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Remember when Jared testified that he was so busy working on pardons? Now I guess we know why..

@BonnieTowner I guess those are the guys Jared so dismissively (and vacuously ) labeled “whiners”. 😡😡😡.

Jared Walsh explained asking for a review so he got a hit instead of Tyler Anderson being charged with an error..

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Jared and I finally set up the Furbo we got for the wedding and we love it except every time I talk too loud, we get notified “your dog is barking” and like- I don’t love that.

honestly, no joking, jared leto was a pretty damn good morbius in a terrible fucking movie.

@JLMousseau @rozanaanasor Jared is getting PLENTY of attention, and is happy with what he’s doing. That means more to me than anything..

@AoDespair I hope they can get this guy to play Jared in the biopic!.

Jared Photo,Jared Photo by DAVID MAGEE,DAVID MAGEE on twitter tweets Jared Photo

Ran out the house with no shoes, no shirt, and text from Tyler saying “dude” Helluva Thursday 🤣🤣.

@LauraRiggaro pretty much. Jared however was going for a nobel peace prize but only brought home a couple billion dollars from Saudi Arabia..

3019) Encanto Directors: Jared Bush, Byron Howard & Charise Castro Smith 2021 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

Reminder that Jared Kushner when asked under oath about the threat of everyone at the head of DOJ threatening to said he just considered it more whining..

@stoolpresidente @Jared_Carrabis gets Dave the commish job. Dave reviews Jared’s pizza joint. The back scratching is unreal..

@BillPascrell Of course they did. Might want to take a look at the presidents pardon power while we’re at it. Pretty sure paying for one is illegal and as usual Jared was in charge of pardons..

Mr Jared Kushner needs to tell about who asked for pardons in depth, not that he was so busy..

Jared Patterson Stream #2, Thursday, June 23 Retweet #2. Lila Rose is the president and founder of Live Action, an anti-abortion group..

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você sabia para ser tão louco que nem o coringa o ator Jared Leto teve que fazer as provas práticas do cnx do 2 bimestre.

@RLois38 @GovKathyHochul Lack of PPE was Bc Trump called Covid-19 a *flu*. Then he gave Jared’s billions to pretend to get PPE..

TV Talk Podcast: TV Talk Podcast: As Emmy Nominations Voting Continues, Here Are Our Final Predictions.

CLASS OF 2022 HIGHLIGHT VIDEO: Still remembering the amazing accomplishments of the Class of 2022! They are #ForeverBulldogSTRONG Thanks to GVHS alum Jared Mayoral for the amazing video! @KHSD_Official @KernHighNetwork.

@BarbMcQuade Trump wasn’t the most descriminating of hosts: he also had Kanye, Kim K, Kid Rock and those two Russian murderers in the Oval. Oh, and also Jared..

@Kwen_C Baker Mayfield is in the exact same tier as Jared Goff. If you don’t believe me, here they are, side-by-side, 2018 thru 2021..

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@AGHamilton29 What I’d like to know is which K&E client(s) forced them to make this decision as I highly doubt firm management would do this absent pressure from other clients. K&E would not be able to disclose that due to client confidentiality obligations..

Jared Yellin reveals how you can manifest your dream relationships on CM Podcast. Listen entrepreneur leadership startup.

@MeidasTouch I’m sure there’s more…remember Jared was concerned about all the pardons…👀.

@rozanaanasor @JLMousseau The way Jared and Jensen have said many times they’re not in competition with each other, and don’t want to be. So their fans arguing all the time is pointless..

Ryan Williams Steps Down as Cadre CEO; Jared Kaplan to Succeed Him.

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@SantanaES11 @FanPumaOficial El problema es que se necesita si o si a Meritao, entonces sería en vez de Leo estuviera Favio, que para mi no debe ser así ya que para mi Leo ofrece más ofensivamente y defensivamente que Favio.


@acklesism wheres our jared padalecki?? he should be number 2 or number 1 as both should be 1. Jensen ackles/Jared padalecki ❤🥰.

Renovations on Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s $24 million Miami mansion continue.

@TheRickWilson They need to haul Jared’s ass back in to explain EXACTLY what he was working on..

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