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ハイキュー!! × ALLSTAR SPECIAL MATCH “THE VOLLEYBALL” のキービジュアル大好きなんですが、結構ミカサのボールを描いて頂いたのだなあ、と思ったところで、え、もしかして古舘先生がMIKASAって書いてくださったりボールを描いてくださったりしたんだよね、もしかしてと今更ながら思いました.



I don’t get why people get so mad when a character is compared as similar to Mikasa as if she isn’t the fmc of one of the most popular animes & what other female character has been given such an important role in a shonen killing the mc it’s literally a compliment but ok😭.

Sinopse Oficial: Itadori Jaeger agora está no pós vida, e com a ajuda de Fernanda Nakamura (??????) Ele vai tentar voltar a vida e comer na porrada o atual marido da Mikasa Confira, Mononogatari! (Que nome horrível, vai tomar no cu).

Recuerdo que unos tipos tenían la teoría de que todos los amigos de Eren se transformarían en Titanes, (le atinaron a medias) y que Eren mataría a Mikasa titán y que al final se dejaría devorar por Historia que sería la salvadora del mundo como un ángel. Todo por esta imagen. XD.

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いっぱい作った☺️ ピアスにしようかな〜 イヤリングの方がいいかな〜 欲しい方いれば送りつけます😌😌 住所知ってる人のみになるけど….

Mikasa Photo,Mikasa Photo by みかさ,みかさ on twitter tweets Mikasa Photo

Mikasa has her own life. Does he even want anyone caring for him anymore? Levi swipes angrily at his cheeks and tries to get rid of the evidence of his heartbreak..

@farfromsleep It starts when I was 12, I happened to see Marilyn Manson on TV and then NIN-> slipknot->korn and so on. but I stopped listening to it for a while. But few years ago ‘Mikasa’ by veil of maya captured my mind and I fell in love with metal/death core🥰.

@LadyBelleelmore Yes, I added this point to my post I think how trauma and depression is often depicted in fiction really creates an expectation in readers’/viewers’ heads, and it took me a while to understand Mikasa’s character as well.

@yuta1425 なら、私が引き継ぐ‼️ ユウタさん後は任せなさい( *¯ ꒳¯*).

which made me realize how realistic Mikasa’s character is after a while, and how much we expect same kind of development and recovery from every character.

to be honest I used to be a person who didn’t enjoy Mikasa’s character so much because I too wanted to see her grow out of her trauma completely throughout the story and while talking about it my sister said “not everyone goes through trauma and recovers the same way”+.

My brother might really name his yet to be born child Mikasa after Mikasa Ackerman.😭❤️ YES BESTIE.

@TOGO_MIKASA 貴方は邪神の姿を見てしまいました、貴方の正気度を減少させてください。 貴方の正気度が例えば50で1から100でダイスを振り、 少なければ、1から10 大きければ…1から100の破滅を歩んでください (絶望者の瞳).

@Mikasa_M3mes Asere eso fue aquí en mi provincia, así no se juega, el fue marido de mi tía y era tremenda persona, se llamaba yonder( no es broma, es enserio).

@iaether_ Naaaao tem como ficar feliz com esse anime, é tão triste, mas pelo menos o Eren e a Mikasa são a salvação.

@hakuryuu1030 @Mikasa_Puppy よしおさんの運行ルートは把握しております👍 対向車ガン見してたら気付く(笑).

aot char you hate? Or least fav? — Don’t really hate anyone but least fav is Armin or Mikasa in the time skip…they both could have been better 🫠.

@MXKXSX_ACKERMAN Tus ojos se ven tristes y tus cejas están dobladas hacia *Sujetando tu barbilla para verte tu rostro* Segura que estás bien Mikasa querida?.

비참함 역시 내가뚱뚱하니싫을만함.........,..다이어트해도 사람한테받은내상처나 좌절감은 평생잊히지않을듯함ㅎㅎ엄마말이맞음 내몸으론 사람취급도못받는다고.

@saintitchief character flaws ? or who they are as human beings? character flaws concerns their writing quality. Mikasa is poorly written/is a terrible person, while Guts is a bad human being but written incredibly.

🐱 OPEN ADOPT KUCING (FREE) 🐱 Nama : Mikasa Lokasi : Jogja Kontak : 085712010571 Ciri : - betina - corak kucing tabby - umur 5bulan - pup & pee di litterbox - aktif, tidak pernah dikandang - sehat tanpa jamur dan kutu - belum vaksin & steril - gampang akrab & ramah ke manusia.

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人が人のために死ぬのが当然だと思ってるなら… きっと理解してもらえるだろう あなたという一人の尊い命が多くの命を救うことがあることも.

아직 원고와 싸우는 걸 주저하는 거 아냐? 설마 이 마당에도 원고가 마감인 건 착각일지도 모른다고 생각하는 거야? 너희 원고를 고생시킨 건 저 마감이잖아? 아니면 다른 특별한 원고가 방해하는거야…?.

호타로 이 금쪽아!!!!! 아 근데 진짜 필요 이상으로 에너지 소비 안 하고 포기하는 게 조낸 웃기다....어쩌면 강제로 포기하게 된 걸 수도 잇지만...

New in box Mikasa Parchment Sugar Bowl with lid L3438 #eBay🇺🇸.

「꿈이 아니야. 기행종이든 뭐든 상관없어. 저 거인이 여기서 보다 오래 난동을 부리게 하는 것… 그게, 현실적으로 우리가 살아남기 위한 최선책이야.」.

@Mikasa_PR Las redes no le hicieron NADA es un video que el mismo muchachito envío a sus amistades masturbardose analmente.

가끔 죽음이 끼여들어 소중한 이를 데려간다 한들 어때? 슬픔이 승리하여 희망을 짓누르는 것 같으면 또 어때? 그래도 희망은 쓰러져도 꺾이지 않고 다시 탄력 있게 일어서잖아. 그 금빛 날개는 여전히 활기차게, 힘있게 우리를 잘 버텨주잖아..

난…엘런만 원고하라는 게 아니야. 그때는 나도 같이 할거야…. 그러니까…그런 건 걱정하지 않아도 돼..

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