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Nodirbek Abdusattorov shows why he is the World Rapid Champion- he handles immense pressure and defeats Gukesh D. With this win, he saves the match for Uzbekistan, securing a draw against India 2. Photo: Aditya Sur Roy.

Gukesh Photo,Gukesh Photo by ChessBase India,ChessBase India on twitter tweets Gukesh Photo

Gukesh has 7/7 now! He wins yet another game, this time against Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera, and in style! In the diagram position he played ; White replied and resigned. #ChessOlympiad.

Rajini of chess #Gukesh and Rajini himself ..#ChessOlympiad2022 got me closer to both @aicfchess @rajinikanth.

Não deu para Caruana, para Dominguez-Perez e nem para os Estados Unidos🇺🇸 Índia #2🇮🇳 3 vs. 1 EUA🇺🇸 Gukesh🇮🇳 vence Fabiano Caruana! O que tá fazendo o enxadrista de 16 anos nessa Olimpíada é um absurdo! Oito partidas, oito vitórias, rating de performance acima de 3300!.

India 2 takes down the team with 4 super GMs- USA! Gukesh and Raunak played picturesque games to defeat Fabiano and Dominguez respectively. Nihal and Pragg drew their games, giving India 2 a dominating 3-1 victory. Photo: Aditya Sur Roy.

Gukesh Photo,Gukesh Photo by ChessBase India,ChessBase India on twitter tweets Gukesh Photo

2006 doğumlu Gukesh 8 oyunda 8 galibiyet +30 ELO ile dünyada 20. sıraya çıktı..

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Fabiano is one of my favourite players. It was a pleasure to play against him. Press conference with Gukesh D:.

¿Podrá alguien detener a Gukesh?😱 👉Ahora mismo tiene el mejor performance en la historia de las Olimpiadas (3360 de performance), ha ganado todas las partidas que ha jugado, incluso habiendo repetido las piezas negras Link: Foto: FIDE/Madelene Belinki.

Gukesh Photo,Gukesh Photo by, on twitter tweets Gukesh Photo
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The 16-year-old lost to Abdusattorov as his team was held by Uzbekistan in the penultimate round of the 44th Chess Olympiad. #ChessOlympiad2022 ✍️ @vivek9301.

Algo tremendo acaba de pasar en la Olimpiada. Gukesh, de 16 años, ha perdido una partida ganada cuando el empate hubiera puesto a su equipo a un paso del oro. La partida ya está analizada en mi columna (crónica más tarde): #Ajedrez #chess.

The images of Gukesh after the blunder are shocking. Why are chess defeats so painful? #ChessOlympiad.

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Gukesh just entered world top 20 after defeating Caruana!! 🤯🤯🤯 crazy performance #ChessChennai2022.

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Grandmaster D Gukesh shocked Fabiano Caruana as India 2 pulled off a superb 3-1 win over the USA in the eighth round of the Open section of the 44th #ChessOlympiad | By Vishwanathan Anand ( @vishy64theking ).

Gukesh should hold his head up high regardless of the result today. People should not forget he has carried the team to the point where they are competing for medals..

@anishgiri Gukesh was paired against himself, and people were suspicious that he could try to win with both pieces..

@GothamChess 8/8 is super impressive however one slices it but, upon reviewing the games, Gukesh was out-prepared today and should’ve lost to a regular/normal/unscarred Fabi. Fabi also had a repetition draw today if he wanted. @sadhwani2005’s win otoh seemed a lot cleaner and more impressive!.

Gukesh tenía la partida ganada desde el medio juego y - no sé por qué - en lugar de seguir el camino sencillo de quedarse con 2 peones de ventaja (y libres) opta por tomar un camino táctico que le podía llevar a donde le llevó: la derrota..

Gukesh LOST his first game after getting almost winning position in the opening. He blundered a piece in Time pressure 😔 India 2 drew with Uzbekistan. Tomorrow is the last round ! #Gukesh 😔 #ChessOlympiad2022 @aicfchess @FIDE_chess.

Gukesh Photo,Gukesh Photo by 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐝♙,𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐝♙ on twitter tweets Gukesh Photo

@EmilSutovsky let me clarify. prag was in a technically winning endgame and gukesh was low on time in equalish position and things were in control (g2 pawn was still there). He might have misevaluated the situation that Prag is winning or he was trying to play his normal game..

As heartbreaking as it was to see Gukesh losing today, worse was seeing him so dejected and almost cry when he realised his mistake and the 45-odd seconds that followed. Shows how much Chess gives and takes away in one breath. Brutal. Chin up champ, bring the W and a medal tmrw.

17 years old Nodirbek stops the storm named Gukesh. Gukesh had an upper hand throughout but his tricky opponent had the last laugh..

Indian juniors beaten the mighty USA!🔥🇮🇳 Gukesh beating Fabi!🤩 Showing the class infront of the world at #ChennaiChess2022 #ChessOlympiad.

@CricCrazyVeena Timeline is already mad today India women winning semi final and Gukesh Winning against Fabi.

@SapanaNigam @chess24com He is not sly,gukesh ingnored him playing like against child,and made fun of him looking around when he was winning,while the winner just looked at the table,it is a chess,there is always a winner that takes game seriously,even when winning,Nodirbek won magnus like these,.

Bugun Gukesh va uning xalqini, ertaga Bravo👏 Esiz, oʻyinni koʻrolmayapman).

Gukesh Photo,Gukesh Photo by Mashkhura Khashimiy,Mashkhura Khashimiy on twitter tweets Gukesh Photo


You either win or you learn. Great game #Gukesh. I guess we just saw the trailer of world championship matches of the future! Some crazy game! _/\_.

Wahh wkwk, dari ngebantai 8/8 trus skrg blunder warkop, emg gabisa ditebak sih namanya manusia ada aje NT Gukesh 👏 GG Nodirbek 👍.

@emrehasgulec Abdusattarov oyununda inanılmaz blunder oldu ve Gukesh kaybetti erkenden terk ettiniz yayını göremedik :(.

@JavlonVakhabov They do amazing, I follow closely. Abdusattorov is brilliant and his win against almost unbeatable Gukesh today was top-notch. Proud and happy for Uzbek brothers for this great generation of chess prodigies!.

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