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Mahabharata Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018, 08:05 AM IST

Mahabharata Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Skype during Mahabharata.

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  • In Mahabharata, Tripura Chief Minister finds proof of internet, satellite communication Read here:.

  • Internet in Mahabharata period ? Everyday a joke by #BJP.

  • Tripura CM Said, “Internet Existed During Mahabharata Too”. READ HERE=>.

    Mahabharata Photo
  • ⒈ #SaintMSG_Initiative91 ⒉ #ThursdayThoughts ⒊ #RRvKKR ⒋ #PMInLondon ⒌ #WorldHeritageDay ⒍ Mahabharata ⒎ Law Commission ⒏ Prasoon Joshi ⒐ British PM ⒑ भगवान परशुराम 2018/4/19 07:37 IST #trndnl.

  • त्रिपुरा के सीएम का अजीबोगरीब बयान, कहा- महाभारत काल से भारत में सैटेलाइट और इंटरनेट #mahabharata #tripura @BJP4Tripura @BjpBiplab.

  • VIDEO : ब्रेकफास्ट न्यूज : महाभारत काळापासून भारतात इंटरनेट, त्रिपुराचे मुख्यमंत्री विप्लव देव यांचं विधान.

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  • Jhal Muri was not available during the Mahabharata because potato, tomato and chilli had not come to India yet. Tough for Bengali warriors..

  • veruje se da je na današnji dan počelo recitovanje epa Mahābhārata, a i reka Gáṅgā je sišla na Zemlju 🤓 i.

  • May be a Brain Surgery with Mahabharata era tools? #BuffoonsOfBJP.

  • Effective Online #Marketing Guidelines For Small #Business #Owners- #WorldHeritageDay #Mahabharata #Nokiamobile #AkshayaTritiya #SEO #Google #Promotion.

  • Tripura CM Said, “Internet Existed During Mahabharata Too”. READ HERE=>.

    Mahabharata Photo
  • Sadly dumbfucks like him didn’t exist during Mahabharata era!.

  • Sanjay must have used OUTERNET to narrate Kurukshetra war to Dhritarashtra #BiplabKumarDeb #Internet #Mahabharata.

  • Proof of Existence of Internet 💻 & Satellites 📡 during Mahabharata. (Biplab Deb) - CM Tripura Fwd.

    Mahabharata Photo
  • @DalrympleWill @scroll_in If Christ can have immaculated conception,resurrection and ascension to Heaven. Mohammad can have Heavenly journey in one night on winged horse Buraq,what is the problem having internet at mahabharata time??.

  • @sanjayuvacha 🈴Ye👆Shellya Vruthi Sanjay Hegde ko toda batayi ye, Internet existed during Mahabharata time 🈳Hare Pessimist internet nahi hoga, Lekin Lekhak k durdrushti ko toh appreciate karo 🈴Gandhari had 101 Sons, that means IVF, Surrogacy.

    Mahabharata Photo
  • Governor Tathagata Roy backs Biplab’s Mahabharata remark.

  • @sadhavi Issue here is about ridiculous claim by @BJP4India that internet was available during Mahabharata some one said during Mohammed or Jesus same would have been talked about.

  • Can Biplab confirm if Bitcoins existed in the days of Mahabharata?.

  • Half the perception issues with BJP will go away the moment they stop using Ramayana and Mahabharata in the current context.

  • @IndianExpress He was at that time and he won Mahabharata war Such fools.

  • @ashvalayana @Bengaloorurani Sir, Hindus have used multiple weapons including Atomic. In fact check on YT or history channel the inspiration of creation the first Atomic bomb was a reference to such powerful weapon in Mahabharata !.

  • Internet and satellite existed since Mahabharata era, claims Tripura CM Biplab Deb via @TOICitiesNews.

  • @TheBullBull No one can comment on this Sir., BJP was also there during Mahabharata.

  • Internet, Satellite Existence Not New in India, Were Present During Mahabharata Era: Tripura CM Biplab Deb : Via JioXpressNews :.

  • The battle of Kurukshetra proved the existence of not just the internet, but also satellite technology in ancient India." In Mahabharata, #Tripura CM finds proof of Internet. #BiplabKumarDeb gave points to prove it. Read more to know what he had said..

  • Only Baba can figure out how internet worked during Mahabharata age!.

  • @JhaRahul_Bihar Mahabharata & Vedas still influence modern weaponry & science :) Concept of Astra-Missile & Dhanush-Launchers emerged from there Main stream scientists will hate,so will pseudo-intellectuals, but Einstein said:Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

  • Mahabharata is one our greatest epic but still do you think that those netas who live in past more than present are like a #Kalank on governance.

  • India had internet and satellites during Mahabharata, claims Tripura CM Biplab Deb.

  • dear @AudreyTruschke just checked ur tweets on #InternetMahabharata #Mahabharata considering ur good sense of humor I hv a sgstn for u plz never try #InternetQuran or u would be CHARLIE HEBDOed ; its offensive making fun of hinduism bt anyway its in FASHION nw a days ENJOY!!!.

  • Can you please provide me your Vedic internet service? I am eagerly I think it will be quite economical and I will get gomutra free every month. Ye! 🙋 Mahabharata.

  • Society will be better served if this CM could help inculcate the spirit of reasoning, maths, philosophy, literature or science in younger generation rather than propagating falsehoods about aviation, maths, literature and science..

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