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Rand Paul
Rand Paul

My oath of office is to the Constitution, not to any foreign nation. Congress is trying yet again to ram through a spending bill – one that I doubt anyone has actually read – and there’s no oversight included into how the money is being spent..

Rand Paul
Rand Paul

While I sympathize with the people of Ukraine, and commend their fight against Putin, we cannot continue to spend money we don’t have. Passing this bill brings the total we’ve sent to Ukraine to nearly $54 billion over the course of two months..

I happen to think it’s a good thing when American families have more money in their pockets at the end of the month. But Republicans in Congress don’t seem to think so. Their plan is going to make working families poorer..

The Terra blockchain has officially halted at block 7607789. Terra Validators have halted the network to come up with a plan to reconstitute it. More updates to come..

The new battlefield. TIKTOK. It angers me when they say “it’s an equal space platform” Information is NOT equal. Lies spread faster than truth. Lies are bolstered & go viral. You cannot make money off your platfrom & relinquish the responsibility on its effect. @rapplerdotcom.

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You can buy some #crypto now, if you’re brave. I’m waiting for much lower levels Aware that, at some point later this year, the Fed and other CBs are going to embark on a frenzy of money printing that will make 2020 look like a picnic.

people say that money cant buy happiness, but is there something money cant buy though? happiness: pet, subscription to netflix being a winner: hire somebody to kill the competition love: if you find somebody you like, if you have enough money you can like buy them or something.

5T have made these brilliant bookmarks to raise money for Ukraine. The children will be on East Gate at pick up today, so please consider making a donation..

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@ToothlyKing Hello, you can make the payment in advance since all the extra money covers the subsequent months. ^MA.

@premnsikka How long can this Tory house of cards stay up? The price of shoring up this money pit is growing financially, but also in lives and personal suffering..

@terra_money You have done nothing yet, the market is still bleeding and will continue.

@MrketMsterMario Good luck buddy, I hope it works out for you but dont throw good money after bad 🥴.

Buy order @Lobstrco 5xlm bid for 5B RBD on open sold 60,000 RBD for 3xlm I know where the money is.

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@OddsMine Oga na because of the giveaway na it make yo no de come online again Money no de yo Yo say u wan do giveaway🙄 Rubbish.

@FoxNews She’s done anyways. And it’s not really like he needs the money as much as he just needed to get his story out there. They’re both bat shit crazy anyway..

உணவுக்காக பணம் கேட்ட சிறுவனை கொலை செய்த காவலர்! ம.பி.யில் கொடூரம்.

At this point, I must say crypto is not for the 😩... Pls check on me by sending me wreck 😩😩😩😩.

@terra_money I think binance delist luna is lost his trust luna big suply carculate in market so luna not come back again.

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@cryptojack If you desire to control your own wealth and be free from the centralized system, #goldcoin is the way out. $glc is open-source and decentralized with 1120 Tx/s, swiftness and zero fee. $glc is the best form of money..

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@coinexcom bitcoin has fallen! there is a good opportunity to make money on cloud !registrate for more info.

@mrdanwalker Class A Tory. Too busy snorting from the money trough to care..

ArtsyApe 2330 sold for 3 Luna (~$).

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@SwtNkechi @MadamCondensed Shey this man go kiss this girl na abi, kai the thing wey money dey do ehn, my mouth no go fit talk am, aswear..

@Billy_talks Baddest boy remix wey Don tey sef still get point pass Na we White money abi Wetin be ur name again, pls I will advise you to do more of cooking foods rather than cooking tracks.

@SadadKhan17 How much money has been allocated for different ministries. What is the target of revenue collection in 1401 financial year? Etc. What is the salary of government employees? Etc..

@Gut_zeela She probably pregnant for someone else and tryna get money for abortion from you 😂😂😂😂.

im not an army but as an kpop fan in general seeing a local nak beli tiket con yg mahal tapi tak tahu sngt psl group tu, i that considered he/she wasting his/her time at the con and wasting their money..

@geerob @iainpayten Remember Phil Coles and 2000 Olympics? Same (where did that money go?).

@satbirsm Sorry Maj Gen, did you deliberately deducted the Bribe money a IPS earns or overlooked a bitter truth?.

Even when you make money, it is wisdom to work at creating social capital; connect and associate with people that have gone before you in business. ~ Patrick Bitature #LiveNow #MenGatherSeasonV.

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