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Williams, McTominay, James, Fred, Pereira and Bailly have already warmed up. Performance has suggested #mufc could do with freshening up sooner rather than later. Doubtful they will be in a position to rest players tonight.

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昨日の試合はポジ要素しか語らんわ! ウィリアムスにどつかれ、一人少ない中の結果ってのが全てだと思う。 リンデロフもあそこにボールきたらファウル覚悟じゃねえと止められないし、昨日の試合は何回も助けられた。

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Mctominay and Fred were so good before the break. Now they can’t get starts and are back to before. I feel bad for them.

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@utdleo_ Yeah, and we can play a pivot of Fred and Mctominay in the FA cup 2 big game specialists for counter attack, hungry to impress, already been class vs Chelsea before

Eric Mack
Eric Mack ()

@hesham786 I think a big mistake was taking both Pogba and Bruno off the pitch. One has to stay on. Mctominay wasn’t needed with Fred and Matic, invited too much pressure

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United goal of the season thus far? McTominay’s City goal and Brandon Williams’ volley come to mind immediately for me.

Mario ()

@T7Koren @DrawtyDevil Yeah I agree McTominay should’ve gone in sooner rather than Fred, with this squad it’s rly tough to say what exactly would have worked out better but hopefully the board sees we desperately need reinforcements

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O United precisa ter mais opções ofensivas no banco. O jogo de hoje cobrou isso. Bruno saiu e não tem substituto com as características parecidas. Caso precise de mais um meia ofensivo no time titular, não tem. Mata tem jogado pela direita, Fred, McTominay e Andreas são volantes.

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@uapersonal Will be interested to see if he plays in big games and the same applies to Pogba/Matic as a duo. Because the intensity provided by James, Fred and Mctominay was crucial to our success previously.

Daved73 ()

@CantonaCollars Gutted about the result, but yet we are still unbeaten in 17. Southampton aren’t no pushovers, they harass and chase everything, so you need to be on top of your game, which we wasn’t we looked lethargic at times, could of done with fresh legs today, McTominay for Matic maybe.

Marc Loboda
Marc Loboda ()

Does everyone still think Scott McTominay is good enough to be a starter for United in the future then?

Shoaib ()

A day will come when people realise that McTominay cannot play DM

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De Gea 6/10 Wan-Bissaka 5/10 Maguire 5/10 Lindelof 6/10 Shaw 5/10 Matic 7/10 Pogba 3/10 Grenwood 5/10 Fernandes 5/10 Rashford 5/10 Martial 8/10 Subs: Fred 6/10 Williams 6/10 McTominay 5/10 James 5/10

Sebut Saja Kedelai Malika
Sebut Saja Kedelai Malika ()

@ManUtd_ID @chevrolet Keliatan banget sih pogba-bruno udh kecapekan dari awal mengingat mereka selalu menjadi starting line up terus. Next lini tengah coba Trio M ( Matic - McTominay - Mata )

Lew.⚡️ ()

@LovUtd James come on, couldn’t release it to him. Still waiting to see what McTominay Williams🤷🏽‍♂️

HoD 7.0
HoD 7.0 ()

@hayu199 Subs, I think taking both Pogba and Bruno off was criminal (one should’ve stayed on) but James on was the right idea. McTominay? Terrible

Ivra Guillen
Ivra Guillen ()

@ADNFerguson No tengo nada en contra de tu tocayo mucho menos contra Mctominay, es más Scott es mi jugador favorito. Pero cuando me refiero a pronfuidad es que no hay nadie que pueda suplir a lo que genera Bruno, nadie ni Mata mucho menos

ĒŻIØ🐞 ()

@markgoldbridge Bruno & Pogba have really highlighted how mid McTominay & Fred are,

عباس قلی
عباس قلی ()

These 2 pictures show how we wasted £12M on defence Maguire trying to shag AWB rather jumping for the ball look McTominay & Rashford if Pogba and Greenwood and Bruno had not been taken off we would not have conceded #Ole is a clueless #MUNSOU

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TrueRed ()

My player ratings De gea: 7 Wan bissaka: 6 Lindelof: Maguire: 5 Shaw: 8 Matic: Pogba: 6 Bruno: 6 Greenwood: 6 Martial: 8 Rashford: Williams: 7 Fred: 6 Mctominay: N/A James: N/A

LaPioche🔗🔗 ()

@rickthereduk Matic not good enough today. McTominay however doesn’t have enough ability. We need an athletic mobile CDM with Matic’s ability. Partey would have been

Abhin ()

@markgoldbridge A midfield double of Pogba and Bruno does not work against a high pressing side cause both tend to give the ball away a bit. Either Fred or McTominay in these scenarios.

#oleout ()

@Amonmrk That’s what I’m saying. People are forgetting there’s Europa league next month. That’s shaw Williams gone probably so dalot left back? I think he’ll go the same but bring in Mctominay for matic. The squad so thin

Yudish ()

@markgoldbridge Decent but why take him off? He still is Pogba and has experience. He won a bloody world cup and in tough games, you need his presence ..even on set pieces. Mctom and Fred were both crap. Mctominay has a 5 year contract with United. FOR WHAT? He is a championship player

✊Charlie✊ ()

@iLoveeeThisGame And yes Fred had a shocker! preferred McTominay was on instead of him with the first change, it all went downhill when he came on

Toni ()

@HemmenKees @DomC0801 Needed to park the bus. Pogba looked rusty against the pressure and now he has sixty more minutes in his legs, woulda been better with McTominay or Fred on from the start, defend and counter, and then bring Pogba on for some control later

Cam ()

@markgoldbridge Its funny how we thought mctominay and fred were incredible now bruno and pogba shows how mediocre they really are

Jonjo Shelvey’s Scalp
Jonjo Shelvey’s Scalp ()

This is why DM is the second most important position after RW, Matic is still good but he’s old and has physically declined so we can’t expect him to play so often and Mctominay is just too shit at football to be the other option at DM

Demi👑 ()

Southampton taking Man Utd to their initial position Pogba • Maguire • McTominay • Fernandes • Lindelof #MUNSOU

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Dominic Booth
Dominic Booth ()

Taking off Bruno Fernandes was a big Solskjaer error. Made the team sit too deep and they lost any attacking impetus. McTominay should have replaced Matic, who was tiring badly. #mufc

Samuel Luckhurst
Samuel Luckhurst ()

Williams, McTominay, James, Fred, Pereira and Bailly have already warmed up. Performance has suggested #mufc could do with freshening up sooner rather than later. Doubtful they will be in a position to rest players tonight.

☚ #CSCDiwas #bhujalweek ☛
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