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#GullyBoyMovieReview Is there anyone else who fell in love with @SiddhantChturvD in Gully Boy?.

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And the entire theatre was roaring along with Murad @RanveerOfficial Never experienced such thing before. Whattay film!!! Mazza aa gaya #GullyBoyMovieReview #ApnaTimeAayega.

@sapanv Other Big Releases in 2019 : #GullyBoy #GullyBoyMovieReview.

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Apna time nahi ayega apni exam main supply ayegi. Woh bhi time #GullyBoyMovieReview #GullyBoy.

I invite you to join Nation with NaMo - India’ largest volunteer network of professionals who will campaign for Shri Narendra Modi in 2019. Join using my referral link and spread the word. Jai Hind. #GullyBoyMovieReview.

Gully boy is outstanding movie 🎥 Great acting @RanveerOfficial #GullyBoyMovieReview.

Gully boy 🤘 It story of everyone who wants to become if you are dreamer then this is for you ... if you are following passion then this is for you .... there is something for everyone @RanveerOfficial is not the ranveer here thats in favour 😅 #GullyBoyMovieReview.

@aliaa08 adds the right tinch of spice and romance with her soothing and exemplary appearance. Loved your presence on screen adds life to the film! Loveee it!♥️ #GullyBoyReview #GullyBoyMovieReview.

2001 Khali hath aye the hum Khali hath jayenge. 2019 Tu nanga hi to aya hai, kya ghanta leke jayega.😂😂 #GullyBoy #GullyBoyMovieReview @RanveerOfficial @iHrithik.

#GullyBoyMovieReview very bad movie. Boring. Waste of money. Zero entertainment. Ranveer done good job. Alia poor..

Film abhi tak dekhi nahi Par hype lage bikul sahi Jaana ban gaya hai zaruri par jeb me paise nahi Ab kya karega paandu Jab jeevan hi hai .......... #GullyBoyMovieReview @RanveerOfficial Help Your Fan! Kardo Ek Ticket Daan. #WaitingForTicket.

If you have seen 8 Then gully boys is Bollywood version of that with cheap slangs and loves 0 stars #GullyBoyMovieReview.

#GullyBoy Whataa Film @aliaa08 Whattaaa Performance @RanveerOfficial Bhai tere jaisa koi hardich nahi hai u rocked totally out and out .My Review 4Stars Go watch this inspiring raw film only in cinemas #GullyBoyMovieReview.


Ok #gullyboy detail review- Average story👎, @RanveerOfficial over acting ruined the film👎, storyline average👎,@aliaa08 is good as always👍,first half watchable👍,2nd half is slow and screenplay is also poor👎,songs are ❤️👍 #GullyBoyMovieReview.

Nice movie and i want to that everyone is seeing this movie. #GullyBoyMovieReview.

#GullyBoyMovieReview 1 time wacth only. Star Performance is good but story is not portrayed well. It can be picturised better not good at all in zoya akhtar directions..

#GullyBoyMovieReview Is there anyone else who fell in love with @SiddhantChturvD in Gully Boy?.

Gullyboy !! first day first will u stop bantai ? @RanveerOfficial @FarOutAkhtar #GullyBoyMovieReview #gullyboy.

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