Minister Wow.

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