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Updated: November 26th, 2021 11:40 PM IST

— Soldiers martyred in Kargil War fighting unjust by Pakistan: 525 — Farmers martyred in farmers protest fighting injustice by Modi Govt: 700+ The sacrifice of our farmers & soldiers will neither be forgiven, nor forgotten!

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Left pic : @BDUTT awarded for Radiia activities Right pic : #BarkhaDutt discarded for kargil, mumbai etc etc

Kargil Photo,Kargil Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

why we remember 26/11 each year. what are we trying to prove . same with Vijay Diwas about Kargil and same with our independence day? All portray our losses .

@Alphatoonist @nsbchd She was the special one from the regime Kargil, live telecast & used as sat phone that gave away our location & within hours the location was pounded by oak, leading to deaths same strategy in mumbai Live coverage, all was being given away real time hence ......

مقررہ وقت ختم ہو نے کے بعد کسی بھی گاڑی کو چلنے کی اجازت نہیں ہوگی۔

موسم صاف اور سڑک کی حالت ٹھیک رہنے کی صورت میں کل یعنی27 نومبر کو سری نگر ۔سونہ مرگ۔ گمری سڑک پر گاڑیوں کو کرگل سے سرینگر کی طرف صرف یک طرفہ ٹریفک کے حساب سے چلنے کی اجازت ہوگی۔ سونہ مرگ سے پہلے چھوٹی گاڑیوں کو اسکے بعد بڑی گاڑیوں کو صبح 9بجے سے دوپہر 2 بجے تک چھوڑا جائے گا ۔

Traffic Plan and Advisory (Kargil-Srinagar Road) for 27-11-2021 Subject to fair weather and good road conditions, tomorrow on 27th November, 2021 only one way traffic shall be allowed from Kargil towards Srinagar on the Srinagar-Sonamarg-Gumri (SSG) Road.

@AmitLeliSlayer She did same in Kargil Now she attends funerals and all especially covid deaths.

Mercury Below zero in Valley, Freezing Cold in Leh and Kargil

@anuragteddy Brig Surender Singh ,Kargil Bde Cdr had flagged issues of shortage of troops and Ved Malik a Closet Sanghi sacked him for speaking truth.

@Dharmic_N @BDUTT Even during Kargil war she did lot of such acts. Habitual offender. 🤣

1999 mein Pakistani Sena ne Kargil mein ghus kar morchabandi kar li. @weakpayee Sarkar soti rahi. 600 Sainikon ne jane ganwayin aur Pakistaniyon ko Khadeda. Sharminda hone ke badle Vijay Diwas manati hai BJP.

Guess who? 1999: Kargil reporting, jeopardizing army positions 2002: Communalising Godhra, flouting PCI rules 2008: Mumbai reporting, helping attackers secure vital info 2010: Radiatapes controversy 2019: Sacked by Tiranga TV 2021: Insensitive coverage of funeral pyres

Remember, remember. The 26th of November. How cowardice was sold to us in the name of resilience. How candles were burnt rather than posts across the border. Kargil was a betrayal. 26/11 was public humiliation.

@BDUTT Blocked me for asking explanation. She is openly giving information to terrorists but no action from I&B ministry. At the time of kargil war also same done same. Now I think she is in pic business

The point is that despite all the available evidences against her,she managed to move around scott free as if nothing happened, her blunders during Kargil r known even to kids now but nothing changed from the UPA to the NDA she will commit further mishaps & get away with it again

What do you think Barkha Dutt was doing in this whole terrorist attack? It was not for the first time. She did similar stuff in 1999 in Kargil too. #NeverForgiveNeverForget #MumbaiTerrorAttack

Lady Govinda, The Queen of irresponsible Journalism. Kargil and then mumbai.

@Dharmic_N In true sense, @BDUTT was the reporter to expose Indian army locations during Kargil

Remembering and NEVER EVER forgive the @themojostory m0r0n this day ..one who gave location just like during Kargil …our real enemies masquerading as journos

Never forget how this journalist passed the information to Pakistani handlers by doing live streaming of #MumbaiTerrorAttack , she did the same during Kargil war. Never forget!

Kargil Photo,Kargil Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

She did something similar in 1999 Kargil war. She is a role model even today for most Indian journalists.

Never forgive never forget the traitor Barkha Dutt Kargil , 26/11 , and not yet punished 😐

@pusing27 Puja fyi. It is not only 26/11. Replug my 2015 art.

@Sanatanasundari Deepti It is not only 26/11. Replug my 2015 art.

@sharrmasumann It is a pity that this journo went on to be awarded by the Indian govt. cheap. Traitors. Sold out completely. Not once but several times. Kargil and then 26/11. Can’t be an error of judgement. She still roams free. Nita radia tapes. Treachery agst the nation always there. 😡

@ExSecular Not the first time, Kargil is another such incident where she helped Pakistan. God knows how many times did she help them which is not in the public domain.

@its_Ishitaa Yehi log Live Telecast me Sabki Locations de rahe they Terrorists ko. Yehi log 1999 Kargil War me Satellite Phone se Pak Army ko Location de rahe they specially that Barkha Dutt! Yeh logo ne Paiso ke liye Humare Logo ko maar diya! Humare Desh ko Jalne diya! 😭😭

She gave away our military positions in Kargil war, she did same in Mumbai terror attack. Everyone knows where her honesty lies. And she was awarded Padma shri by UPA government. Pathetic Journalist @BDUTT #Shame #MumbaiTerrorAttack

— Soldiers martyred in Kargil War fighting unjust by Pakistan: 525 — Farmers martyred in farmers protest fighting injustice by Modi Govt: 700+ The sacrifice of our farmers & soldiers will neither be forgiven, nor forgotten!

Construction work of 3 realignments Drass, Kharboo and Kargil between Pandrass – Pashkyum on Road Zozila – Kargil – Leh (NH-1) with 2-Lane under Project Vijayak (BRO) on EPC mode has been approved with a budget of Rs Cr In the UT of Ladakh. #PragatiKaHighway @BJP4Ladakh

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