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tfw you absolutely dominate literally every team AND win a heal-off to finish off the game to win #LETSGOLIQUID.



#LETSGOLIQUID Top Tweets On Twitter

All the best and thank you Liquid for the amazing fights and moments 🙌🏻 #LETSGOLIQUID.

Udah di klarifikasi coeg, padahal demen bat gw ama tim ini #LETSGOLIQUID.


You guys were more than just a team. You guys were brothers to each other. Forever #LETSGOLIQUID 💙.


galauku sebatas liquid 😭😭😭😭😭 menaangis hati ini~ #LETSGOLIQUID.

Semoga isu bulan november balik lagi 🙏 terima kasih atas beberapa juaranya @TeamLiquid 👊 #LETSGOLIQUID.

Will always remain as the greatest team ❤️😢 #LETSGOLIQUID.


juara TI 7 Team Liqud bubar, mungkin mau pindah regional kali yah plus roster baru #LETSGOLIQUID.

Terimakasih sudah memberikan yang terbaik di Ti9 kemarin. GGWP @TeamLiquid 😭 #LETSGOLIQUID.

Mungkin suatu saat akan comeback lagi tapi dengan tim & roster yg berbeda #LETSGOLIQUID assyyyiiap santuy..

#LETSGOLIQUID hope liquid can bring new roster who stronger than kuroky squad so the top tier is not about liquid and og ps : EG not strong enough to face them.

Tim legends, angkat topi untuk kalian semua, terima kasih untuk semua pemain. #respect #LETSGOLIQUID.

@LiquidGh_ @TeamLiquid Very excited for your journey ahead Gh. Have always admired the humility and the willpower you and the boys have shown all these years. And yeah, one final time. #LETSGOLIQUID.

Sebagai fans #DreamOG, turut sedih dengan bubarnya #LETSGOLIQUID. Gak ada lu gak rame cuk!!!!.

ku kira cuma 😔😔 #LETSGOLIQUID.


#LETSGOLIQUID Divisi Dota 2 dibubarin 😭😭😭 Itu pemain terbaik mau kmn? 😭😭.

Transferências: e com isso nos despedimos da nossa vitoriosa equipe de @DOTA2 com uma decisão surpreendente da line em querer formar sua própria equipe desejamos toda sorte do mundo a eles nessa nova jornada e obrigado pelo trabalho incrível que fizeram #LETSGOLIQUID.


It feel like its only been 2 years @TeamLiquid 😭😭😭 #LETSGOLIQUID what a news for dota community.

Your weekly entertainment 💙 #letsgoliquid Another week of games for me to miss out on tho 😕.

@wykrhm Idk if 2nd placed at the biggest Dota 2 Tournament is a bad thing that led to disband. Goodluck further all the boys @TeamLiquid #LETSGOLIQUID.

ku akan menyeruakan #LETSGOLIQUID sampe oramg rumah minta ku untuk shut the f up..

w33ha, the difference-maker who stepped up when it mattered most, Mind_Control, the constant who provided kindness, dedication, and skill in equal measure. And of course, Matu, the fan-favorite who made even the hardest grinds worth enduring. #LetsGoLiquid.

@wykrhm They need to come up with a team that has a catchy name to compensate for my need for #LETSGOLIQUID Gotta need an epic chant boiiis.

Oh noooooooes!!! #LetsGoLiquid Excited for Kuro’s new project though. Goodluck!.

This team will always be in my heart. GL Capt. kuro and boys 💙🐴 #LetsGoLiquid.

tfw you absolutely dominate literally every team AND win a heal-off to finish off the game to win #LETSGOLIQUID.

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