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Tucker Carlson just named and showed pics of executives at a hospital that provides gender affirming care to trans teens, calling them criminals who deserve the bomb threats they receive. I won’t share the image, but I think we all know where this is headed….

Ismat Ara
Ismat Ara

Prayagraj Police has issued this notice to say that upon investigation of the viral video of a woman offering namaz in a hospital, it was found that she did not have any wrong intent and it does not come under the ambit of any crime..

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Guys I’m so sick. Insisted to my GP I won’t be going to hospital and they caved and wrote me a prescription for some heavy antibiotics for the wkend. (Gotten these since 8yo & my right kidney is Subsequently on its last legs over 16ish yrs of repeat infections 💔) Cheer me up.

@That1teddygirl Also… to be fair … I’ve never really been to the hospital so Idek what hospital food tastes like! 😂😭.


Banyak benda nak dianxiouskan beberapa hari ni. Harini settle anxiety training kat hospital, walaupun bukan aku bagi training tapi dia punya kalut & nervous tu tah pape. Esok nak anxious pasal flight AA lessgoo.

Se fosse esses médicos atendia o Wendel logo , porque crlho o escândalo que ele tá fazendo nesse hospital.

2. Patients in hospital with and for covid are continuing on similar trends..

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@asadowaisi Kisi or dharam ke logon ko dekha hai ye apne dharam ke hisab se hospital,bus , railway station pe ye sab nautanki karte hue,tum log ye sab agenda ke hisab se karte ho dharam ke hisab se nahi .jahan namaz apdo vo sampati waqf ki hoti jati hai yahi rule bana ke rakha hai na.

🧵Update: Ontario covid hospitalizations dropped -26 this week to 1,141, now at 75% of the peak. 401 are in hospital for covid, 740 other patients with covid. ICU down -1 to 129. The for covid stat remains above total hospitalizations 1 year ago (299). #onhealth #covid19.

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Breaking News: New Secretary of State for Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom, Theresa Coffey, taken to hospital, to have several, stray, Oxford Commas removed..

@FSBuchholzer @orwell2022 They excluded those with prior hospital events, this is not good when this could be the exact vulnerable group whose pre-existing ailments get exacerbated, as we see with those that had bad reaction 1 dose covid vax more likely get bad reaction 2nd dose:.

@barking_madbark @MerrynSW I’m afraid these old nuggets no longer stand I’ve just had two weeks in hospital up here and they’re on their knees.

Why Am I Being Routed To A Surgery Hospital On a Base ( In A House ) P1 via @YouTube.

@jairbolsonaro Kkkkkkkk, presidente mais omisso da história do Brasil, zombou do povo morrendo nos hospitais, nunca foi num hospital dar uma força pra um pai de família que tava perdendo o filho pra COVID, preferiu andar de jetski, fazer motociata, vc é uma vergonha!!!.

@commuteroo Kingston hospital has a drop in radiology dept. With a docs referral I was in and out within 15 minutes and the result was on my NHS app within 48 hrs. Made the 6 month delay even more galling. I hope your hospital is as efficient.

@SharmaKadambini Kya ho rha hai bhai desh ko, desh ki police Kisi ko ibadat krne se koi kaise rokk skta hai? Hospital mein aneko log apne apne tareekey se prarthana krtey hain. Ye kaise galat hai?.

@parks_highland @Khurram_zakir Sab se pehle tu tumhe nafsiyati hospital mein rakha jaye aur littar maarey jayein 2 subah 2 dopahar aur 2 shaam..

Estábamos con mi flia en el hospital donde se encontraba internado mi sobrino al que habían operado, era día del niño y organizaron un evento a beneficio..

Mi agradecimiento y admiración al personal de la planta de traumatología del @osakidetzaEJGV hospital Universitario de Araba-Txagorritxu. Mil gracias por vuestro cariño y saber hacer. No hay palabras..

@sharrowsDC If by soak it up you mean head WB on the Hospital Highway into the wind then consider it soaked.

Mas nem se eu tivesse um emprego que dependesse de indicação política eu votaria em candidato que coloca carro de som pedindo voto, desde às 07:00 da manhã, dentro da secretaria da educação e ao lado de um hospital com gente internada. 🤬🤬🤬.

Carlitos bala, que más se puede decir de él? Tengo una foto firmada por el cuando visitó el hospital materno infantil de mar del plata, mi vieja le pidió un autógrafo y el me dedico una foto Sebastián que te mejores, tu amigo, carlitos bala Gracias por tanto.

Weather Changes… Sinus Acts Up… Asthma Hospital for Breathing Treatments… 😞.


i feel like i need stitches but i will do anything & every thing to avoid going to the hospital alone.

Nigerian Lovers Get Married At The Hospital In Lagos Despite Their Health Problems, a cute couple who wed at a hospital in Lagos has won a position on the Nigerian trending list.

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Los datos de fallecidos en residencias sin traslado al hospital prueban que no en toda España pasó lo mismo, por @manuelrico.

.@NovantHealth - you have my mom Rebecca Carli at your hospital in Huntersville. Because of miscommunication between care teams, she went 36 hours without food or water. Now Drs are unsure of her ailment-abscess or hematoma? Get it together. She wants to get treated & go home..

Fumes at TX Private School Send Three to Hospital #FireEMS #News.

Me compre uns pantuflas de Mickey pra llevar al hospital cuando nazca mi bb a todo esto me las puse pra usarlas y mi novio me cago a pedo diciendo que eran para el hospital no para ahora, hoy me levanto las busco por todos lados no ls encuentro voy a la cocina y las tenia puestas.


I am so confused as to why in the Halloween movie Michael myers was able to break in 😭into a literal hospital to find Jamie lee curtis and he starts stabbing ppl like where was security Halloween is so unrealistic..

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