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El Camino es el final merecido de Jesse Pinkman que nos debía Breaking Bad..

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El Camino es el final merecido de Jesse Pinkman que nos debía Breaking Bad..

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Oh shit, Jesse Pinkman! Yaaaaaaaaaaaas! Git it!!!!! The fucking comeuppance has been SERVED! MY BOY!.

If you don’t like #ElCamino you just wanted a nostalgia throwback movie. It’s the perfect way to wrap up Jesse Pinkman’s story.

Had a great time with #ElCamino which gave some much-needed closure for Pinkman. I won’t say it’s unnecessary, because this was a question I wanted answered. I’d love to see Jesse in another high stakes tale. Maybe an FBI undercover to topple a new meth kingpin to clear his name?.

in honor of el camino can we commemorate jesse pinkman’s greatest moment.

Almost done then I’m off the big gas and Jesse Pinkman chronicles.

rewatching el camino with my mom. jesse pinkman time pt 2.

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@norintha Anyway, point is I want to see Jesse Pinkman fight the Mind Flayer while shouting WEIRD PARANORMAL SCIENCE, BITCH!.

No vi aún la película esa que sacaron con Jesse Pinkman pero tengo todos los prejuicios para que no me guste una mierda..

remember when jesse pinkman called a barn a “cow house”. a av never related more to a character in me life.

#ElCamino: a Breaking Bad movie se enfoca en la recuperación de un personaje que fue maltratado durante las últimas temporadas de la serie. ».

Critic @DPD_ writes that El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie makes choices that limit its success and that don’t serve the legacy of #BreakingBad.

dababy Jesse Pinkman 🤝 bitch.

Netflix just dropped the #ElCaminoBreakingBadMovie, and as a long time fan of the series, it was great to get a conclusion for Jesse Pinkman. Here is my SPOILER review of the film!.

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Jesse Pinkman is on the run. But will the law or his past catch up with him?.

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in the film El Camino. #ElCaminoABreakingBadMovie.

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📺|| Si eres fan de #BreakingBad esta tweet es para ti. Netflix ya tiene en su catálogo #ElCamino, la continuación de Breaking Bad con la historia de Jesse Pinkman. Cuéntanos si ya la viste o si la vas a ver..

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Acabo de ver #ElCaminoABreakingBadMovie y es increible. Te quiero Jesse Pinkman.

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Jesse Pinkman finally got the happy ending he deserved and @aaronpaul_8 knocked ot out of the park #ElCaminoABreakingBadMovie #ElCamino.

Jesse Pinkman returns in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie #ElCamino.

Aaron Paul sobre volta de Jesse Pinkman: Foi como revisitar um velho amigo destruído.

Ya listo con los pantalones abajo para ver el Camino. Todos somos Jesse Pinkman.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie is ready to stream on @NetflixUK now! Finally we can all find out what happened to Jesse Pinkman. #ElCamino #ElCaminoBreakingBad.

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No spoileen El Camino porfa, habemos personas que queremos disfrutar de la muerte de Jesse Pinkman sin que nos avisen previamente..

Escuchar a Jesse Pinkman decir Bitch es mucho mejor que escuchar al Joker ¿Ya vieron la peli El Camino, de Breaking Bad, verdad?.

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