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Taking me back to childhood. #Ramayan and #Mahabharat on @DDNational with the entire family! This was our routine weekend plan. 😍 so glad it’s restarted, great way for kids to learn Indian Mythology.

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AshDubey_ ()

@upratap09 @_RKSumit This was stated even in those years in fact Mahabharat was made taking lessons from Ramayana serial of too slow, overly

Umesh Tiwari ()

@PrakashJavdekar Chankya by CP Dwivedi is also as per need of hour May consider. Congratulations for Ramayan and Mahabharat

भ्राता~भानु ()

@vyasshruti Yes congratulations It is a morally corrupt tale . You do know that mahabharat isnt a core sanatani book

Cdr Aanan 🇮🇳 ()

Ramayan & Mahabharat are one of most famous TV serials of Indian history. @DDNational telecasting it now Is with intention of people stay at home & also to help reducing lockdown stress. But, again we are secular, & can make agenda of anything!

Akash Jain 🇮🇳 ()

Currently, watching Ramayan, Byomkesh Bakshi and Mahabharat are more desirable than watching stock indices mad 😇

Abhishek Ojha भारत का रहने वाला हूँ। ()

भरतवंशीयो की परम्परा है, वे जनमभोगी नहीं कर्मयोगि होते हैं। - महाभारत The tradition of Bharatvanshi is to be a Karmayogi but not a Janambhogi. -Mahabharat @LostTemple7 @vivekagnihotri

Pankaj Bengani ()

Like Janbaz in Chandrakanta, that leftist era Doordarshan could have considered adding a Muslim character in Ramayana and Mahabharat. 100% secular ho jata.

Dr Arvind 🇮🇳 💯 %,follow back ()

No right or left wing, India is a civilizational Nation, Ramayan & Mahabharat are histories of those period written by Valmiki and Ved Vyas. It is for nurturing those cultural and heritage values.

Abhinav Agarwal 🇮🇳 ()

Watch! RAMAYAN > Daily 9AM & 9PM on DD national MAHABHARAT > Daily 12PM & 7PM on DD Bharti DDN / DDB no. Tata Sky -- 114 / 1194 Dish TV -- 193 / 197 D2H -- 149 / ? Airtel -- 148 / 151 DDN web DDB web

Amu 🌸🦋 ()

@ShaheerTrends I would love, if Hotstar uploads Kya mast hai life episodes. I also wish if colors could upload DEMSA episodes online. Hotstar already has Mahabharat & Navya. So I am good with these shows 😃 We can also find all the episodes of KRPKAB on YouTube. #ShaheerSheikh

Sarcasm__27 ()

No one. Literally no one. #Mahabharat le karn in mahabharat-

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Sarcasm__27 ()

When someone ask bhai quarantine kaise chl raha hai #Mahabharat #Ramayan me-

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News8Plus ()

With Ramayan, Mahabharat back on TV screens amid lockdown, here are shows we’d love to watch again

Vivek ()

@BSIV_02 @KiranKS Bro, I guess Tamil subtitles might be available on youtube or on internet. Is there any Tamil dub version of Ramayana & Mahabharat serials???? Its a shocker that even after 30 years these epic serials havent been translated to other Indian languages?

Bharat Pandya ()

@PrakashJavdekar Sir Thanks for telecasting Ramayan and Mahabharat. Sir I request you to think about Hamlog serial. Please telecast . It is a very good serial. Thanks

Bharatiya ()

@SwarajyaMag Ramayana &Mahabharat basd on Dharma Whn Dharma lost One bcm Adharma &whn Adharma lost One bcm Lootr,Robbr,Liar,Mudrer,Killr,Jihadi,Terorist,Scamstrs,Manipulatr,Conspiratr,Breakr of Fly &Country & BhaskarGhosh bcm one of these Daughtr&Husband folowd same path

Rose Mondy ()

I am watching both #Ramayana and #Mahabharat. I love to watch it. If you want you can do watch whatever thing you want & drink *anything* you want.

BN ()

See the courage of Muslims in India. They are opposing telecast of Ramayana & Mahabharat. I hope Modi ji will ignore and continue telecast of these 2 religious serials. He might stop it also to WIN MUSLIM TRUST. WAIT & WATCH HIS ACTIONS


@SheshaSifting @omarali50 That said I think Mahabharat’s narrative was clearly ahead of its times (irrespective of the sub-par production values). Some really bright and creative people coming together to make the show. I think you should watch it.


@SheshaSifting @omarali50 Neither. I just found the reference to Hindu heterodoxy rather comical when juxtaposed with a 90s TV serial. Was wondering how would I explain that to my grand mum if she were around (and a serious fan of Mahabharat) ;)

सुयश स्वरूप சுயஷ் ஸ்வரூப் 🏏🇮🇳🕉️卐🚩📽️ ()

@forever_rishu Ramayan was a hastily made project. Still so good according to the times. Mahabharat is proper show with everything perfect. I wish someone picks proper story and make a bahubali level epic.

Ertugrul ()

@BustFakeNews @Zeeus18 You cant take one context from Quran and other from geeta even if the meaning is same. Mahabharat is also likr if you are on line with pandava you will be spared otherwise killed. The geeta or the verse of quran translate the same in meaning and context.

Avinash 🇮🇳 Jai Shiv Shambhu🚩 ()

@Stuti8220 @SalmanNizami_ Almost everyone of them have problem with Ramayan & Mahabharat being telecasted. Ye toh issi mei hil gaye hai 😂 anyways Jai Shree Ram & Jai Shree Krishna Krupa kar logon ko sadh buddhi de or Bharat desh k sabhi wassion ko #COVIDー19 se bachaye

Kartikey ()

@Atheist_Krishna Bhai mahabharat dekho mukesh kahna wali tab pata chalegaa ki acting kya hoti h

Ertugrul ()

@BustFakeNews @Zeeus18 Thousands of shudra got killed in the name of manusmiriti, in the name of Jai shree ram. How can you deny the facts and lie? Atleast accept the truth that due to krishna suggestions in geeta mahabharat happened and thousand of people lost their lifes.

Chaitya Gandhi ()

My dad after watching the news that doordarshan will be casting SHAKTIMAN after Mahabharat:

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Sadaf Haider ()

@roh_tweets @omarali50 There was a fantastic International production of Mahabharat which is worth a watch Yudhishtra was played by this hot Italian actor so it got me hooked


@Happy_soul_02 Do You Hear His Last Statment? He Is True Patriot Gandhi Nation Divide Karke Aram Se Ja Baitha nd Bolta Raha Dange Mt Kro. Bt Godse Ne Khud Ki Aankho Se Dekha Tha Waha Se Trains Toh Aa Rahi Thi But Usme Insaan Nahi Sirf Laashe The Mahabharat Says -Revenge Is Purest Emotion

R A J A T ()

@DanishKaneria61 Ramayana aur Mahabharat dekha hai ye wala ??

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Kajal Aggarwal ()

Taking me back to childhood. #Ramayan and #Mahabharat on @DDNational with the entire family! This was our routine weekend plan. 😍 so glad it’s restarted, great way for kids to learn Indian Mythology.

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