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“i was just so immersed on the moment and gave my all” minghao :( thank you so so so much love you :(.

it’s just the way I won’t stfu about this!!! jungkook, minghao and wonwoo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

Minghao Photo,Minghao Photo by BTS MONTH💜,BTS MONTH💜 on twitter tweets Minghao Photo

Minghao tuh klu ngomong passionatenya dapet, walau ga ngerti i can feel his sincerity through every words he say.

@lovely_minghao_ 오ㅓ아아아ㅏㄱ 깜짝이야ㅑ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

IT’S minghao taking a video of sk crying and svt hugging him FOR ME.

wtb lfs seventeen pc ph minghao face the sun carat ver pcs - not in a rush, can do dop sana - must be in mint condi - reply / dm your offers - 120 max budget for each - onhand po sana 🏷 wtb lfs seventeen pc ph the8 minghao face the sun carat ver.

Minghao Photo,Minghao Photo by elle|IA🧸🎸🖤,elle|IA🧸🎸🖤 on twitter tweets Minghao Photo

boo: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 minghao: 😀🤳🏻🤳🏻🤳🏻🤳🏻🤳🏻🤳🏻.

sou mt grata ao minghao por chamar o wonwoo pra tirar foto mesmo que ele não seja da 97 line senhorrr.

okay minghao come clean which of my texts have u read and who sent them to u (my bets are on @klavvrites ).

@vcutloves simm o nome real é minghao, e the8 é artístico, ele é um dos chineses do grupo tb, ele dança super bem tb.


Minghao Photo,Minghao Photo by 이것은 단지 김석진 •ᴗ• ୧⍤⃝🐹,이것은 단지 김석진 •ᴗ• ୧⍤⃝🐹 on twitter tweets Minghao Photo

social butterfly xu minghao is back with jungkook, china line buddies, actors, etc. 🥹🥹🥹 @pledis_17.

Minghao Photo,Minghao Photo by sasa 사사 𖧷 minghao_o // SVT BE THE SUN ☀️,sasa 사사 𖧷 minghao_o // SVT BE THE SUN ☀️ on twitter tweets Minghao Photo

minghao the type of friend to record you first if you fall then he’ll help after he gets the footage.

mom playing baby in the car , i remember that minghao edit 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

Minghao Photo,Minghao Photo by RETRO PUSSY 🕺,RETRO PUSSY 🕺 on twitter tweets Minghao Photo

@kooknowles amiga falando só tinha um post no insta dele há uns anos atrás mas ele arquivou kkkkkk mas sempre que tinha eles juntos o minghao sempre tá do lado dele, sempre abraçando e conversando e o hao eh muito introvertido :( então aquece muito meu coração essa amizade..

@alwaysness__ Ohhhh je pensais pas que c’était tôt, mdrrr oui mtn j’me dit que sur la majorité des groupes ils ont quoi 3/4 membre en plus 😭 ouais je l’es connais tous et comme fav j’ai minghao ult jun jeonghan Hoshi joshua et maybe mingyu purée je dose pas la mdrrr et toi ?.

Lalong grabi ang kilig ko dahil mukhang magisa lang talaga si jk nanuod. Huhu ibang level ng pagsupport. He even posted the con sa stories nya, then buong svt ang kasama sa photo (ty minghao 🥰), not just the 97z. Aaaah! Super happy and kilig!!! Huhu.

minghao don’t be shy please drop the full group picture ❤️ (asking for a friend).

Minghao Photo,Minghao Photo by cynthia⁷,cynthia⁷ on twitter tweets Minghao Photo

EL VERDADERO QUIEN PUDIERA JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA minghao quien te viera con esas mañassss.

jungkook minghao and wonwoo in one selca im actually gonna pass out LOL.

minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao minghao.

@softyrenjun so either he took the selca off the official tweet or minghao sent it to them all.


Minghao Photo,Minghao Photo by oliver,oliver on twitter tweets Minghao Photo

@hoonkive thank u. that makes me so happy u thought of me (bitch i better be the only person on ur mind when u saw those photos who else do u know that likes minghao jay and jungkook i need to have a talk w them.).


circlenya fotbar, mana bisa ngerasain jadi reog pas minghao upload foto bareng haha sekarang beneran ada alasan knp aku harus hidup, bismillah siap kalau memang momen hrs ada 5 thn lagi, jadi aku ada alasan untuk hidup 5 thn kedepan..

@hoonkive well i would say. then jungkook and minghao would post together but Oh wait. THAT ALREADY HAPPENED😏.

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