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The fact that Mitch McConnell approves of the gun reform bill makes me extra leery of the gun reform bill..

Every time I criticize Biden some Trumper responds “You voted for him, it’s on you.” Wrong. 1. I didn’t vote for him. I wrote-in Mitch Daniels. 2. Even if I had voted for Biden, it’d still be wrong. 3. If that were true, every Trump voter voted to steal the election..

Mo Brooks
Mo Brooks

Thanks to @glennbeck for having me on. Our country is in real trouble and we need fearless fighters in the Senate, not pretenders being propped up by Mitch McConnell and the Swamp..

Hoje é dia dos hits mais apimentados da Pepper com Djs Bruno Italo e Ágata Mitch. A festa começa às 23h. Antecipados: 👽.

Mitch Photo,Mitch Photo by Asteroid ⭐️,Asteroid ⭐️ on twitter tweets Mitch Photo

@AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck who has bigger hands though? Mitch or Pickett? #trubiskytruthers.

@DarkPLUNKI3 @baptisttexan Working Class Hero and Mitch standing back and standing by.

so funny how the same people who fought tooth and nail for months arguing that the Democratic Party absolutely had to nominate a Dem for senate are now proudly carrying the banner of a literally Republican who would hand Mitch McConnell the Senate majority!!!!.

@BenStandig I think @Mitch_Tischler makes this picture but yeah I guess having Sapp there is cool..

@finexmind97 No sonriendo, si Mitch es un mood parece que nunca quiere estar donde está hshshshshsh MITCH TE REZO.

10/ 1990s Democrats have lost every major battle to Mitch McConnell. We cannot keep trying the same thing over and over again and expect different results..

@MuellerSheWrote So who would be in a position to pressure the Capital Police about semantics in statements? McCarthy or Moscow Mitch??.

@HickmanJkaem13 @SenJohnKennedy New Publication Encourages Shareholders to Vote the Most Egregious Offenders off Corporate Boards. ACTIONABLE PDF-> TARGET MITCH DONORS AND TAKE OVER THE SPOT !! Article:.

@WWE @JohnCena I think Vince is the goat😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵.

The atrocities committed in Mitch’s Grindr exchanges are one of my favourite things on Twitter 😂💀.

@kyleburndley My assumption for keeping Mitch past the deadline was that they had something planned to get a deal done..

@SER1897 I don’t understand how if the state party has given up, we can be expected to donate to them. When National Dems just yell at us for continuing to “vote for Mitch” and pour money into candidates we don’t like AND KNOW WONT WIN.

@RexChapman Mitch has never done the right thing about anything since the 80s when he started in politics..

@mitch_tubuyaku おはよ☂︎*̣̩⋆̩* こちらあめ〜 昨日の私は寝てました😱 毎週同じ曜日だったら怪しまれるけど、来週は木曜日🌳 まだ行けるかな?😂.

電話って結構大事で、なかなか予定が合わず会えない時のメンテナンスにもなる。 逆に、数分の電話も断られるようならその先に進展はないので損切り推奨。.

@dabearsblog agreed we heard that abt mitch every single week and nothing to show for it.

How Mitch Mconnell the “Turkey 🦃 gobbler turncoat Got RICH off the Chinese 🇨🇳.”.

@RepMTG How about writing a bill banning Mitch McConnell from using an (R) after his name..


Senator Mitch McConnell Gives SIGNAL To Democrats: Gun control begins via @YouTube.

@CrownClubCLT @NickWilsonSays Dude must haven’t been to a game since the rebrand. Hell the energy in spectrum center since Mitch took over has increased 1000%.

@01ai011 おはよう🌞 私がSNS利用してるって 知らないから大丈夫だよ😆 あら珍しいってすんなりOK出たw 今日も頑張っていこう🔥.

Thursday KFCF Upfront, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, 7 am; Letters & Politics, Mitch Jeserich; The Visionary Activist, 2 pm, Caroline Casey, myth & ancient stories; Bioneers, 3:30 pm, scientific innovators; Reveal, 4 pm - truly must hear radio. Live stream at KFCF website..

Mitch Photo,Mitch Photo by KFCF Radio - listener supported for 47 years.,KFCF Radio - listener supported for 47 years. on twitter tweets Mitch Photo

@Rhino_hara @SirJoshDishman There should be a segment on the the dish podcast for worse takes/opinions of the week #Ratio.

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republicans for all the Americans to be safe it’s for yawls ass to get out. Y’all are weak and pathetic useless worthless I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you a little sorry ass bitch.

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@willbardwell Research before you speak otherwise it kind of makes you look ignorant and oblivious.

Resumo do dia. Louis com a camisa aberta🥵 Trailer de MP Harry gatissimo 🛐 Mitch sorrindo, SORRINDO 🥹 Ou seja, hoje foi um ótimo dia.

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