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I meant to say this 15 minutes ago but I still have to say it: I am so here for Kamala dismantling Tulsi..

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@guypbenson If Kamala were to go toe to toe with Trump she would suffocate in his navel. Bring Q-Tips..

Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris clash at Democratic debate - Los Angeles Times.

Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard Spar At US Democratic Presidential Debate.

Kamala Harris’ sputtering campaign.

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@esaagar I would be upset with Kamala, but I feel rather sorry for her desperate grasping at straws..

Tonights #DemDebate list imho: 1. Kamala Harris 2. Elizabeth Warren 3. Bernie Sanders 4. Cory Booker 5. Joe Biden 6. Pete Buttigieg 7. Andrew Yang 8. Amy Klobuchar 9. Tom Steyer ———————— F. Tulsi Gabbard.

@mybmc @PMOIndia this shanty has come near Kamala mills and growing. They hv occupied the footpath obstructing passage.

Watch: Kamala Harris Puts On Southern-Fried Accent for Single Debate Question via @BreitbartNews.

@KyleKulinski winners sanders steyer {was fake and false, but said right things} pete {wasnt hit hard enough} losers kamala warren {wasnt memorable at all} booker {lost warren in first round on Wealth tax}.

I really want a gif of the face Cory Booker was making when Joe Biden erased Kamala Harris. It was like he was trying to save Uncle Joe with his eyes: Dude. She is right there. Literally at the podium next to you..

KAMALA HARRIS HAS LOST HER MIND! Kamala said she is going to REBUILD the OBAMA COALITION and bring the Nation together. OBAMA DIVIDED THIS COUNTRY & PUT AMERICA LAST & IN DEBT & HOW IS SHE ON STAGE WHEN SHES POLLING AT 3% that’s less than Tulsi #DemocraticDebate #DemDebates.

Kamala needs to close with mentioning her marijuana act that was passed #DemDebate.

@Nu_Konspicuous7 He doesn’t tho. Kamala has two more endorsements than him. That’s been the case so I’m not sure how he got that confused..

@BillOReilly It’s you, Bill Reilly-youre a dried up POS and Kamala and any smart, strong woman can’t stand you..

A) I think has probably been the most well-maintained debate this year thanks to these moderators, who do not play. B) Kamala killed it. C) Tulsi Gabbard can jump off a cliff..

I meant to say this 15 minutes ago but I still have to say it: I am so here for Kamala dismantling Tulsi..

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