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It is illegal & never heard for a counsellor to go public about health details of its patient. There is a lobby which is so desperate to label Sushant Singh Rajput as bipolar when everyone is asking for Justice. #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

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Nirvikar Singh
Nirvikar Singh ()

सुशांत सिंह केस में जांच के लिए पहुंचे पटना सिटी एसपी विनय तिवारी को जबरन 14 दिन के लिए क्वारंटीन कर दिया गया। इसका मतलब है बेबी पेंगुइन का कहीं ना कहीं कनेक्शन है इसमें जिसे बचाया जा रहा है #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

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Anamika Gautam
Anamika Gautam ()

#IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR #SSRCaseIsNotSuicide What @MumbaiPolice doing is just an another level of shame of the department 😑😑

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Debalina Mukherjee
Debalina Mukherjee ()

@ishkarnBHANDARI sir app bolte hai hum iss case ko political issue na banaye abb ab bataye ek bihar se Mumbai geye ips officer k sath esa saluk ho rehe hai ek investigation karne geye hai unko quarantine kiya jaa raha hai ye political issue nehi ban raha #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

SHERIN 🇺🇸. justice for SSR
SHERIN 🇺🇸. justice for SSR ()

@ips_gupteshwar Gunda Raaz nahi chalegi Mumbai police. #ShameOnMumbaiPolice #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Neha ()

Has anyone even seen him hanging? We need answers. #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Swati11 ()

Ips vinay tiwari has been quarantined by the bihar police team r seeking is this nonsense???ANDHER NAGARI CHOUPAT #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Monica A Malhotra
Monica A Malhotra ()

@ishkarnBHANDARI Sir came live to give info tht @MumbaiPolice has asked to quarantine Bihar IPS officer. Sir started video saying tht may b no one will join as it is too late but there were ppl watching. This is the power of truth. More power to u sir #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Chauhan Abhishek
Chauhan Abhishek ()

#IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR Travesty of @PMOIndia @AmitShahOffice Udhav of shameless Thackeray is behaving and unprecedented misuse of power.

Divsri ()

@nishikant_dubey Please Sir you all can pressurise the PMO if he is not listening millions voice 🙏 #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Ame ()

Thanks to Arnab & @republic for exactly naming demon Salman Khan, bringing up his 2008 drunk n drive case murdering several innocents Bollywood can defend Sanjay Dutt terrorism involvements but they won’t stand for innocent’s MURDER just because Underworld? #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

divya sharma
Divya sharma ()

#IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR Teen alag alag statement hai koi kah raha hai body meine utaare koi kah rha meine utaare. Pata chal rha hai ki in sab logon ke muuh mein bohot saare 💰💰 bhare gye Hain. Rhea ne apne khaas servant ko jhuut bolne ke liyee acche se trained kiya hai .

Navneet Kumar Baitha
Navneet Kumar Baitha ()

Channels deliberately showing petty amounts spent by @Tweet2Rhea’s family from one of #SSR’s bank accounts but not his Rs 5 crore in taxes & donations which indicate an annual income of over Rs 15 crore. Unprofessional, biased coverage #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR @shwetasinghkirt

Priti Jha
Priti Jha ()

@CMOMaharashtra @AmitShah We Need CBI inquiry For Sushant Singh Rajput #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Mayank Singh Thakur
Mayank Singh Thakur ()

#IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR penguin is much more worse than a killer hence proved सब मंदबुद्धि क्रिमिनल भी होते हैं

Gouri ()

Kanoon Andha To Tha Hi Ab Behra Bhi Shushant K Liye Insaf Ki Mang Bhi Sunai Nahi Deti But I will not sit peacefully until SSR gets #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

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Bibek Hazra
Bibek Hazra ()

#IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR Most important thing to do right now is, interrogate @Tweet2Rhea , siddarth pithani & sandeep singh sitting face to face.

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Indian Hitler 🔥
Indian Hitler 🔥 ()

Udhav Baba giving Mahesh successful delay of CBI for #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

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Vinit Panwar
Vinit Panwar ()

किसी अपराधी को मारने के लिए कार पलट जाए ये तो समझ आता है। लेकिन किसी अपराधी को बचाने के लिए फाइल डिलीट हो जाए ...... ? #samesamemumbaipolice #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Arnab Goswami
Arnab Goswami ()

Nation wants to know who called Mumbai police and how they deleted case file? 🐧 #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR #DishaSaliyan

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SNB ()

@narendramodi Today is 50th day of SSR Demise Nothing has been done case :( maha govt doing nothing seem. So many days not a single productive result !!!! we as a people of india request you to please take matter in your hand and intervene🙏 #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

पूनम ()

@its__Sakshi 🧐🤔 @iRaviTiwari Sir, DC me upar likhi tarikh ke aur niche 14/6/2020 ke aksharo ek sarikhe lag rahe he, but 15/6/2020 am ki likhavat thodi ALAG nahi Lag Rahi ? #IndiaForSushant #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

CBI Enquiry for Sushant Singh Rajput
CBI Enquiry for Sushant Singh Rajput ()

When @ishkarnBHANDARI speaks, Everyone goes silent. His points are so strong that others just listen & get speechless. Thank you sir, for being all of our Fate of this case changed drastically ever since you took the initiative. #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Kt ()

@narendramodi @PMOIndia need urge you to please look into the matter and assure us that the Justice will are the head of the Indian maha govt is not listening to us then should we go r last hope of millions 🙏 #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Sanjana Sanghi
Sanjana Sanghi ()

I will not give up until justice is delivered to SSR. What about you? Are you with Me? #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

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Pradipta Dasgupta
Pradipta Dasgupta ()

They are not raising a voice today (of course fir known reasons) and write it down tomorrow they will make a movie to clear Rhea’s image and tarnish SSR’s. (Remember Sanju) #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Madhu ()

@Madhu79064421 #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR please get ready for another giant Twitter campaign from 12:00 pm

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Nɪᴅʜɪ 💫✨
Nɪᴅʜɪ 💫✨ ()

On name of Pooja Paath Huge amount of money was withdrawn from Sushant account by Rhea and her family. • What kind of Pooja? • For what? • Which Pooja takes 4 to 5 Lakh to be happen? • Or this was black magic? • He was mentally tortured in true sense. #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

Mayur Prabhu🇮🇳
Mayur Prabhu🇮🇳 ()

Sushant Singh Rajput family Demanded a fair CBI Investigation India Demands CBI Investigation World Demands CBI Investigation @NitishKumar #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

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Fight for Injustice
Fight for Injustice ()

#IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR need CBI soon . Dont make a situation in india like America . You cant stop the power of people

Prashant Patel Umrao
Prashant Patel Umrao ()

It is illegal & never heard for a counsellor to go public about health details of its patient. There is a lobby which is so desperate to label Sushant Singh Rajput as bipolar when everyone is asking for Justice. #IndiaScreamsCBI4SSR

☚ Jai Shree Ram #dontcountmeinthat130crore ☛
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