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Harshal Patel picks up his first wicket as Aiden Markram is out LBW for 25 runs. Live - #INDvSA @mastercardindia.

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Harshal Patel in the last 5 balls: 0,W,0,1,0 - this could be the game changer in the match..

Batsman - we need at least 20 runs in this over. Harshal Patel - #IndVsAus.

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India X1: Rohit, Rahul, Kohli, Surya, Pant, Hardik, Karthik, Axar, Harshal, Bumrah, Chahal..

Plusses- Axar Patel’s consistency. Rohit getting back his touch. Virat played a stellar hand in an imp run chase. Hardik cool as a finisher and so was DK. SKY the X factor. Concerns- KL in key games. Bhuvi at the death. Harshal not yet at his best. #INDvAUS.

Brilliant from India, after losing the first game. Suryakumar Yadav and Virat Kohli show to seal the series. The last over from Harshal too 👍🏻👍🏻 #INDvsAUS #INDvAUS.

Instead we getting Harshal Patel like slow ball merchant Jo variation k naam pe pela Jaa Raha hai 😭.

Bhuvneshawar and Harshal be like : Par 19th over karega kon??.

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23 run over, 1 ball to go. Bhuvi and Harshal have come together to bowl the 18th in Karachi..

@suhit_data I agree, need some pace in that attack but don’t want Shami in place of either Arsh or Harshal. Needs to have a power play biased role.

Harshal Patel bowled a seven-run final over with the ball. India need 11 off their final over to win #INDvsAUS | #AUSvsIND.

Jokes apart, we should not experiment and play Harshal Bhuvi and Arsh in our first match at WC and then pray.


@WasimJaffer14 Death bowling is big should play, and one out of Deepak/Bhuvi/Harshal.

@AcharyaPramodk @RahulGandhi सचिन पायलट चाहते तो इनकी तरह 2018 में इस्तीफे दिला सकते थे तो ना रहती बांस ना बजती बांसुरी क्योंकि उनके पास 50 विधायक थे लेकिन वह एक सच्चे कांग्रेसी योद्धा हैं वह गलत का विरोध सीना ठोक कर करते है इसलिए यह विधायकों को मलाई खाने का मौका नहीं मिलेगा.

@kaliahimanshu Actually, very good team. Nevertheless, changing batting order so close to World Cup will be a problem. My team: KL RahulShubnam Gill Rohit Kohli SuryaK Pant Hardik Jaddu Axar Harshal/Arshdeep/Ashwin Bhuvi/Shami/Chahar Bhumra If they get team right, they can win👌👍🙏.

Man how do people have any hope from our team. Look at bumrah, harshal, bhuvi, chahal all are shit tbh.

T-297: With Hardik, Axar & Arsh sure to play, other bowlers can be: A: Genuine wicket takers Shami & Bishnoi (both in reserves) B: Multi-phase bowlers who give batting depth Bhuvi/Chahar/Ash/Harshal C: If its green then Bhuvi+Chahar * Yuzi vs Ash for 2nd spinner.

Hardik Pandya is good but stop comparing with Harshal Patel aur Har koi apne din sahi chalta hai varna Aaj Pandya sahi bowl kar gaya .. Harshal shuru mein chala tha jab Naya aaya tha team mein so Din kisi ka bhi ho sakta hai.

@dead_spectrum @_Cricpedia this lineup and batting order looks perfect but just one change , Arshdeep in place of Harshal.

@ANI @BCCI should find bowlers now for team. Remove Bhuvi and Harshal. Keep Arshdeep and Shami..

This don is ignored by bcci selectors and selected harshal again and.

Our top 7 are almost settled only issue is klol✍️ nd in bowling since boom, Arshdeep, chahal, axar nd Hardik is certain so only one slot is left for Bhuvi, Deepak Chahar nd Harshal nd #IndVsSa series will clear this doubt too nd imo Samson or Pant should play in place of klol✍️.

Kl Rahul Oda batting, bhuvi death bowling, harshal oda middle over matum correct panna vera level Indian team ah irukum. #RohitSharma𓃵 #INDvAUS.

@AcharyaPramodk @RahulGandhi हम तो पहले ही कहते आये है बाबा पायलट साहब कभी भी बगावत नहीं करेंगे जिस टाइम भी उन पर अनेको मुकदमे लगा कर फंसाने का काम किया गया था इसलिए उन्होंने वह कदम उठाया था.

Harshal Patel need to use his stock of bowling option in each and every ball but with better line and length. He need to use his more yorker in every over than using his seam 🎳 option. #INDvAUS.

@BoriaMajumdar Spot on @BoriaMajumdar . Let me add a few more. Negatives - Ground Fielding and High ball catching standards have gone down since 6 months. Pant & Hooda, not made ready for T20WC. Harshal, Bumrah rusty. Struggle when bounce! All add to the misery.

Remove Kl Rahul from voice captain position and replace him with ishan kishan as an opener. Replace harshal patel and bhuneshwar with and Deepak chahar in wc squad. #INDvAUS.

Bhuvi Siraj & Harshal running in to bowl death overs.

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Some bitter facts:- (1) Indian bowling line up(currently which will play T20Wc) Most probably(Harshal,arsh, bhuvi, shami) Is weakest bowling (2)Pakistan has awesome fast bowlers like rauf (3)Bumrah chokes in big matches If you are not agree with any of Plz comment.

@NoOne_Knowz Ye Backing waali theory yaa toh seedha WC hi Jeetaygi yaa toh Group stage se hi baahar 🙂 KL, Chahal, Bhuvi, Harshal kitno ko back kare bC.

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