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#ModiInsulted | Narendra Modi is the most attacked Prime Minister: Dr Sudhanshu Trivedi- National Spokesperson, BJP Do you agree? Share your views using the hashtag and join the Debate-.

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कौन कहता है कि खुसबू सिर्फ गुलाब के फूल मे होती है जालिम! कमल का बटन दबा के देखो पुरा हिन्दुस्तान महकेगा ! #ModiInsulted #ModiOnceMore.

Those felt insulted made to stand in queues during demonetization, they should advise had not they stood in queue earlier for ration, depositing bils which are discontinued with online bookings? Congress had stood people in queues since 1947 in their 55 years rule. #modiinsulted.

Modi is the insult. He is the insult to nation, he is the insult to constitution, he is the insult to common sense. He is the insult to every noble thing India stood for. #ModiInsulted.

Thank you #Arnab for showing my tweet on @republic during debate #ModiInsulted.

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Insulting peoples #CBN and his chamchas are Virus to the Looting the state in every possible These traitors @ncbn @naralokesh should be sent to prison after 2019 elections for all their #ModiInsulted.

#ModiInsulted Photo

#ModiInsulted @KDanishAli This is the tweet ID of this ba$tard. @KDanishAli Kindly give him what he deserve. PIMP MC.

Jab @ArvindKejriwal aur iski @AAPDelhi ke AAPtards kisi ki insult karein toh samajh jao wo bandaa imaandaar aur sahi hai aur inki bhrashtachaar ki daal nahi galne de raha #ModiInsulted.

Those who live by swords die by swords Wats there to complain about #ModiInsulted When he has #insulted everybody who r besides him or his opposition.

The vilifying of Women, Proved Modi Works of his own benefit rather than Nation interest. BHAI jis k Hath may Katli Hus k Hath may Dash Kis nay di. #ModiInsulted.

#ModiInsulted by @RahulGandhi ‘चौकीदार चोर है’ का नारा देकर राहुल गांधी ने मोदी की इन्सल्ट की है। जिस इंसान ने अपने उद्योगपति मित्र AA को फ़ायदा पहुचाने के लिए सरकारी ख़ज़ाने मे 30 हज़ार करोड़ का डाका डाला हो उसे चोर कहना ग़लत है। डकैतों के सरगना को चोर बोलना उसकी इन्सल्ट है।.

@ARanganathan72 And I m watching your Republic debate at Prime time with Arnab #ModiInsulted - and you trolled faud Ali - for him Nation is China - 😂🤣 but he would have been happy if u said - nation is Saudi. ...

The insult of #modi is the insult of every ordinary Indiancitizen who aspires, works hard, thinks big & gives his 100 percent for a dream they believe in! #ModiInsulted.

#ModiInsulted the reason is he has insulted all the politicians & institution heads ! People now understand that modi +amit shah is one party and bjp is different with ideals ! Where is ram mandir ? Bahut whoa saman bhaiya ! Ab to bus gali hi bacchi he #PriyankaUPRoadshow.

#ModiInsulted The most absurd picture of today was two 50 yr old adolescents perched on top of a bus with a kite shaped like #Rafale in their hands!And the darbari media & libs going hysterical with excitement! Hilarious!.

@BJP4Andhra in front of camera, Modi feeds poor. Otherwise, he feeds rich. #ModiInsulted Indians..

#ModiInsulted Cong Started 1st ABUSING N BULLYING MODI WHEN HE WAS CM WITH its खून के दलाल। CHOR BANDHAN COPYING CHORS R making failed attempt to encircle Chakravyuh. Nation holds key to SMASH the vyuh from outside..

@republic Pehle ro ro ke chillata hai main chaiwala hu.. main chaiwala hu.... Aur kisine chaiwala bol diya to fir se rone lagta hai dekho mujhe chaiwala bola. meri insult ki.....😭😭😭 #ModiInsulted.

Opposn has not insulted Modiji ,they have insulted - millions of boys serving tea hotel boys tea vendors household workers All doing honest jobs to earn daily wages-By opposition leaders,who have inherited dirty money earned illegally Its👇 Honest labour vs theft #ModiInsulted.

#ModiInsulted Since when Communist have started teaching about Nationalism. Safed Jooth. Enko Sharam Kyon nahi aati..

#ModiInsulted I am going to vote modi again& hit back on anybody calling my PM names.

#modiinsulted Listening to RepublicTV it is sickening to say the least. The bunch of thugs who were there to throw mud to Modi are the very creepers who need to be weeded out from the country first. CPIM man said Modi anti-national. Should have been thrown out from the debate..

If it ever came to my mind to vote some party other than BJP, the leaders on the otherside and their comments immediately changed my mind and evey comment of theirs made my resolve strong to vote for BJP #modiinsulted.

#ModiInsulted each and every Indian who stood in the queues because of his disastrous DeMon. MP Raj Chattisgarh sought revenge, it’s entire India’s turn now. #NayiUmeedNayaDesh.

#ModiInsulted | The whole Rafale thing is done and dusted, talking about it will have no effect. They have no issues to talk about it: Anand Ranganathan, Scientist & Author.

#ModiInsulted | Narendra Modi is the most attacked Prime Minister: Dr Sudhanshu Trivedi- National Spokesperson, BJP Do you agree? Share your views using the hashtag and join the Debate-.

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