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Updated: September 25th, 2021 12:41 PM IST

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The White House is gold right now for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It looks beautiful lit up like this.

Gold Twitter

तीरंदाजी विश्व चैंपियनशिप में फिर स्वर्ण पदक से चूका भारत, दो रजत पदक जीते

The White House is gold right now for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It looks beautiful lit up like this.

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💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 「筋肉定食」発売記念 フォロー&RT   #やよい軒で筋肉 キャンペーン実施中‼ 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 「筋肉定食」(415kcal)にちなんで、【415円でGOLD’S GYMの年間権利証(年パス)をGETできる権利🎫】または【GOLD’S GYM Tシャツ👕】がその場で当たる⁉🥳毎日参加OK‼

Kyler Gold Kaboom #/10 😮 🏆 Current Bid: $4,250 👉

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US Gov out of money. Shutdown looming. Dems blame Republicans for the problem. Evergrande Chinas biggest property developer with 800 projects in 200 cities out of money. Get the message? Get gold, silver, Bitcoin, ethereum before the biggest crash in history. Take care.

Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Food & Liquor’ album has just been certified GOLD after 15 long years. Congrats to all involved, long overdue.

Max Soviak paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan for our freedom. We’ll never forget it. God Bless his family and all the other Gold Star families across the country.

@gold_trader0 ヨロコンデしますぅ―!!!!!!! ま、僕もです(笑)

🐝 이상한 유사 모음집 ────────────────── 고기반찬 없으면 밥 안 먹겠다고 난리 피우는 문탁호 속썩이재 또

Novata na Amazônia, a Gana Gold já faturou mais de R$1 bilhão de reais com mineração industrial de ouro. Outra façanha da empresa é que ela faz isso com uma licença irregular, sem ser incomodada por nenhuma esfera de poder. Segue o 🧶.

@VinGuptaMD How wonderful! Unconditional love is pure gold and a balm for our spirit and body.

Altın takip eden arkadaşlar için kişisel görüşüm bearish. Özellikle btc deki son spekülasyon denemelerinden sonra bile gold herhangi bir güvene bağlı pozitif etki görülmedi. Bu altın için önümüzdeki zamanda kuvvetli bi bearish dalgası yaratabilir. $xau $xauusd #altın #spotaltın

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@treysian95 hi Treysian, huge fan, hardstuck gold here need advise between these two games I played with my AD carry duo MaseLoL. My ign is Heartseed

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@erfon @jon_prosser I think the average person only shoots in 1080p to begin with. It’s more of a fun feature than a professional one

ゴノレシが購入されました。 ¥15000 購入者の感想「ゴノレシ!?あいつの話はもうするんじゃねぇ!!(10代女性)」 #shindanmaker #あなたが買われた

It’s about time the Saints are wearing their classic look Black Jersey / Gold Pants

@JenRoesch Do kids have access to devices in the room? Some of this can work through apps on SmartBoards Or make a google jamboard and have students put their answer on a “sticky note”— like one corner could be pink stickies, another corner could be yellow, etc.

@PattyOFlaherty Lmfaoooo basically… it’s sad… it’s supposed to be the worst review you get is your best, but even the worst review DOUG received was pure comedic gold because they didn’t even pay attention. Maybe if they watched and listened they’d learn a thing or two about themselves

Q: Are you rich? Me: Itna ki Parle-G bhi Gold wala khata hu

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hypothesis n nga lang pinapagawa q beh, aq n sa theory tamad n amad p kayo. sige ako narin tangina niyo gold kayo e

++ we’ve got quizzes and exams for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack yes hanggang hating-gabi may quiz feeling gold kasi pharmacology emz 🙂

@PeterVecsey1 Intriquing still shot of a sequence not clear. Best guess: Breakaway attempt {presumably by gold since dominant inside position; and 3 others not exactly sprinting back on D}; yet shot attempt stopped by foul; blocked shot; or jam layup missed[?] as ball is flying high and wide?

Holy fucked I have never cackled so loud as just now reading these Orson Welles interview excerpts. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 FUCKING GOLD.

@jana_fanclub @thanaletchumi05 Oooh that’s interesting! You can also probably also try out white gold pieces and silver that’s lighter in colour❤️and can def avoid gray coloured clothing & stationary, aesthetics, etc

Looking glass insects: I: looking through charred glass; Move, scurry, be your being— Let the bees fly, & I: Will watch you bury Dreams & Wills of the onlookers; And all will rot As my attention is teared from lies: & those blind insects w/ a thousand eyes Will die w/ mire &gold.


41730016 :参戦ID 参加者募集! Lv150 プロトバハムート

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Can we just appreciate how much red & gold is in Philadelphia’s stands for today’s game?

兄上とイオちゃんと控えにメリッサベルさんいるから多段攻撃がエグい アビリティで稼げば良いからイオちゃん奥義撃てなくてもいっか……レベル

A while ago, I noted that we were vaccinating the equivalent of one Australia every three days. Yesterday, we vaccinated the equivalent of one Australia in a day. If there was a ‘Vaccine Olympics’ we’d be on top of the podium, with a Gold medal and a new world record…

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