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Dear @INCIndia This video is an attack on my Hindu Dharma. Remove it now.

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@INCIndia What is this now ? Hindu .. Theory. Script ed by - who is responsible.

@Aryavrta Based on PIL from ‘atheists’ & people belonging to ‘different religions’, SC has delivered judgement on HINDU TEMPLE SabriMala case where it stuck down centuries old custom of restriction on women entry. #YAmendmentInLawsOnly4Hindus.

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@Capt_AmritKaur @vinodkapri Sirf hindu hi samjhe ya shariyat wale ko bhi samjhna hai hindi hai.

@digvijaya_28 Fir tumhari govt ne 70 years m kashmiri hindu k liy kya kiya? If you valid reply then i vote for u.

@ReallySwara She get Nothing prove against Rahul gandhi also on bail for looting the Please come in west Bengal and look what going Congress wanted to put tag Hindu.

@ThanthiTV @mkstalin Kick out this Hindu hater.

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@RahulGandhi What is this? U know about the conversion ....which scale is this running. Shame on u kisi muslim ke drd me rote ho to hindu ke drd me rajneeti kyo khoj lete drd nhi hota kya? WE are equal not your vote bank..

@Swamy39 yeh wahi criminal hai na, jisse kisi desh ka visa nai milta tha, 60 mahene mangge the takki 22 mahene bahar ghoom sakke, kaise hindu ho, bhagwan k naam pe, soldiers k naam pe, dharam k naam pe logo ko larrva k raaj krne wali party h sirf yeh.

@ANI Imagine the outrage if victim was from hindu media channels would have gone bonkers.

@narendramodi Removing Modi is more everything will be settle down you are creating new terrorism Mr. We are not Hindu aapke hote huye logo ko yeh movie bnani padd sakti please aap apni pension se Free Tea stall khol k sewa kar thank u.

Liberals will stop using saffron terrorism and Hindu Terror , once Hindus organize themselves into full fledged terror organization and some white people beat up.

@RSSorg other hindus & hindu org must file defamation case against congress for this serious abusive video on our religion its a direct attack on our religion& deliberately malicious propaganda to maligned dignity of our religion #ECI must take cognigence & action against cong.

@HardcoreVegan @AnimauxAmie Animal slaughter is not and can never be a noble cause, but considering everything, the Hindu way of slaughtering animals by a single stroke of sword is probably a better and less painful way of slaughtering! Bear in mind that most Hindus are non-vegetarians..

@kuwarashok @AvtarSi18298015 How conveniently you ignore the word illegal immigrants. If we disavow Hindu, Sikh, Buddha religion illegal immigrants, which country do you think is their place of origin? Where should they move if they aren’t given exception?.

@TheEconomist PM Modi government of Hindu Extremists having failed in every policy during last 5 years are using Communal politics to win elections. Its shameful for the PM to be so divisive and so hateful.

There is No ‘Hindu Terrorism’․ But There is Something Called Sangh Parivar Terrorism Just as there is no ‘Islamic/Muslim terrorism’. But there is something called Sangh parivar terrorism, just as there is al-Qaeda terrorism. via @thewire_in?lang=en.

Dear @INCIndia This video is an attack on my Hindu Dharma. Remove it now.

His tweet : The pressure of not making it sound anti Hindu but still wanting to attack victim of Hindu Terror conspiracy Let the nation not forget that RG was one of the key progenitors of the Hindu Terror bogey..

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