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Manchester has fallen especially Manchester United Football Club. We are done as a Football Club. Completely done. Finito. #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

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Jamie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🥇
Jamie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🥇 ()

@ManUtd SIGN SOME PLAYERS. Or this will get way way worse. You’ll see what negativity means you twats. #GlazerOutWoodwardOut #GlazersOut

Lavie ()

@ManUtd We want to win this just sign players #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

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#GlazersOut_MUFC!!! 🇳🇬🔴💯 ♉
#GlazersOut_MUFC!!! 🇳🇬🔴💯 ♉ ()

He came in on the 31st of January!!! I love this man!!! Congratulations @B_Fernandes8 !!! Well deserved!! #GlazersOut #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

Debopriyo Guha
Debopriyo Guha ()

@TheManUtdWay I used to think that the 2008 UCL final was my most anxious moment as a United fan. These past few years have absolutely shredded my nerves to bits and most of it happens over the transfer windows. #GlazerOut #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

Syed Ahnaf Morshed
Syed Ahnaf Morshed ()

My manager has been hung dry for failure! I will never forget that @ManUtd #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

👑🕷 ()

Noo we’re completely fine with having shit owners #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

Ayush Shukla
Ayush Shukla ()

CLOWN. SPECIALIST IN FAILURE. BELLEND. Get TF out of my club you cunts. Karma will take care of you. 🔰 #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

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Rahul Prakash
Rahul Prakash ()

This is a sad state of how Manchester United will end up under the glazers😢😢😢 #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

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RicMa ()

Don’t need him. We got a good young prospect in Jessie lingard 🙄 #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

𝙹𝚎𝚏𝚏 ()

@ManUtd 🇨 🇴  🇷  🇷  🇺  🇵 🇹  🇮  🇴  🇳  🇬  🇷  🇪  🇪  🇩  🇱  🇦  🇨  🇰  🇴  🇫  🇮  🇳  🇻  🇪  🇸  🇹  🇲  🇪  🇳  🇹  🇱  🇪  🇦  🇩  🇸  🇹  🇴  🇴  🇳  🇪  🇹  🇭  🇮  🇳  🇬  🇫 🇦 🇮 🇱 🇺 🇷 🇪  #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

RicMa ()

It’s not like that scum to steal money from the club is it 🧐 #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

Adarsh ()

#GlazerOutWoodwardOut Woodward and the glazers have orchestrated another failure. F**k you

Dadee ()

At this Point, the only Manchester United Transfer news I want to hear is that Glazers Sold the Club #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

Danial ()

@Vintage_Utd The never ending cycle of united since fergie era #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

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💀™© ()

Surely @ManUtd you can now bag Allex Telles for €20m without a buy back clause #EdWoodwardOut #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

Rohen (Manchester United)
Rohen (Manchester United) ()

@FergiesD Love for Manchester United will never 🔴🔴 Keep the Red Flag Flying High !!! #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

Mohammed Sakoor
Mohammed Sakoor ()

@UnitedStandMUFC @FAFiltvedt Guys, we need to think of a way to make sure united shares drop. That will really put fear into the owners and shareholders. It’s the only way! #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

Your Online Vet
Your Online Vet ()

If @ManUtd don’t sign Telles and Sancho this summer I’m editing my bio and become a neutral fan of the club. No aspiration. No expectation. Without the club is gonna compete for top 4. Nothing elite. #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

Kelvinunited ()

Manchester has fallen especially Manchester United Football Club. We are done as a Football Club. Completely done. Finito. #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

AJ ()

No offence to Phil Jones but how is he still at the club! He is on 75k a week. He would be top earner at most Premier league clubs. SHOCKING! #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

The_One_With_Perfection ()

@UnitedStandMUFC The Vicious cycle #GlazerOutWoodwardOut #GlazerOut

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BVUnited👹👹👹👹 ()

Ole left high and dry. Just like Jose ..! @ManUtd shame on #GlazerOutWoodwardOut


Manchester united lose on Reguilon to Mourinho and Tottenham Get this and more analysis in our soccer SPORTS WRAP PODCAST OR CLICK THIS LINK LENO EMILIANO MARTINEZ ASTON VILLA REAL MADRID MAN UTD SPURS SANCHO #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

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utd_avi #signsancho
Utd_avi #signsancho ()

When is spurs vs united ? . Would love to see reguillion get himiliated by rashy martial pogba n co. #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

مَسی🌾 ()

بخدا میرم آرسنالی میشم، اوله شیشتا اسم داده بعد چهل و خورده ای روز یدونه خریدن اونم به لطف ون در سار... #WoodwardOut #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

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Juice is not dead🥺
Juice is not dead🥺 ()

@ManUtd Thiago 30M Alex Telles 20M Sancho 120M That’s 170M you bastards Sell those rusty players too #GlazerOutWoodwardOut #GlazersOut

Conor ()

#GlazerOutWoodwardOut we need to get these fucking clowns out of the best club in England. DONT FORGET TO UNFOLLOW UNITED

Mayor of Ogudu ✊✊👑👑
Mayor of Ogudu ✊✊👑👑 ()

@ManUtd Fuck off and stop posting shite , sign some fucking players for us your Assholes. #GlazerOutWoodwardOut.

rookie mistakes
Rookie mistakes ()

Lets gi do thus again #GlazerOutWoodwardOut #GoBurnWoodwardsHouse

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Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck ()

@ManUtd_ID Bego nih manajemennya reguilon ketikung, sancho ga pasti, alex telles gaada kabar #GlazerOutWoodwardOut

☚ संजय सिंह #3YearsForJaiLavaKusa ☛
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