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👮 #JHA Home Affairs | 🎥 Statement by Minister @Vit_Rakusan ahead of the extraordinary Home Affairs Council ⬇️ #EU2022CZ.

Here is a Home Minister of a country claiming credit for a pogrom!.

Shocking comment of Amit Shah Union Home Minister Rioters in Gujarat were taught a lesson by BJP in 2002 that they have not dared to raise their heads till now 😨Openly endorsing genocide Children, women raped, killed🤢 #GujaratRiots #GujaratElection2022.

@rishibagree Do you know that despite being the son of the PM and Grandson of former PM Rajiv Gandhi acquired Indian Nationality for his wife through proper channel. He could have taken it out of turn but he didn’t. Unlike some Imb@cile who got a fat posts coz the father is Home Minister..

Thank you Minister @SylviaJonesMPP for taking the time to stop by! We look forward to collaborating to keep Ontarians living with dementia where they want to be: at home. #ONpoli.

Ise zara bhi sharam nahi aati aisa kahte huye aur Hinduz itne immoral ho cheke hain ki ye unka Home Minister bhi hai..

So our interior minister is issuing threat and warning Imran khan to not come out of his home. I am worried about safety of England cricket team players and new zealand players. Bloody idiot increase security.

Rana is trying his best to frighten @ImranKhanPTI by admitting that he can’t provide security to the people of Pakistan as Interior Minister. If he is that helpless then thank you, you can safely go home..

Home Minister Amit Shah has said no one can stop rewriting of history to free it from “distortions” as he urged academicians to research & write about 30 great Indian empires & 300 warriors who showed exemplary valour to fight for the motherland..

How a home minister of a country can feel proud for an orchestrated Riots that killed more than 2000 innocent citizens thousands were raped and lost their homes for.

@bhavi_kap I meaning you BK? Then Home Abey Ghonchu... 😄.

Hearty congratulations & best wishes to the National Vice President of BJP OBC Morcha & former Union Minister of State for Home Shri @ahir_hansraj ji for being nominated as the Chairman of the National Commission for Backward Classes. खूप खूप अभिनंदन!!.

Home Minister Photo,Home Minister Photo by Ravindra Bhusari,Ravindra Bhusari on twitter tweets Home Minister Photo

@SupriyaShrinate Mtlb esse ye proof hota h 2002 ka vo danga bjp ne karya 😳 apne muh se hi home minister sahab ne bol diya.

@Lallanpost I think Mr home minister should realise and respect their constitutional post he held. Really shameful.

@JhaSanjay Why do you think he is not praising Gujrat Police and administration as Home Minister?.

BJP Taught A Lesson In Peace In Gujarat: AS This is so cringeworthy that Union Home Minister, bragging about d genocide of 2002 What does it mean? Is he justifying Gujarat riot or Is he threating that would repeat if they were not elected again? 🧐🤨🤔😞🤬.

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