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@AlexGoldberg_ Some chelsea fans are saying kante should be sold btw😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

I’ll admit Kanté has been underwhelming as of late, and at the moment I’d prefer Jorginho and Kovačić. But, that doesn’t mean he should be replaced, especially not by Neves or Partey.😂.

La espectacular asistencia de Kanté... ¡al rival! Redmond puso el 0-2 y sentenció el Chelsea - Southampton.

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Might have to just roll Kante out for big games and keep him on the bench in home games vs small teams.

@ChelseaFC in this match we learn: Regista role is gonna be wasted? (Jorginho-Kante-Kovacic is really key, but Lampard wasting them) Abraham is on fire this season, but seriously his still young and needs competition (so a new striker will be good).

@FutbolCheIsea Kante against teams that stay deep and park the doesn’t x kova is a must against this sorta matches..

@ConorMcColgan11 @Arrizabalager Especially when he then goes past Kante and presses even higher randomly.


Chelsea 0-2 Southampton player ratings- Kepa- 5 Azpillicueta- 4 Tomori- 7 Zouma- 5 Rudiger- 5 Emerson- 4 Jorginho- 6 Kante- 5 Willian- 6 Abraham- 6 Hudson-Odoi- 5 Mount- 5 Pulisic- 5 Pedro- N/A.

I think it was Conte that first push Kanté foreword. It has to be one of the most awful decisions football managers ever made. Kanté hasn’t been 100% effective since being pushed forward by successive Chelsea managers..

Take Kante back to his position Look how great he was in his position last weekend just to play so poorly today @ChelseaFC #CHESOU.

Jorginho - missed his Croatian companion Kante - awful on the ball,worked hard off it Willian - head still @ Tottenham CHO - only player who wanted the ball, but still looks injured 😂 Tammy - hold up play excellent had no options going forward just shoot 1 step forward 2 back.

Lampard forced kante-jorginho-kovacic into the starting line-up VS city and chelsea started a very bad took out jorginho against spurs and we won. coincidence? When kovacic is available, Kante needs to be benched vs small.

@AlexGoldberg_ Lampard isnt the problem atm its the players we have unless your sitting in protecting something then kante jor kov should never be in same cm esp with the fullbacks/wingbacks we have.

@tocfcws Not only kante. Christensen was one of our best players for the past two seasons, lamaprd came in he became atrocious. Can we trust lampard? Debatle.

Okay. I think I know where the problem is at @ChelseaFC Only Kovacic, Pulisic, Kante and Willian(current form) deserve to We need to buy another 7 players then we’re And that’s me being lenient. Make it happen!.

@AlexGoldberg_ We looked there for the taking today. Lost the battle in midfield, so so weak. Kante battled away but had no real presence. CHO was a spectator, Willian was looking around to accept praise from Spurs game. Emerson non existent. Tammy needed 4-5 touches before deciding what to do.

@TomasblackCFC @joeywho4 I know they’re different but I’d drop him for Isco and play 433 or 4231 with just Kova and Kante.

Masa lawan spurs haritu Tomori zouma rudiger alonso azpilicueta kovavic kante mount willian tammy Stay je stay nak tukar2 apa lagi.

Kante also worse game ever in his tbf its his only disaster class hes done!.

Had the same squad last season, just lost Hazard but added Pulisic, Zouma,Tomori,Mount & Tammy. 🔹same midfield of Kante-Jorg-Kova. 🔹backline of Azpi,Rudiger,Luiz,Alonso. 🔹Same Willian/Pedro/CHO at RW. 🔹Had worse strikers- Morata/Giru/Higuain Something is wrong this season😔.

What was wrong with Kante today? Probably the worst performance I’ve ever seen from him 😟 Azpi/Emerson - useless today Willian/Cho - non existent Jorginho - offered 0 CB’s - pass pass pass (to each other) Tammy - no service Subs - mount only one who can hold his head up..

@birroda Kanté não consegue oferecer TANTO contra esses times ruins em jogos retrancados. Criatividade não é o forte dele, e o time adversário não dá espaço pra ele infiltrar de surpresa. É só uma questão de adversário, na minha visão.

@ChelseaFC Bring in Aké, Chilwell, Sancho and Werner. Kovacic Kanté with RLC as 10 should be the starting mid. Sancho and Pulisic are the wingers. Werner is the striker. James Rüdiger Aké Chilwell is the back 4 and Kepa in goal. We need quality in the team to build talents..

⭐ Lampard ⭐ Matic ⭐ Jorginho ⭐ Essien ⭐ Loftus-Cheek ⭐ Mikel Obi ⭐ Kante ⭐ Fabregas ⭐ Oscar ⭐ Kovacic ⭐ Ramires Pilih tiga gelandang untuk membentuk lini tengah di Tim Terbaik Chelsea Dekade ini. 👇 #CFCIndo.