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Ayo Fake Klay when the Timberwolves play Golden State next season, we need you on the Floor at Target Center gang🙏🏾🏀🤦🏾‍♂️🐐.


LEGACY CEMENTED 🗣 Steph, Klay and Dray are Bay Area legends!.

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With four championships in eight years, the @Warriors leave no doubt of their place as one of the NBA’s greatest dynasties. Congrats to Finals MVP Steph, Draymond, Klay, Coach Kerr and the rest of Dub Nation for such sustained excellence..


Steph 👨‍🍳 Klay 💦 Dray 💪 Check out the best plays and moments from the @warriors trio of 4x Champions on their championship run through the 2022 NBA Playoffs!.

Draymond Green perguntou ao Klay se ele vai terminar a carreira no Warriors. O camisa 11 respondeu: “Acabei de falar isso com o Steve (Kerr). Eu não quero jogar por outro treinador em minha carreira. Então esse é o plano.” #DubNation.

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The Warriors have an aging veteran core of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson — but they’ve managed a rare trick in pro sports: They’re built to win now and win later..

A lot of folks don’t remember or know how bad the Warriors were before Steph, Klay & Dray came together. Run TMC broke up too soon. Had flashes with CWebb & We Believe. Fans were ready to riot when they traded Monta Ellis. They’ve now surpassed the Bulls in all-time championships.

there’s just something special seeing a trio of leaders in steph, klay, and draymond and watching their winning strength in numbers mentality influence the rest of the roster.

The Warriors have an aging veteran core of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson — but they’ve managed a rare trick in pro sports: They’re built to win now and win later..

@THEEJoeMess @not_pessala I love the blind Klay hatred by you and the blind Klay love by me. At least we can both agree the Yankees suck it..

Klay & Tatum sold me the most this post season and I had the most confidence in them two smh.

So Steph Curry is 4-2 in the NBA Finals. One loss was with Draymond Green getting suspended and the other was with Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant having injuries..

So happy for Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Andre most of all. But I’m also excited for the younger Warriors that now know what this is all about..

I say he gets mentioned 5th or 6th because you have to bring up the big 3 (Steph, Draymond, and Klay) first. Then feels like Kerr is next. So now KD is in the same tier as Iggy and Wiggins. Maybe even Bob Myers. As one of the top-15 to ever play. Oh well. He made his choice..

Cause they’ve definitely tried it over the years . “Klay a better shooter than steph” “Klay a more complete player” “He score and guard the best player how he not the best player” Stuff like this what keeps making Kd run away.

@afonsocpxx mano qualquer top 5 atual na época do mj era ridículo, o jammal murray nós 90’s seria um monstro zé imagina lebron curry luka já klay.

Ja Morant Responds to Klay Thompson Calling Out His Teammate Jaren Jackson Jr..

@matt_goliath They couldn’t get Draymond or Klay to play for half the series and couldn’t get a bucket from anybody but Steph for damn near the entirety of it! 😂.

james harden better than klay⁉️ man james harden stock like BITCOIN‼️ - @allball1977.

Beware ‘Game 6 Klay.’ by BY SCOTT CACCIOLA via NYT New York Times.

About three quarters of the way through the season I thought Klay Thompson was done for after those season ending injuries. That was incorrect..

@NBA Give us a Jaylen Brown v. Klay Thompson dribbling competition, cowards. #terrible.

I feel like Klay has literally gotten better each game of this series, culminating in #GAME6KLAY 🔥 #NBAFinals.

Game 6 Klay showed up. Chef Curry showed up. DPOY candidate Green showed up. Maple Leaf Jordan showed up. Championship level defense showed up..


@MaryKayCabot @ProFootballTalk He didn’t play last year so count that as time severed n move on.

Jaylen Brown shoots a air ball contested floater over klay Thompson when Steph is guarding Al Horford…yea they not gon win until he becomes a better playmaker like Tatum.

Golden State knows who they are. GPIII waits for Klay to give him a wide open 3. Recognition of teammates. #NBAFinals.

@DaBootWolverine I honestly thought matchup wise Boston had it. Klay/Steph combo …. Just incredible. I didn’t want either team to win 😂.. but I did think Celtics would pull through..

Klay, i know your legs aren’t all the way back, i get it. Just step inside the line, it’s ok.

The way that Draymond and GPII constantly give themselves up when they have open shots for Steph, klay or Jordan knowing those guys are better shooters is admirable..

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