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@United_Season Nah man pogba kante midfield coming in clutch just watch this masterclass.

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@lamelaffc @nacaoblue_ Nao sou a favor de jogar com 3 volantes como jogamos na champions, apesar de kante e kova se apresentarem bem ao ataque, nao acredito que seja o Mas assim, minha opiniao, nao gostou, problema seu ....

Me, internally: ugh Kitso is just an ass, gongwe haa na plan Kante my dawg meant it🙃💔.

@Mikatchou5 @lequipe Faut le vendre puis il a tenté de faire tourner ... résultats ils perdent le match Kante aussi était sur le banc au démarrage.

@CollinasErben @AndyBrehmchen Ich bin einfach sauer nach den letzten Spielen. Jeder Zweikampf wird gegen uns gepfiffen, gegen Leipzig hat er uns richtig die Kante gegeben. Was willst Du da noch denken?. Schau Dir den Zweikampf vom Nasenbeinbruch noch mal an. Erklären mir warum Leipzig den Elfer 1.

@Dan65745388 Kante, well I don’t agree with them but you don’t get to make mass generalisations because someone doesn’t like your favourite player.

@AkluKhan72_ Merci bien 🙏🏾 on joue avec Kanté Matuidi que peut il nous arrives ?.

If only FIFA 20 glitches were real life and Chelsea had a second N’golo Kanté that was a foot taller and 30 lbs. we could beat West Ham 😔 @MenInBlazers.

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@433Uan @CFCMod_ Kante just came back from various injuries so he needs to be integrated slowly..

@sosapurple_94 je suis d’accord mais Pogba il manquera de rythme malheureusement et avec United sa s’arrangera pas plus que ça j’ai peur qu’il ait une baisse de régime et pour Kanté bah à voir du coup.

@ajmalmahmud @ChelseaFC Why bench kante and William? Why starting Giroud and Pedro? Seems Lampard sold this game!.

@DSHugo__ Ouai pas faux mais Pogba était abs ainsi que Kanté lors des derniers rassemblements.

Un 352 : Mandanda Varane Kimpembe Laporte Mbappe Kante Pog Coman/AM9 Payet Benzema Griezmann On gagne l euro easy.

@MadMontana Come on lol remember when we played Man City and Pep sent City to press every Chelsea player except for Kante because he wasnt going to be a threat on the ball. Have you forgotten that?.

Giroud Matuidi Grizzou Mbappé Pogba Kanté Digne Varane Lenglet Pavard Lloris La compo du 16 juin, hâte Road to l’euro 2020.

@Nasr___75 Mdr on a griezmann Mbappe pogba kante varane pour ne citer qu’eux en quoi ils sont meilleur sur le papier wsh.

Assessing what we need. 1. A left back, anyone but Alonso and Emerson FFS!!! 2. Rudiger is head and shoulders our best centre back and is needed ASAP 3. Despite Jorgi and Kova good form Kante is needed in ANY lineup. 4. We need new options on the wing 5. Missed Tammy massively.

Kante’s return kind of messed us up. I think we need to sub one of the 3 midfielders. Kova or Jorgi maybe?.

@ChelseaFC All this are trash why did he bench Kante. He should admit the blame and stop saying trash.

@United_Season Nah man pogba kante midfield coming in clutch just watch this masterclass.

@HarrisonGreene7 @ChelseaFC For Lampard should not toy with the midfield trio of Jorghino, Kovacic and Kante, you play your best when they are on form. He just toyed with this game..

@HaziBW @MoatswiBoemo Hahaha motho o kile are o ka supply bdf ka nama ya kolobe kante o nale kolobe di 35 heela mme nama e batiwa every week.

@_4RM_HRE Just my opinion, aesthetically I think Zouma looks really awkward, not saying he is a bad defender, Kante imo has never looked awkward on the ball.

Kovacic, Zouma and Tammy are the only players we have this Kante. The rest na dead..

EDF avec Pogba Kanté en forme physiquement + Griezmann qui reprendra ses esprits d’ici Juin normalement ça finit premier même le si groupe c’est un bourbier.

@MadMontana Lol my point is people were saying the same about Kante, might not be you but it was common for people to say. People seem to value aesthetics over being effective which is weird.

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