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PPG | RPG | BPG Leading the @Lakers to a 3-0 record in Week 2, @AntDavis23 was named Western Conference Player of the Week! #LakeShow.

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Kyle Kuzma is beginning to get his groove back. 👌 #Lakeshow #Lakers.

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@UnwrittenRul3s Still 73 games left. Ugly loss but people overreact wayyyy too much 😅.

Lakers losing is bad for business, no one wants to watch my videos. Trust me, I know the feeling. I hate losing too!!! #LakeShow.

Lakers lose their 2nd game out of 9, ending a 7 game win y’all are reaching with this “Lakeshow looking shakey” talk😂🤦🏾‍♂️.

ついにレイカーズ破れたりー😭 4Q残り2分くらいからの相手に許した2本の速攻が今日の試合全てを物語っていた気がする。(クズマのファール吹かれなかったのは気に食わん😤) まあ、こういう負けも必要でしょう。こっからまた悪かったとこを改善していけば良いのだから。#LakeShow.

New profile pic because on the court, nuff said. 😂🏀 #LakeShow #Lakers.

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LeBron with another triple double his 4th in the last 5 games. 13 pts, 13 rebs, and 15 asts but struggled making shots only 5/15 from the floor tonight. However still a strong performance for The King #Lakeshow.

¡LeBron James con el bloqueo! Sin embargo, @Raptors acaba la racha de 7 victorias al hilo de los @Lakers 🤷‍♂️ #NBA #LakeShow.

@lovely_monesha I know I know but we can’t win em all we need Ls to learn Thas the only way anybody learns #Lakeshow.

#LakeShow 95 - 80 #HEATTwitter Les 51 points du duo Anthony Davis – LeBron James et une défense toujours aussi redoutable ont permis aux Lakers de repousser Miami dans un match où les deux équipes ont multiplié les maladresses. 7ème victoire de suite pour les Lakers! Bilan: 7-1.

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Lo MEJOR de ANTHONY DAVIS y LEBRON en la victoria ante MIAMI #LakeShow.

✅ Karl Malone - 1,134 ✅ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 1,122 ✅ LeBron James - 1,000 🏀 LeBron James becomes only the third player in NBA history to score 20+ points in 1,000 games. 👑 The King. #LakeShow #NBA.

Back home for a battle between two of the top four records in the NBA. #LakeShow ⏰: 7:30 PT 📺: @SpectrumSN in NBA TV nationally 📻: 710 ESPN & 1330 Tu Liga.

👑 30 PTS | 10 REB | 11 AST @KingJames legt sein drittes Triple Double in Folge auf. Die @Lakers verbessern ihre Bilanz auf 6-1! #LakeShow.

🌴 30 PTS, 11 AST, 10 REB #LakeShow pour @KingJames qui réalise son 3ème Triple-Double de rang. Les @Lakers enchainent avec une 6ème victoire! [6-1] #LakeShow.

@LakersLegacyPod Brons iq ’ve seen some of the best basketball players ever to play for my team in these past 30 years and it’s such a privilege. Feels good to be racking these Ws again too. #lakeshow.

This was a signature win lowkey down by 20 and coming back in the 4th with a 24-4 run you love to see it #LakeShow.

I’m stuck in meetings at work absolutely losing my mind that I haven’t been able to watch any of this are saying LAKESHOW BYKE ???.

Bulls thought it was sweet and then the bench mob erased that 13 point lead. Now u get Bron and AD to close it out. lmao #LakeShow.

LAkers killing it right now idk which game is the best game of the season right now probably the mavs still?? #LAkerGaNg #LAkeshow.

Alex Coruso !!!!! We Here!!! Go @Lakers 🔥🔥⛹🏿‍♂️⛹🏿‍♂️🏀🏀 #LakeShow #LakerNation.

Hey #LakeShow, this is becoming a habit. In every Lakers’ game Dwight Howard is Playing BIG!.

I am loving the fact the Lakers fought back & didn’t just fold!! This is why I say we winning it alll this year!!! Let’s go #LakeShow.

#LakeShow riding a 5-game streak into the Windy City. ⏰: 5 PT 📺: @SpectrumSN in NBA TV nationally 📻: 710 ESPN & 1330 Tu Liga.

PPG | RPG | BPG Leading the @Lakers to a 3-0 record in Week 2, @AntDavis23 was named Western Conference Player of the Week! #LakeShow.

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