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Dada, @ipritamofficial, I know I troubled you lots for this song. But I love you. Fan for life #GharMorePardesiya.

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— #GharMorePardesiya alia bhatt as roop. her beautiful face 🤧💗.

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Pt Birju Maharaj helped me learn expressions: #AliaBhatt on her year-long Kathak training for #GharMorePardesiya reports @NayandipRakshit . . . @aliaa08.

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Alia Bhatt on Ghar More Pardesiya: I was initially intimidated by the idea of dancing with Madhuri Dixit - @aliaa08 #Kalank #GharMorePardesiya.

I really hope and pray that Madhuri will dance to #GharMorePardesiya somewhere either during promotions or an awards show😭🙏🏽💖 I just want to see how she would dance to the song!.

mohe rang do laal | alia bhatt #kalank #gharmorepardesiya.

Varun and Alia will become a more iconic couple than SRK and Kajol. I think this is just an understatement, they have surpassed SRKajol already. #GharMorePardesiya.

Just watched #GharMorePardesiya #MadhuriDixit owned this song even without dancing. She looks so graceful and charming that wanted to watch her more. This is for the first time I’ve seen her not dancing in a song like this.🙂.

Queen Madhuri never ages 😍💗 #GharMorePardesiya #Kalank.

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#Kalank 1st Song is When it comes to expressions no one can match @MadhuriDixit Level #GharMorePardesiya.

#GharMorePardesiya is a sweet listen. Alia has worked hard one can and Madhuri shine through the little mudras she does while sitting before Alia comes Alia becomes her student right eventually?.

All the actors of film kalank are rocking. Waiting for film kalank #GharMorePardesiya.

@MadhuriDixit ma’am and @aliaa08 both of you have created magic on screen with such nuanced performance on this larger than life song. ♥️♥️♥️ #GharMorePardesiya.

Zafar is the death of me 🔥🔥 #GharMorePardesiya #Kalank.

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Queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @aliaa08 #GharMorePardesiya.

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This is the reason why @shreyaghoshal is the undisputed Melody queen forever❤️Listening to #GharMorePardesiya gives me so much happiness,that sargam those alaaps are behind words to describe 😍😭amazing duet with @vaishalibhaisne ji this kind of Gem was truly needed in Bollywood.

Dada, @ipritamofficial, I know I troubled you lots for this song. But I love you. Fan for life #GharMorePardesiya.

A huge thank you to @shreyaghoshal and #VaishaliMhade for their beautiful voices that brought #GharMorePardesiya to life ❤ A very special thank you to @OfficialAMITABH whose words created the magic. I can’t stop listening to it.

#TSeriesMixtape2 and now #GharMorePardesiya. Thank you so much @shreyaghoshal for making our Monday so musically magnificent!! ♥️♥️😍😍🎶🎶.

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The first song of #Kalank #GharMorePardesiya is out now. Have you watched it yet?.

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At 1230 witness magic #GharMorePardesiya on the streets of Hira Mandi.

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#GharMorePardesiya #प्रभुकबीर_की_वाणी Karm n yari det hain bhasmagiri bhasmant | Karm vyarth hai tas ka jai rejhai nahi bhagvant || Person having pride can never be near to God will never make that person near to him. Get free book JEENE KI RAAH which Ishwar TV 8 :30pm.

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Love will hit a high note with #GharMorePardesiya. Tune in tomorrow at 11am #Kalank.

CHALLENGE FOR Varun-Alia-Kalank fans to Not to Drag MOHE RANG DO LAAL TOMORROW ! #GharMorePardesiya 😊😊.

#GharMorePardesiya: First song from Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt starrer Kalank to be out tomorrow.

#Kalank song #GharMorePardesiya to be out tomorrow, @aliaa08 shares her excitement in her posts.

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