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10/10 performance, hattrick, MOTM, Leo Messi is NOT slowing down.🐐🔥.

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@hulle86 @ValenciaCFdk Ser Rodrigo som første mand på holdkortet. 2 assists i dag og MotM.

MOTM hands down, could he be the missing piece to the puzzle?? #BCFC.

Congratulations to @uzair_cassiem for motm tonight. What a signing this gentleman is turning out to be.

攻撃の脅威はほぼ久保経由だったし、2人がかりで守備つかれても物怖じせずドリブル仕掛けたりパス通すのは凄いね。相手がバルサだと余計上手さが際立つ。 けどマジョルカのMOTMは久保でも2ゴールのブティミールでもなく、キーパーのレイナだろ。何回セーブしたんだ。彼じゃなきゃあと3,4点入ってた。.

10/10 performance, hattrick, MOTM, Leo Messi is NOT slowing down.🐐🔥.

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Just saying lads, anyone else feel for Da Silva! He was deffo MOTM but just because bowen scores 2 he gets it. cracking result tho UTT🐯 #HCAFC.

@tonywhilding88 We didn’t just give Patrick MOTM today because of his goal. His work rate was exceptional. We had a few contenders today. Wright was our 2nd choice though..

first lost, crowded in the mid, the diamond formation are really questionable right now, players level concentration poor, certain players are not up to club standard. szczesny surely motm for saving immobile penalty. whatever it is #finoallafine.

Well deserved MOTM with 2 goals at crucial times tonight 👏👏👏.

Always joked about Scott McTominay but he 🤫 me today, absolutely fantastic performance! MOTM easy.

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@thedeepdishking @ComplexAmbition Yeah that’s why I didn’t argue more for motm but for the time MBDTF came out it was praised, Kanye’s huge comeback after apparently being disrespectful to Taylor (which I consider huge bullshit but it is what it is).

@Fred08oficial @ManUtd You played absolutely brilliant. You were my MOTM. Totally bossed it 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾.

@ChelseaFC Kovacic robbed of a MOTM. He ran that midfield both creatively and defensively. Not a good poll at all.

Shows how bad our team is, our fans can’t even agree on who was shit. Seen a Holgate MOTM shout before, never wanna see him in an Everton kit again after recent weeks.

@Bola_Jakarta pelatih mesti pinter baca pemain sih. jgn kyk joan tomas yg match sebelumnya jadi motm, pas dimainin dari awal setelahnya malah ancur. hersus pun begitu sebelumnya, sama aja..

@Zettergol Searching his name are you? You definitely miss him haha. He was MOTM today imo, although he was terrible last game. Adapting into the CB role quite well..

No one was above an 8 for me today. Thought Spurs were really poor which allowed us to control the game. Fred was great but Rashy was MOTM and got an 8 so only fair to give Fred a.

@barneyrednews Fred alongside McT is a revelation - my MOTM, didn’t stop running.

@ManUtd @Fred08oficial MOTM for me, dynamic & always trying to keep the tempo going..

@Ian1892T Couldn’t agree more but Shaq was my MOTM. Was like watching peak Messi at times 🤣🤣.

@portyhearts Jamie Brandon was excellent. Sad indictment on the rest, though. An U21 comes in last minute, plays out of position and is MOTM by an absolute mile..

برندان رودجرز في حديثه مع MOTM بعد الفوز 1-0 على واتفورد : لقد كانت مٌباراة صعبة بالنسبة لنا ، لقد كان لدى هايدن مولينز واتفورد مٌنظّم جداً ، كان علينا أن نتحلى بالصبر هذه الليلة ونعمل بجهد كبير ولكنني أعتقد بإنه قد كان ذلك فوزاً مٌستحقاً ..

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@screamer1985 @JamesPearceLFC I was at the game shaqiri was quality he was easily motm.