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The disrespect to Kante to bring on a man of that quality when the team is 0-3 down. Lampard is lucky Kante is a small, humble, God-fearing man..

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RTsi kan chelsea perd 1match ta darone él s’encule 3L de vodka pur & él parle o poster de ngolo kanté en evokan lé erreur défensif ki la fai.

Jogba fans still insecure about Kante being 10x the player? Dawg just appreciate a generational midfielder and stick to celebration games your boy scoring penalties while Kante has put on two 10/10’s in European finals..

@TacticalRole English football fans rate running and “working hard” over being effective. Its why Kante is adored and players like Ozil and Pogba get slated constantly..

@MC_of_A (also I just feel like some of these problems will not matter that much when Kante is fit).

@SerMM91 It’s literally been one game vs a strong Utd at Old Trafford minus CHO, RLC, Kante, Reece James and (as much as I hate to say) Rüdiger, possible ban lifted in January - top 6 at least very achievable.

If Kovacic came from the Championship none of you would rate him so highly for doing fuck all. Pathetic fanbase forgetting how world class Kante really is..

Seeing a lot of knee jerk Chelsea judgements on ~ Remember the players who are injured Willian, Rudi, CHO, RLC, James (he will replace Azpi) and Kante. The team will be so much better as we get into the season. Still going to be epic value imo! #FPL.

Dating a girl that bleaches looks nice until she gets pregnant and you expect a baby like Messi and boom!! You see Kanté. 🤣😂.

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We were minus 4 of our best players and Kante is not much fit, we will be fine when Frank can select from a fully fit squad, there were a lot of positives to take from yesterday, Lady Luck did not shine on us, no way were Utd 4 goals better than us.

A club legend explains that Kante never played DM, and is saying it’s not his best position. Yer da’s cover their eyes in horror.

I have been on the phone with with my mother and another call came through and I just said maetsho droppa monna wame wa letsa to her. ke lemoga ke setse ke buile kante!! why lere jesa meratiso and the person calling me gase monna wame! Now I have to call my mom & 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Betting has reduced the fights and quarells we used to experience back then in viewing centres. Ohhh nah Chelsea score now!! Which kind line up be dis? Why Kante no start? Who is talking? Arsenal and Man u fan Reason - Betting 😀😀😀😀 Betting has changed the dynamics.

@gustavodearj Típico 4 a 0 mentiroso. O próprio Lampard em entrevista citou 3 erros (quando sofremos contra ataques e levamos os gols). Mas achei interessante a forma de jogar com menos posse e mais agressividade - acertamos a trave duas vezes. Voltando Rudiger, Willian e Kanté espero melhorar.

Mon premier top 100 de l’année et elite 1 également ❤️😍 Plus de 40 personnes sur le live c’est magique ✨ Même si c’est à la fin du jeu ce n’est pas grave ça motive pour l’année prochaine ✅ Encore merci aux viewers à @4Gamer_SE également (la structure de rêve)😄 FIFA ⏳.

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I don’t know what it is about @Daniel_James_97 that makes me want to protect him. I was outraged when Kanté fouled him. #mufc.

ppl only saying kante should’ve started just cos they see that utd scored 4, realistically when kova x jorgi done nothing wrong and the high amount of goals conceded were due to individual mistakes hope ppl realise.

Hazard, Pogba, Mbappe, Neymar, kante, eriksen Reguilon eso es.

Discussion with @ we should play a diamond formation against Pulisic accompanying a Mount or Barkley in CAM and then Jorginho Kante and Kovacic in midfield (or Barkley CAM and mount drop back for one of those guys) What do you all think?.

But these young managers get carried away most times. You benched Giroud for English Ogbeche? Benched Kante to achieve what? Use yoots? A half fit Kante won’t let Chelsea’s midfield be open like that. Lampard got the line up wrong. #PoojaFootball.

Widzę, że bardziej światli obywatele w osobach obywateli Przesmyckiego i Bońka już orzekli, że przepisy to przepisy i nie pozwalają one na ukaranie Musondy, mimo, że ten ordynarnie sfaulował Kante. Tak ma być i koniec..

@PrideOfLondonBR Mas como errou? O resultado foi reflexo de erros individuais da zaga, principalmente do Zouma, nenhuma formação no mundo corrigiria isso. O que ainda minimizaria isso, seria o Kanté atrás de volante com o trabalho de ser quase um zagueiro extra..

The disrespect to Kante to bring on a man of that quality when the team is 0-3 down. Lampard is lucky Kante is a small, humble, God-fearing man..

@gerardeg11 Marcos Alonso, Kanté, Giroud y Pulisic en el banquillo. Que me traigan ya el ramo que la broma con cámara oculta ya deja de tener gracia..

@wegotconfused31 Kante sacmalık ama pulisicin ekstra bisey yapıcagını dusunmuyorum. Dortmund zekası kitleme keyfi.

Needs to be Kante for Jorginho and Pulisic for Mount or Barkley honestly don’t care which.

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