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Updated: July 30th, 2021 07:42 AM IST

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50% of the COVID positive cases in the country comes from Kerala,thanks to the Eid relaxations. But as expected the narrative would always be built around a Kumbh or a Kawar Yatra. Hmmm …Kerala Model?

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Read how NDTV’s Ravish Kumar this time sent ‘hazaar laanat’ to ‘IT cell’ instead of questioning Kerala govt for the state’s Covid crisis

Kerala going back on lockdown. Stressed, stressed, stressed. Mom and brother stuck there since > a month and cannot go back home because flights are suspended. Meanwhile it seems I’m the only one wearing a mask in most places in the US and everything is “normal.” 2 diff worlds.

R-value Climbing Steadily in India; Kerala, Northeastern States Top List

Kerala Photo,Kerala Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

You commies are god gifted. Efficiency mistake is only of the voters who voted & Centre which is fulfilling your poll promise of free vaccine. Get engaged in your activities like helping gold smugglers, trolling performers & lecturing about ‘ Who failed Kerala ‘.

Lord Ayyappa in election campaign: Kerala HC notice to Congress MLA K Babu

VHSE Result 2021 School Wise | VHSE Kerala Plus Two (Second Year) Result School Code Wise @

केरल में ईसाई परिवारों के लिए चर्च का ऐलान, 5 से अधिक बच्चे होंगे तो देंगे आर्थिक मदद

@sdhrthmp @RijoMJohn You managed, since we lend a helping hand to TN back then. 😉👇

Born in - Puducherry Lives in - Puducherry States visited -TN, Kerala, AP

New Coronavirus Cases: In the last 24 hours, Kerala recorded 22,129 fresh cases. India recorded 43,654 new coronavirus cases, देश का 50℅ कोविड केस केरल से हैं,,,BJP KE RAJY MEIN 50℅ केस AUR यदि उप्र से होते तो? सुप्रीम कोर्ट,, हाईकोर्ट,मीडिया तक की आज वाली चुप्पी क्या बनी रहती?

@aeJFwk9IvUA23bE @ippatel 2nd wave ke time pe Eid ve aye te bhul gya ? Khumb tu Uttarakhand me hua, Eid pure desh me manaye gye, Uttarakhand me case low te , Yha eid huye kerala me vha jyada, samaja

Country will be looked after by @narendramodi ji. Pls save Kerala first from #Covid_19.

@RShivshankar Kerala would be d reason fr 3rd wave in India. Worst way of handling covid and they still bark lyk number one

@drthomasisaac But Kerala itself responsible for 50% of active covid cases .let that sink 😷

#Kerala Plus 2 result expected to be declared at 3 pm | Follow LIVE updates here

Kerala Photo,Kerala Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Cases in Secular Kerala in a single day- 22,000 Cases in Hindutva UP in a single day- 18. Where are the Secular and the Liberals now? 🤐🤐🤐🤐

@templefable @AkshaySP1993 Interesting to see marigold flowers. It was rarely used in poojas in Kerala, if I remember right. Whilst in other parts of India, beyond the southern states it’s widely used.

COVID INDIA WED: Daily Covid Positive tally goes up to 43,654; no mention about deaths #ezhava #kerala

When you bash Kerala, make sure you mention Communist in particular coz I stand with Sanghis there without any question. So, refer it like “ Communist Kerala Model”, “ China loving Kerala model “ etc etc. Same with Bengalis. It will ensure we make more people Sanghis. 🤞✌️

@sambitswaraj Sir what you have raised is concerning, worrying and funny at the same time. Kerala has been contributing ~50% of total cases since almost last 1 it with eid, kumbh ,kanwar yatra or tabligi jamaat is utterly foolish and example of malafide intentions 🙏🙏

Kerala is all set to become the mother of third wave, after that we will ask modiji what were his preparations and why did he not stop it . .

Kerala reports over 22,000 fresh Covid cases, highest daily spike since May 29 via @indiatoday

@TimesNow @Shehzad_Ind only covid 19 cases are high in #kerala , not deaths . That is going to be their defence

#Kerala | The INL is at present divided into two factions led by state general secretary Kasim Irikkur and state president AP Abdul Wahab, respectively. What is behind the feud, and what happens next? @VishKVarma explains

Time to Act,considering the highest spike, @CMOTamilnadu shd order to close the borders with Kerala,@GMSRailway shd take proper steps,below tweet fm this guy when Kerala reported 22129 new Covid cases,highest single-day spike in 2 months,Silence of the deafening.

50% of the COVID positive cases in the country comes from Kerala,thanks to the Eid relaxations. But as expected the narrative would always be built around a Kumbh or a Kawar Yatra. Hmmm …Kerala Model?

50% of all India active cases are from Kerala . Feel sorry for the people of state for having such a callous administration . Credibility of MSM too under stress except for few who are discussing it . Rest all have their priorities elsewhere for obvious reasons . #WakeUpPinarayi

Kerala was already responsible for 40% of total Covid cases in India. With Bakrid relaxation, it now has 70% of total cases. Appeasement politics is the biggest curse for India

Ugly Truth of Lutyens Media ! Note - New Cases of Covid (Today) in Kerala- 22,129 UP- 53

Kerala Photo,Kerala Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Unemployment Rate Kerala- UP- EOBD Ranking Kerala - 28 UP -02 FDI Inflows Kerala - $269 M UP - $ 664 M Corona cases reported today Kerala - 11586 UP - 53 Yet for liberals - UP is a failed state, Kerala is Model state #UPNumber1

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