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Only hours to PL @narckenya @MarthaKarua being a heartbeat away to becoming 2nd DP of KENYA under new dispensation. What are the lessons here? Precisely THAT with INTEGRITY, COURAGE, BRILLIANCE & PATRIOTISM as your other names, RESILIENCE is possible. History in the making. Yep!.

#MyBTSTracks: Paradise, Louder Than Bombs, Heartbeat, Ddaeng, Outro: Tear, Sea e digo mais… 😂😂.

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if these photos became photocards, i’d buy them in a heartbeat 😩🥺🫶🏼🤏🏼.

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There is a systemic failure in the US that allows mass murders to take place. Racism is rampant, hatred and dissension are applauded and encouraged, anarchy is a heartbeat away. Everything is falling apart. So what can be done?.

Nimmo is the heartbeat of this team. Hope there’s cash at the end of his rainbow 🌈 💰.

Im saying this as a massive fan of capeshit: i would get rid of the entirety of live action cbm/tv in a heartbeat if i could.

今日のバンナムフェスの765ASセトリ予想 ・マジで…!? ・キラメキラリ ・GO MY WAY!! Dream Match MIX ・Honey Heartbeat ・99 Nights あると思います.

How is this not the most adorable thing? Bought a Snuggle Puppy for our new puppy. The heartbeat will help him feel like he’s still with his litter mates 😭.

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Unknown bought HEARTBEAT DATA PAINTING #1604 for Ξ ($) #NFT.

Nos mundiais estão também, além de Louder Than Bombs, Paradise e Heartbeat O army não tolera o esquecimento das icônicas #MyBTSTracks.

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#MyBTSTracks are Louder than bombs Heartbeat Paradise Lie Never mind.

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220213 스키즈 노래방 - 죽일 놈, ASAP, 취중진담, Heartbeat - @YouTube.

@bts_bighit all my favorite songs, but the one that touches me the most among the top choices is Life goes on, but the Heartbeat should also be there because the song really touched me.

@bts_bighit 내가 가장 좋아하는 모든 노래, 하지만 최고의 선택 중에서 가장 감동적인 노래는 Life goes on이지만 Heartbeat도 있어야 합니다. 왜냐하면 그 노래가 정말 감동적이기 때문입니다..

@Longcolt Oh Gott! Schockverliebt! Irgendwann….werd ich n Husky als Freund fürs Leben haben. Und ich weiß jetzt schon wie er heißen soll. 🥰🥰🥰.

@PollyJayStone girl also goes from fiercely patriotic borderline pissed straight to flirtatious in a heartbeat.

@bts_bighit #MyBTSTracks Let go , i like it , house of cards , for you , , hold me tight , love is not over , your eyes tell , crystal snow , heartbeat , tomorrow , 21st century girl , war of harmone , just one day , louder than bombs.

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@mayra_cst EU ACHEI UMA DESCOBERTA POR SUA CULPA EU TO CHORANDO. agora eu devia parar de ver o MV de heartbeat por causa do que eu.


A mother got the chance to hear her son’s heartbeat one more time, even after she lost him in a car crash..

listening to heartbeat and just started crying gimme heartbeat instead of ltb idc idc.

Wild card #MyBTSTracks 1. Louder than bombs 2. Paradise 3. Heartbeat LOUDER THAN BOMBS.

@NWJK @TulipSiddiq “are you saying that Labour would have caved in and given the money for arms etc? “ Yes. In a heartbeat. The point is that even they didn’t pay it when they could/should have. Radcliffe knew she could be detained and went anyway. Some personal responsibility required here..

@TikiTakaConnor He’s better than Cedric, I’d take him back in a heartbeat for squad depth.

บฮ.ทำไมต้องให้ชั้นเลือกด้วย..รู้มั้ยว่ามันเลือกยากว้อยย 😂💜 HEARTBEAT #MyBTSTracks HEARTBEAT #MyBTSTracks.

@bts_bighit #MyBTSTracks we on, paradise, fake love, heartbeat, 2nd grade, hip hop lover, look here.

Why are they making us choose wtf. Okay Heartbeat please so they never forget again. #MyBTSTracks.

@btsglobally Guys please tweet paradise, louder than bombs and heartbeat the most!!! we might get to see them perform those live!!!!!!1.

@kimseokjingifs Oh wait I’m changing it slightly, can you make a gif per member in heartbeat too please 🙏🏻💜.

Louder than bombs One day Heartbeat Blood, sweat and tears Airplane 2 Fake love Black swan Paradise Dont leave me Danger #MyBTSTracks.

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