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Not to be yesterday, but what a season Mason Mount has had, he can hold his head up! 👏🏻 29 GA in all competitions and the youngest ever Chelsea player to hit double-digit goals and assists in a Premier League season 🔥.

Mount Photo,Mount Photo by SPORTbible,SPORTbible on twitter tweets Mount Photo

Both teams look shattered, except for Mason Mount. 😂 He is a perpetual motion machine..

A beauty! 🤝 Mount finds James out on the right, the defender gets into the area and cuts it back to Mase who then finishes superbly! ✊ ⚪️ 0-1 🔵 [5] #LeeChe.

Last time, they tried to intimidate you, harass you, shame you, humiliate you & scare you. Never forget those who did this. This time, it is they who will feel the FORCE of those of us who are awake. Regulators, mount up..

A story about work we are doing at the Micro Department at Mount Sinai with intranasal COVID-19 vaccines. With Peter Palese, Adolfo García-Sastre, @WeinaSun4 and @kre8iv9.


A random shoutout of appreciation on election day to Sal, Mick, Rufus our Chief Camel🐪 and all creatures great and small at our Father Bob’s Lourdes Camel Sanctuary, Pyrenees and Mount Lonarch…you are the epitome of Advance Australia Fair Go.🇦🇺👏🤝😁🐪🕊..

Mount Si punched their ticket to the State playoffs today with a 6-1 win. Location and seeding likely announced tomorrow..

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I get the emotional side to it and the love people have for Mount’s story but if you STILL cannot see the glaring weaknesses to his game there’s no hope for you. I strongly urge you to follow a different sport..

Hey Vladimir could you mount a botched invasion of Britain in time for next year’s event? We’ll let you annex Essex.

Jab from Spann opens round 1. Cutelaba with a quick 1-2. Hard 1-2 from Spann into the clinch, Cutelaba hits the hip toss right into mount. Spann regains half guard. #UFCVegas54.

Agony for Mount as he misses penalty and has now lost all SIX Wembley finals #ChelseaFC.

say what you want but mason mount will last in this chelsea team longer than any of them other bums✌🏾.

@PlsntVlyFarmer Oh that makes sense, I forgot that they still ran the front mount cultivators and pickers on the 10’s and 20’s..

@TeleFootball @Matt_Law_DT Nearly 30 players played today. And none of them scored. Nothing on Mount, who was completely invisible and missed the deciding penalty? Nothing on Salah who went out injured?.

Time for some stargazing! Might be out tomorrow night too for the total lunar eclipse 👀 🔭: PowerSeeker 127 EQ Aperture: 127 mm Mount: Equatorial.

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@kylelencucha Me neither 😂. I never finished it, had 2 episodes left. And that says a lot cause I typically watch everything when it comes to superheroes. I only remember liking Mount but feeling bad that he was stuck in a terrible show.

New boots for the Tundra. Mount and balance myself, honestly pain in the ass but like doing it..

Mount Photo,Mount Photo by Les Graham,Les Graham on twitter tweets Mount Photo

@youfreakinnerd @TheQuiver_ Lmao I’m never living that Tweet down am I (I stand by it tho) 😭 My first pick is actually Glenn Howerton, another pretty common one but I think he’d be great. I’ve also fancasted Kingsley Ben-Adir in the past. Anson Mount would‘ve also been good if he wasn’t already Black Bolt.

@FrankKhalidUK Most of his goal has come from under 14 table teams ... If we are serious mount is not a good 10 ...just average the most.

Am very sure Mason Mount really hates Wembley 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔.

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@dittzyalfy @FrankKhalidUK You said it ALL! The football tribalism by the English Chelsea fans is on a different level. Especially how they ALWAYS shield Mason Mount and then fire salvos at other Chelsea players when they cost us. Mount was poor and invisible yesterday and should not have taken that pen….

The only one thing Mount Kenya want is the billion which could have been achieved by implementing One Man One Shilling. Jubilee Party SG Hon Jeremiah Kioni is firm on it. Whether we NDEKNI or NDINKI..

Mount Photo,Mount Photo by Kawangware Finest™️ (Moturi) 🇰🇪,Kawangware Finest™️ (Moturi) 🇰🇪 on twitter tweets Mount Photo

@Pessary_mount @Radiation_Cat_H 普通に相手を知るという意味でも面白かったです!やはり相手の思考を読むことが戦いにおいて重要だと痛感しました😎.

Mason Mount Gallagher Saka All performed better than Foden. All of them!.

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@SamueILFC Tbf , Mount , Saka and Trent deserved it ahead of Foden ngl , but well Salah wins the real deal and it’s not even a debate.

@EcceMandy Would love to see the rightful heir (the older sister) mount a legal challenge for the right to the title. Primogeniture is so outdated but then so is a hereditary House of Lords. Still, access to power and all.

We fielded a whole la masia starting XI in the champions league final La Cobham has produced midson mount and 4 lungs agalaga Sit this one out.

@narendramodi I know your schedule must be all charted by now. But you can always see Mount Fuji in blossoms and the Yamanakako Please go..

@TomCitizenF47 La pl suce city pour moi arnorld ou mount méritait un peu plus que foden et Salah un peu plus que kdb mais la pl à un peu le chibre de city en bouche mais oklm.

Foden is a phenomenal player but he has not been the best young player in the premier league. This country twerking for him to be the next gazza is tedious man. Saka or Mount imo..

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