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कपिल मिश्रा ने दिल्ली के LG को लिखा पत्र, कहा- ताहिर हुसैन की अवैध बिल्डिंग को गिराया जाए

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CHANDAN ।। ॐ卐 ।।
CHANDAN ।। ॐ卐 ।। ()

@HasniJuned @ReallySwara Bsdk tahir hussain ne jo kiya uska kya. Kapil mishra ne uske chhat par tejab rakh diya

Nagma ()

Will do it again:KapilMishra on his controversialspeech linked to Delhiriots. #BJP ke Netao ka Asli Chaal,Charitra aur Chehra .Yeh hai unke netao ki Rajneeti Gareebo, Mazloomo, Annadataon ko Dabao kuchalo, unhe deshdrohi karaar do aur unpar Muqadme karo

Fuwad ()

I have still not read the stories that Newslaundry, caravan or even the Indian express reported. The Caravan edition where they shared some photos of NE Delhi still remains unopened on my shelf. While everyone is sharing Kapil Mishra’s interview today, I did not read it beyond HL

Mendhak sambit
Mendhak sambit ()

@its_mubassir_ @IsmatAraa Kisi function me pahucha tha vhi bbc ko bhi interview diya h isne waise ab kapil mishra trend karwaaenge saale mgr kuch bhi kaho lapet liya 😅 Saala main Tiwari hu saala kha se aise paida ho jaate h pta nhi 😡😡

💎RUBY💎 ()

You may not agree but The Wire taking interview of Kapil Mishra on first anniversary of #DelhiPogrom actually gave mishra a good chance again to threaten muslims and boost their h!ndutva ideology with much ease n impunity. #DelhiPogrom

The Bad Engineer
The Bad Engineer ()

The day is not far when the climate activists like Disha Ravi get UAPA and a person like Kapil Mishra, responsible for 53 deaths gets the Nobel peace prize.

AISA - Delhi University
AISA - Delhi University ()

Thousands injured! 53 people killed! Mosques and houses set ablaze! No justice for the victims after #OneYearOfDelhiPogrom! Innocent anti CAA protestors jailed while Kapil Mishra the instigator of Violence still roams free!

Kapil Mishra Photo,Kapil Mishra Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Swara Bhasker
Swara Bhasker ()

And that my friends is called shameless ⁦ If I had to, I’d redo what I did on Feb 23: Kapil Mishra | Cities News,The Indian Express

Hindutva Watch
Hindutva Watch ()

Delhi violence: Kapil Mishra says he has no regrets about speech, will do it again

Musthafa Kavalakatte
Musthafa Kavalakatte ()

- 14 mosque were vandalised. - 50+ people were killed. - Muslim shops were burned. - Delhi Police was supporting rioters. - Ministers were against Muslims. - No FIR on Kapil Mishra for hate speech. People say #DelhiPogrom was both-sided?! #HindutvaBurnedDelhi

Kapil Mishra Photo,Kapil Mishra Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Rana Ayyub
Rana Ayyub ()

(If the need arises to redo what I did on February 23, I would do it all over again). This man spoke these words at the Constitution club. This is what majority privilege looks like, this is the face of Hindu supremacy that the country has been lapping up

Srivatsa ()

One year since the Delhi Violence, ❌ Kapil Mishra: No Arrest, No FIR ❌ Anurag Thakur: No Arrest, No FIR ❌ Komal Sharma: No Arrest, No FIR ❌ Kapil Gujjar: Arrested, out on Bail But many victims of the violence & those who protested against the Govt are in jail. Justice?

Prashant Bhushan
Prashant Bhushan ()

Read: After a year, a series of orders of Courts have punctured the narrative of the Kapil Mishra& the Delhi police on the Delhi riots. A number of innocent muslims& activists were targeted & arrested for malafide reasons at the behest of BJP & its leaders

तरुणमित्र (हिंदी दैनिक )
तरुणमित्र (हिंदी दैनिक ) ()

कपिल मिश्रा बोले- अपने भाषण पर कोई पछतावा नहीं, जरूरत पड़ी तो फिर ऐसा ही करूंगा -

Kapil Mishra Photo,Kapil Mishra Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Nuryanana ()

A democratic right of citizen to say will get roads vacated if police does not get vacated & cannot be interpreted through violent means but can be approaching judiciary too. 90% cases in courts are languishing of verbal utterances & therefore,stop misinterpreting. Kapil Mishra

Sahara Samay NHR
Sahara Samay NHR ()

दिल्ली दंगा: विवादित भाषण पर कपिल मिश्रा ने कहा... - Regional News - Samay Live

Anurag ()

Toh kya AAP ko vote dekar Kapil Mishra paida kar dena chahiye ???

Prem ()

@AAPNareshBalyan @Arun2981 Punjab ne tmhare doglapanti ko dekh hin reject kiya, tmhe to Delhi wale vipaksh nhi mante isliye ek v mp nhi Parshant bhushan ne tmhara kacha chitha khol diya Purane aapiye kitne bache kapil mishra gayab, parshant gayab, yogendra gayab, kavi mahoday

Vijay Prakash ( बेबाक विजय )
Vijay Prakash ( बेबाक विजय ) ()

मोदी जी के साम्राज्य में सोशल मीडिया पर नफरत फैलाने वाले BJP नेता कपिल मिश्रा के खिलाफ कार्यवाही नही होती है. डॉ उदित राज & अन्य पर उन्नाव कांड पर ट्वीट करने पर FIR की जाती है. क्या ये @myogiadityanath का दलित & संविधान विरोधी कृत्य नहीं है? @aiparisangh

The Indian Express
The Indian Express ()

“I have no regrets, besides the fact that we could not save Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma and constable Ratan Lal,” said BJP leader Kapil Mishra.

Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi ()

Look at the audacity of this shameless man. READ: Will do it again if roads are blocked: Kapil Mishra on his controversial speech Shared by The IndianExpress iOS App. Click here to download

The Indian Express
The Indian Express ()

BJP leader Kapil Mishra on Monday said he had no regrets about the speech targeting the anti-CAA protesters made by him a day before the Northeast Delhi riots broke out last year, and stressed that if required, he would do it again.

Kapil Mishra Photo,Kapil Mishra Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Kapil Mishra
Kapil Mishra ()

कपिल मिश्रा ने दिल्ली के LG को लिखा पत्र, कहा- ताहिर हुसैन की अवैध बिल्डिंग को गिराया जाए


Our Hindu ecosystem is not Hat factory but your toolkit is terror factory Samjhe Gaddaar Media. Good job by @KapilMishra_IND ji. Hate factory: Inside Kapil Mishra’s ‘Hindu Ecosystem’

Moni ()

READ THIS NOW! What should this organised & methodical Hindutva brain washing & Propaganda groups be called? Kapil Mishra is successfully running Hatred Propaganda thr Telegram @telegram Caution for your app. Groups on telegram need to be scrutinized!

Sarvesh Ananda
Sarvesh Ananda ()

One brilliant piece of work @newslaundry Please read this article to understand how things are manufactured & stop following liars such as OpIndia and Swarjyamag. You can very well read a fiction book Hate factory: Inside Kapil Mishra’s ‘Hindu Ecosystem’

Swati Vaidya
Swati Vaidya ()

Hate factory: Inside Kapil Mishra’s ‘Hindu Ecosystem’ Must read @mkaurravneet @SanjaySavarkar6

Abid Asad
Abid Asad ()

@Kodungolan737 A toolkit for genocide generated by BJP terrorist Kapil Mishra who experimented this Genocide Toolkit in Delhi Pogrom of Muslim Genocide. Thier Pattern is they buy some people from Muslim Community and Hindu Community and then gives them task to spread hate and riots. Talibans.

Infojivi Meghnad 🔗
Infojivi Meghnad 🔗 ()

#EXCLUSIVE: We spent more than 2 months observing the Hindu Ecosystem group formed by Kapil Mishra. And without us asking, were added to bigger splinter groups which work day & night to create misinformation, hateful content and fake Twitter trends.

Kapil Mishra
Kapil Mishra ()

Road Show in Hyderabad - Kapil Mishra Live #BhagyanagarMeinCharcha

☚ #आरक्षण_हटाओ_रोजगार_पाओ Arsenal ☛
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