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Why no media outrage about the crowd size? Or do #COVIDー19 rules only apply when you go to church, college football games, and Trump rallies?

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Cheesecakes II Stirba Werewolf Bitch
Cheesecakes II Stirba Werewolf Bitch ()

@DCComicsGeeks Hal Pretty good odds if i snag his ring as zombies devour his flesh

Rep. Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan ()

Why no media outrage about the crowd size? Or do #COVIDー19 rules only apply when you go to church, college football games, and Trump rallies?

Complex ()

Michael B. Jordan is set to produce ‘Static Shock’ live-action film. 🎬👀 DETAILS:

Jordan Photo,Jordan Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
NLE Choppa
NLE Choppa ()

Yesterday I went back to the Jordan Downs But This Time I Brought Organic Fruits, organic Vegetables, Organic Cooking Oils, Spring Water, Vegan Plates And Most Importantly LOVE. Spent $2300 On The Groceries and passed out $2700 To The Kids. The Smiles on faces was unexplainable.

ESPN Brasil (de 🏠)
ESPN Brasil (de 🏠) ()

Melhor que Jordan? LeBron conquista título pela 3ª franquia, é MVP das Finais pela 4ª vez e apimenta discussão #NBAnaESPN

Benny but scary
Benny but scary ()

Im posting this rn for He just makes me feel so =T-T=

Katie ()

Daft how you’ve got to be ‘selected’ when buying Jordan 1’s and stuff off the Nike website 😭 who’s idea was that

𝕎ev ()

fr i be seein ig post the win and ppl randomly in the comments j saying jordan>>> like wtf bruh 😭

Jacko d Godless one
Jacko d Godless one ()

@___tupadre Jordan last 3 rings: Pippen Rodman Kukoc Harper Kerr Put Lebron there and at least those same 3 rings, but in a much more attractive and exciting way. Jordan Bulls, last 3 rings were boring as hell, that stupid triangle offense, Mj was just a glorified fadeaway shooter

Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks ()

Michael Jordan will forever be the 🐐!!! Lebron grew up wanting to be like Kids today grow up wanting to also be like Kids in the future will grow up wanting to be like Case closed.

Æ Jaylond
Æ Jaylond ()

@BladeUnholy @CarlosxcStory So you call 27-8-8 being carried over the course of his career 😂😂 plus you must think that highly of Jordan because if he did everything Jordan had to do on a game to game basis throughout his entire career you wouldn’t see he playing elite defense every night I Guarantee you

Sergio Lombardo
Sergio Lombardo ()

@estiloinfernal Imaginate el juego de lebron un 90% mejorado y Eso era Jordan

MommaCru ()

@kingron_b No way. My vote’s for Jordan. He’s my b-ball GOAT. Right number ... wrong name. ❤️🐐💙

HillaryWasRight ()

@Jim_Jordan Except that the Trump campaign did collude with Russia, repeatedly and in multiple ways.

Youngsimsekmixtape ()

3 Farklı Takımla Şampiyonluk + 3 Farklı takımla tarihte final mvp si seçilen tek ÇABUK JORDAN CILAR GELMEDEN

The Armenian Truth 🇦🇲 🇬🇷 🇨🇾
The Armenian Truth 🇦🇲 🇬🇷 🇨🇾 ()

@tixtixxanimm @irinatsukerman Nope, Armenia is friends with several Muslim countries and have big communities in Islamic countries particularly Arab ones. Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan. They have accepted us quite well.

Caden ()

The Jordan LeBron debate is going to be at its peak and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

lil condom tip
Lil condom tip ()

let’s get this 5th chip so i can ice this v. Jordan debate.

Mike From Woburn
Mike From Woburn ()

It was Stern. Stern loved the Lakers. Thought that they were the key to making after Jordan and having them chase down the Celtics was a great angle. And he tried to funnel stars there every time opportunity presented itself. I hope Hell has ESPN.

Blaidze ()

So Lebron is good but he is not in the same class as Jordan or Kobe and never will be. I love the Lakers and I am happy for them and Lebron but people need to quit comparing him to Jordan and Kobe because he is not.

Steve Wooledge
Steve Wooledge ()

I grew up in Cleveland hating Jordan, so I can understand LeBron haters. But now I respect Jordan and I appreciate every game I can watch someone as talented and driven as LeBron play.

Kenneth Rojas
Kenneth Rojas ()

@RealSkipBayless I figured if you wanted to compare pretend they were on the same team. Ex. Fast break lebron and Jordan against one defender who would you want taking the defender to the rim, if there was a pick and roll and someone was isolated at the top who would you prefer defending?

Jose luis C
Jose luis C ()

@JormanVF Y Chicago ya existia antes de Jordan, jejejeje los milenios pensando que el mundo empezó en el 2000 yo no me rebajo a discutir y perdiendo mi tiempo, chupasela a lebrón.

Brad Allen
Brad Allen ()

@LeBronFactory how stupid. Michael Jordan was far better than Lebron. Shaq was better than Lebron, so was Kobe,

4️⃣PF GUNNA💎💫 ➐|FBG💰
4️⃣PF GUNNA💎💫 ➐|FBG💰 ()

@DiamndzDancin He’s been to the finals 10 times and won 4. He’s 4-6 and will most likely be going to another 2 more and win one more. Been to the finals more times than Jordan has won. But they both are amazing so I don’t compare

Rafa Sibaja
Rafa Sibaja ()

@Phantomvox1 @2010MisterChip Solo esta diciendo que el debate se cercó. Lebron puede discutir y sentarse en la mesa de Jordan, pero por supuesto.

Jesse Stephens
Jesse Stephens ()

@NBATV @KingJames Fake championship. It’s easy when you can pick your own players, top players. 🤦‍♂️ will never be Jordan never.

ESPN Stats & Info
ESPN Stats & Info ()

LeBron James joins Michael Jordan as the only players with at least 4 Finals MVP awards. James is the 1st player to win the award with 3 different teams and 4th player to win Finals MVP at age 35 or older, joining Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain and Jordan

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NBA History
NBA History ()

LeBron James joins Michael Jordan as the only players in NBA History to win 4+ Finals MVPs and 4+ regular-season MVPs.

Jordan Photo,Jordan Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Rep. Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan ()

Hillary Clinton still won’t accept the 2016 election results. She told Joe Biden not to concede the 2020 election “under any circumstances.” But the media says Republicans are the threat to Democracy? Unbelievable.

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