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Hillary chose to run with an anti-choice running mate and didn’t even bother to campaign in key battleground states. Dems like Clyburn were stumping for anti-choice Rep. Henry Cuellar YESTERDAY. He could’ve endorsed pro-choice primary challenger Jessica Cisneros. Same w/ Pelosi..

I’m really happy Pelosi did this. It makes me feel better about that fact that she’s endorsing anti-choice Rep. Henry Cuellar in TX over his progressive pro-choice opponent Jessica Cisneros. Media loves to give politicians cookies for performances..


Henry Cuellar 🟰 the last anti-choice Democrat in the House. Jessica Cisneros 🟰 the reproductive freedom champion running against him. 💡 So if you’re a #ReproFreedomVoter, it’s pretty clear who you’re voting for in #TX28..


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Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews, FB Live, January 22, 2022 Matapos ang ilang buwang pag-snub satin ng mainstream media. Sumali ako sa Presidential Interviews ni Jessica Soho habang nanonood ng TV at naka-FB Live. Sinagot ko rin ang mga tanong na binato sa kapwa kandidato.

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Kittyclary (e Jessica?) in macchina da mille ore come la sera in cui sono andate a prenderle a campo de fiori gli autisti e doveva vedersi con il capitano ma non si capiva dove fossero finite #jeru.

#jeru non era Jessica il primo riflesso-gate è stato risolto #bracibybaru.

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@ItaliaaTavola una foto Jessica e Barù e facciamo scoppiare Twitter #jeru grazie ❤️.

adesso possiamo dirlo complimenti a jessica che si è presa il più figo e meraviglioso di tutti 💖 #jeru.

今日の夜からアパラチアする。 核するぞ。絶対に。 今日はGW最後のお出かけや。 レックウザかっこよすぎ🤪.

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Jessica fa le foto con Giucas e Barù dietro come una normale Diretta del GF… AHHHHHHH AFFONZOOOO SONO LA MIA VITA🔥!!! #jeru.

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Daredevil, Jessica Jones : ça y est, les séries Marvel de Netflix arrivent vraiment sur Disney+ France 👇.



No more “Regards at the end of our emails. @entrylevelrebel.

yoonA did everything that jessica couldn’t. all that deals and variety shows is what brings food to snsd tables while jessica laze around acting like some untouchable dystopic princess.

Jessica che usa le immagini di clarissa perché ieri il telefono lo ha dimenticato 😅#jeru.

@StevenMcinerney Sheffield United wondering how they can get Billy Sharp and Jessica Ennis in a hotel room together..

Kata mentri keuangan: Cowok baik itu seperti hantu Saya tidak pernah melihat Trending: 2 juta / Turah THR habis / LGBT / seblak / Jessica Deddy Corbuzier / Bismillah / Papua.

We went to a graduation party tonight and this cat was the life of the party. He stole the frosting off my cake and came for pets. Turns out “Billy” doesn’t even live there. He’s the neighbor’s cat..

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Watched the horror film ‘Let’s Scare Jessica to Death’ from 1971. Extremely cool. I never heard of it before someone mentioned it a couple days ago. I’m glad they did..

Can we talk about how fucking fierce Jessica Walter is in the 1978 Dr. Strange! 😍.

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Eu Jéssica e caio não presta e merda atrás de merda kkkkkkkkkkk que ódio deles🤣🤣.

@susami_hrht そういうの良いですね コールセンター試しにやってみます.

@Jessica_V_V Oh ik vond die bananen? act wel lollig. Het land erachter weet ik niet meer..

@JCisnerosTX Happy Mother’s Day to all the single women who had to endure someone having a 10 year affair with their husband like Jessica did. Hopefully it’s not too lonely..

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@flowertinctures @jepifish the japanese songs being their best songs ever and having more jessica lines and almost no hyoyeon lines. starting to see a connection 👁.

@jessica_smetana well considering i forgot to keep walking forward in line when i realized she was behind me, safe to say i was too blacked out to pay anymore attention.

@taengbbomi also seeing as ot8 were able to perform all the choreo without jessica by just leaving an empty space for her should tell you she was at rehearsal. them forgetting to sing her parts and messing up the lyrics should also tell you she was meant to be there..

@inluvxuxi Jaejoong y Jessica se llevaban súper bien hasta que salió ese rumor y pies él se fue de la empresa igual.


I wouldn’t I be talking shit like bitch @ me next time lol. Like they are to nice to Jessica because the way I would have been dragging sis 😂.

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