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Our souls are entangled and no Indian can do anything about it:) Even the skies are calling out the prophecy. We celebrate together, we mourn together. #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

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Sha!sta Am!n ✨ ()

Anti-National Eid mat kehna! Hilal ko Hilal dikha,bhas itni sii baat hai #KashmirJoyWithPakistan #EidMubarak

Zaid Shah ()

Eid Mubarak people Separated by oppressors bonded by Allah 🇵🇰 #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Muwahid Altaf ()

Relatives it is better if you text Eid mubarak only rather than forwarding 15 lines para on am sure no one reads mubarak ❤#KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Javid eilahi ⏺️ ()

People from different countries wishing #EidMubarak to Kashmir in Kashmiri language #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Outlaw ()

@ImranKhanPTI We are celebrating Eid with Pakistan. Writing is on the wall. The message is loud and clear. We are Jugular vien not an integral part. #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Syed Wakeel ()

#KashmirJoyWithPakistan Ass gai badal ass chi ni mana As chi Eid Pakistans saath manawa Tali chu eid mubarkh ❤️

🍁🍁 ()

Eid mubarak from kashmir to oll who are celebrating it today. Remember the opressed nations in ur prayers. #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Azan gulzar ()

Indian:- Why are Kashmiri people celebrating Eid with Pakistan Kashmiri:-Hamara yeha aasa he hota hai ! #KashmirJoyWithPakistan #EidMubarak

𝐙. 🍁 ()

Paytm ki details dun ya ghar pohnchavo ghei Eidi? #KashmirJoyWithPakistan #EidUlFitr

ہمیرآ🥀 ()

One more zalaalt for will keep going 😁😁 #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Uzair ()

Our crescent is always seen in their skies #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

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Rabbit 🐇 ()

Myeen indian classmate chi pagal gamit, iman kus eid chi. Little do they know #KashmirJoyWithPakistan 😌

Aaqib Ibn Bashir ()

May this Eid bring us unlimited joy , may all our wishes come true on this holy day, may Allah approve our kind deeds , forgive our disaobdeince and sins ,and ease the sufferings of all individuals around the globe especially kashmir #EidUlFitr #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

𝐊𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐦𝐢𝐫 -𝖀𝖓𝖇𝖎𝖆𝖘𝖊𝖉 ()

#KashmirJoyWithPakistan India to Indian Muslims who are going to celebrate Eid on Monday

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Mir Raheen ()

#EidMubarak to the martyred comrades, mujahideen,pellet victims,brothers behind bars & their families. May this eid be our last eid under occupation. Eid Mubarak to the bruised Valley. #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Milad Lone ()

Jo Kashmir mai CRPF mai muslims hai wo kiske sath eid manayege? Tough decision 😂 #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

میرا كشمیر ()

Eye opener for india 🇮🇳 didn’t you realize how we don’t even want to celebrate Eid under your advise ! The amount of hate we have for your tyranny and system that a Kashmiri would have opted for 31st Roza if pakistan wouldn’t have declared Eid Today !! #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Mohammed Mohsin ()

Sending a special trath to Hindustanas on this special #EidUlFitr #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

و ()

Blessings to you and your. #EidUlFitr #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

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Haanan shakeel ()

Just wanted to tell you guys that #KashmirJoyWithPakistan is trending in jk 😂💯

Athar Ellahi ()

Eid Mubarak to Whole Muslim Ummah, especially the people of IoK!! #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Janib u rocks ()

Eid aai ras ras Pakistan gas wai Pakistan gas wai ...we celebrate with reject your existence#ind.#KashmirJoyWithPakistan

شارق شیخ ()

Just came from the graveyard, Offered Surah-al-Fateh, and Everyone is wishing Eid Mubarak. #EidMubarak ❤️ #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Zehra iok . Binte ❤️ kàshmir ()

Hamay pyar hai pakistan sa dilo jaan sa ❤️🍁 Pakistan zindabaad #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Coronaq🍃 ()

Aap mohabbat ki baat krte ho Hamare yaha tou chand bhi unke asmaan se dekha jata hai❤️ #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Wasim khan ()

It was like the last over Asia cup sixs of shahid afridi 😘😘 #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Potato ()

Pakistan hilal committee ne bola karne ka, to Matlab karne ka. #KashmirJoyWithPakistan ❤️

🇵🇸 ()

Khair mubarak and Eid Mubarak to you 🤦‍♂ Bhaii Khair mubarak ka mtlb he same to you hota hai💁‍♂ #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Shakir Bhat ()

Our souls are entangled and no Indian can do anything about it:) Even the skies are calling out the prophecy. We celebrate together, we mourn together. #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

Mehreen Parvez ()

How many times do we reject india. Yeman ne touti taraan fikri. #KashmirJoyWithPakistan

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