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Plmdds não mandem mensagem dizendo depois eu queria te perguntar uma coisa, perguntem logo e evitem a taquicardia de uma pessoa ansiosa

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ジョビたろー ()

@hirose_mika おはようございます💞 ありがとうございます🙇🙇🙇 みかさんも、明るく前向きな週末をお迎えください🍀😌🍀

Noko(ノコ) ()

@Jeongyeon_mika ミカちゃん、楽しみだね🥰 私今回落選したけどみんなの報告が楽しみでウキウキワクワクだよ😍😍 頑張ってねー💚

美佳_mika ଘ♡ଓ☺︎
美佳_mika ଘ♡ଓ☺︎ ()

@maki_maki223 26.本 まだ明らかになっていない秘密がありそうです。 心に秘めた感情、不安が隠されています もしそれらが明らかになった時には、冷静さが解決のカギとなりそうです。

美佳_mika ଘ♡ଓ☺︎
美佳_mika ଘ♡ଓ☺︎ ()

@mie1977mie 37.時計 「時」への意識が大切です。 目の前の問題が、短時間で大勝するべきか、じっくり取り組むべきかを見据えてください。 人生は一瞬一瞬の連続です。 それぞれの瞬間を味わい切って、あなたの人生を豊かにする選択をしていきましょう。

Jae ()

@sooyyoungs goodnight sleep well i hope you will dream of mika singing ice cream 😌😌

carolzinha 🅴
Carolzinha 🅴 ()

@justirce eu amo essa série, modinha é todo mundo criticar e falar q é ruim mika, vai por mim e assiste.

優 @ヘタレ女装娘
優 @ヘタレ女装娘 ()

@mika_sayama_ 美花さん、おはよ〜ございます♪ さ、今日もゆるりとガンバりましょp(^_^)q💕❤️

♥ M i k a ♥
♥ M i k a ♥ ()

@ruilvrs Ohh okeee Cool!!💕💕 My name is Mika! It’s very nice to meet you!💕 I hope we can be friends!💕🥺

Lir-Samas Ψ⊬🎗️
Lir-Samas Ψ⊬🎗️ ()

@MikaCookies Mika te quiero, sin ti no me habría sentido tan atraído hacia una de mis sagas favoritas y de la cual me veo rodeado en mi día a día. Todavía recuerdo como en el primer directo benéfico pude conocerte a ti y a Tilo y este último darme un Pokémon especial y todo xd Os amo.

愛❤美嘉🌙 ()

@kuku2hsokane おめでとうございます(*^^*) これから、育児頑張ってください! 私もママしてますが、大変だけど子どもの笑顔は癒されます♥

Sara🌈 ()

Secondo me Mika nemmenos i rende del tutto conto di wuanto abbia cambiato le nostre vite in meglio

Bruno Grandis
Bruno Grandis ()

@______jeff @hey_mika B99 é não só uma baita sitcom, mas também um poço de sabedoria.

Mina ()

@c_art_y @jealyuus I will never understand this. Mika is one of the most selfless characters he sacrificed everything for his family. He’s a traumatized kid trying to keep his loved ones alive. His protectiveness over them does not equal possessiveness, please learn the difference

natt | 🚪
Natt | 🚪 ()

@hey_mika a bi que tenta afirmar o tempo inteiro que é hetero pra tentar se convencer de que é e não ter que sair do armá conheço BEM essa história.

Mika ()

@Nellk_2_0 Не. Он ещё не скоро будет. В августе-сентябре их завозят в москву нормальные

Mikannn ()

Plmdds não mandem mensagem dizendo depois eu queria te perguntar uma coisa, perguntem logo e evitem a taquicardia de uma pessoa ansiosa

すから ()

@mika_ma2 落ち着いてたのに天気悪くなり始めた時からまた目眩がきちゃって💦 でも爆睡してたら落ち着きました👍 ありがとうございます! 程々にしますよ💪🏼

ともちん@ときどき女装 ()

@mika_ayukawa みかさん♪でしょでしょ!そうですよねー💕そう思って音ありで投稿してみましたー。 コツコツコツ👠✨『あー女装してるなぁ私♡』て気分になるんです🥰

Tiffany | ミカ
Tiffany | ミカ ()

how yuu’s life was already more important than his own, even at this young age. after they reunited, Mika ONLY wanted to protect Yuu, even if it meant that Yuu would hate him, as when he tried to kill Guren. he only lived for this; and that’s the exact reason why he gave his +

Tiffany | ミカ
Tiffany | ミカ ()

people Mika has loved are his family, yet they all died « because of him ». he’s only got Yuu left. and we know for sure that in sanguinem Mika really did care and love him. he was the one who was giving his blood and when Yuu said it’ll be his turn next, Mika just dodged it +

Tiffany | ミカ
Tiffany | ミカ ()

yet he was only around vampires that had lost theirs. must be hard to develop attachment for someone who can’t care about you; we saw it when Lacus said that they didn’t care if Mika lived or died. and Lacus can’t be blamed for that, that’s how vampires feel. so the only +

Mika Photo,Mika Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Tiffany | ミカ
Tiffany | ミカ ()

As a vampire, Mika can’t grow attached to new people anymore, he can’t have this kind of emotions. we don’t even really know how he feels towards Krul, even though she raised him for four years. he wasnt a complete vampire at this time so he hadn’t started to loose his humanity,+

Tiffany | ミカ
Tiffany | ミカ ()

I’ve often thought about what were exactly Mika’s feelings for Yuu. we talk about « love », about him « being in love » with Yuu, but I feel like this words are poor compared to Mika’s

˙˚ʚ faye ɞ˚˙
˙˚ʚ faye ɞ˚˙ ()

@y2shiyuki @KujhoeJolyne we need to get mika on that julian casablacas agenda 💯💯💯💯⚔️🥀🚬🚬🚬🚬

かっくん ()

@magical_parade MIKAさん誕生日おめでとうございます! 月末はよろしくお願いします! \\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶////

Mikateko ()

OMG yessss!! Thank you Dennis!😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

ブラック研究室”徹夜団”三日月bot ()


✎𝑀𝑖𝑘𝑎𝑒𝑙𝑦|ˢᵒᵛᵉˡᵃˢ ()

Gente pelo amor de Deus conta o babado logo, pq a Mika ely é fudid4 quebrou o celular e a pessoa q ela usa vai sair pra trabaaiaaaa

Mikannn ()

Acho que não é nem esse o problema, não muda o efeito! Mas tenho estudos dizendo que a comorbidade chatão de Twitter que fiscaliza a felicidade alheia reduz a efetividade mesmo, então é bom tomar cuidado

Mikannn ()

quando falamos que direitos podem ser tirados num piscar de olhos, e por isso precisamos proteger com unhas e dentes, é disso que falamos

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