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Thank you, Excellency @kpsharmaoli ji! We look forward to the further strengthening of India-Nepal ties, based on our shared culture and history.

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Arquitectura Viva
Arquitectura Viva ()

Hospital Bayalpata en Achham. Nepal Sharon Davis Design El proyecto está definido por la materialidad de la tierra apisonada, mezclada con un 6% de cemento que aporta durabilidad y resistencia sísmica, y las carpinterías de madera de sal, un árbol local.

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Pahadi ()

Broke: Akhand Bharat Woke: Akhand Nepal We are all Nepalis just accept it and move on

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Bijay Acharya
Bijay Acharya ()

@eshaLegal Haha. Yup. Same in Nepal. Government would hand them out with pics of royals and why would you bother spend $ on it. Also, every government office has a pic of American president - is that “official propaganda”?

Adios Cocos Keeling
Adios Cocos Keeling ()

Némir, indéniablement, même en acoustique c’est incroyable, GIMS aussi ça se tape Je trouve que la voix de Népal est apaisante aussi

Saad ()

@narendramodi Happy Birthday #Modi 🇮🇳🤣🥳 🇨🇳 China occupies around 38,000 Sq km land in Ladakh 😂 🇵🇰 Pakistan Army has Successfully DESTROYED an 🇮🇳 Indian Army Artillery Position on LoC 😂 🇳🇵 Nepal claims 🇮🇳 Indian Occupied Cities Dehradun & Nainital under ‘Greater Nepal’ Campaign 😂

Ohio Northern Univ.
Ohio Northern Univ. ()

Management major Anita Neupane put her studies on hold when she married and moved from Nepal to the United States. After her husband got a job as a professor at ONU, Anita received her long-awaited second chance to finish her business degree.

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Sajid ()

My fear Nepal, China & Pakistan in collusion? Then who is & Afghanistan? Think guys!!!!!!

AyEsha -A- Ali💞
AyEsha -A- Ali💞 ()

@KhooGarr Nai milly ge main nhi doon ge main nai doon ge main nepal ja rai hn daal ly k

Purnesh Modi
Purnesh Modi ()

‘Wish you good health and happiness’: Nepal PM Oli on PM Modi’s 70th birthday via NaMo App

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𝔰𝔞𝔪𝔢𝔢𝔯 𝔞𝔫𝔰𝔞𝔯𝔦🇳🇵سمیر انصاری
𝔰𝔞𝔪𝔢𝔢𝔯 𝔞𝔫𝔰𝔞𝔯𝔦🇳🇵سمیر انصاری ()

@immu258 Nepal ke taraf se waisa koi bhi DAwa nahi kiya gya hai ....aur ye ham log ko pata bhi nahi hai😂😂😂 ye log kuch bhi likh dete hai

MLekhi office
MLekhi office ()

‘Wish you good health and happiness’: Nepal PM Oli on PM Modi’s 70th birthday via NaMo App

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JhattackMeats ࿗
JhattackMeats ࿗ ()

UPA was informed of growing maoist(read chinese ) expansionaist agenda in nepal. They were even privy to plans of extermination of royal famiky (a big roadblock for chinese). They did nothing.

Nepal Samaya
Nepal Samaya ()

जयनगर आइपुग्यो नेपालको रेल

मनिष-सिमरा ()

कांग्रेसहरुले बर्षौं सरकार चलाए, भएको रेल सेवा बन्द गराए।नयां ल्याएनन तर, २ बर्षमै युगपुरुष युगान्तकारि नेता राजनेता @kpsharmaoli ले रेल ल्याउनुभयो। रेल खै भन्नेले अलि मज्जैले हेर ,बरु चेस्मा लगाएरै हेर NEPAL RAILWAY 👇

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Shambhu Adhikari
Shambhu Adhikari ()

Itis the time to close down theGurkha aggreement 1947 with india. NowNepal&india are nearly in war,And india should notice Nepal where the force were the above reasons

North ()

Dear @nepaltourismb, How can someone who has never arrived here in Nepal can lead the expedition? NTB should be responsible for correct information, why so cheap publicity? Why misleading? #BahrainEverest

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NJ17 ()

I am from Dehradun . I heard that we came under Kingdom of Nepal and global icon Oli is our leader.

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Sushant. [email protected] ()

@AnkitChettri @PM_Nepal Also count Nepali G in brothels so that their place will be urs.

Mehar Bhutani
Mehar Bhutani ()

Nepal after Lipulekh and Kalapani now claims Dehradun, Nainital and parts of other adjoining They call it Greater Nepal. I think #Oli hired EXPERTS of #GlobalTimes

बागी🚩 ()

गुज्जराण्ड को पीछे छोडते हुए नेपलाण्ड 🤣🤣 @PM_Nepal ओ भाई सब नेपाल है

Lekhanath Pandey
Lekhanath Pandey ()

एक जना कोरोना संक्रमित हुँदा सुरु निषेधाज्ञा/लकडाउन हिजो सबभन्दा उच्च १,५३९ नयाँ संक्रमित थपिएसँगै शब्दमा आंशिक तर व्यवहारमा पूर्णतः अन्त्य गरिएको छ। अर्थात्, हामी हर्ड इम्युनिटितर्फ धकेलिइसकेका छौं। #Covid19 #Nepal

Ankush Singh
Ankush Singh ()

Teacher : Where is Taj Mahal? Me : Uttar Pradesh Teacher : Then why did you write Nepal?

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Dug Dugi
Dug Dugi ()

@ReeyanilThapa Nepal was independent Nation from starting with rich culture and heritage. Nepal never offered to merge with India, nor India offered Nepal to do so. Few whatsapp forward spread fake news that Nepal wanted to merge with India.

Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma ()

Nepal After Claiming Dehradun And Nenital As its own . 😎😎😎 #Nepal

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Prabhat Khabar
Prabhat Khabar ()

#IndiaNepalBorderDispute : नेपाल की नई हरकत, अब देहरादून-नैनीताल को बता रहा है अपना..

prakash Mehra
Prakash Mehra ()

Prime Minister of #Nepal K P Sharma Oli greets PM Narendra Modi on his birthday. In a tweet, PM Oli says, the two leaders will continue to work closely together, towards strengthening relations between the two countries.

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Abishek Dhakal 🇮🇳
Abishek Dhakal 🇮🇳 ()

@JeetBos51375293 But the fact is this guy is correct on the other hand,when China finishes even a small project in Nepal they advertise as if they have made Nuclear plants but when India finishes big projects there is little awareness so India need to be more showy when it finishes the projects.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi ()

Thank you, Excellency @kpsharmaoli ji! We look forward to the further strengthening of India-Nepal ties, based on our shared culture and history.

AajTak ()

नेपाल जता रहा है देहरादून-नैनीताल पर अपना दावा

Republic ()

As PM Modi turns 70, greetings pour in from near & far; BJP to Congress & Finland to Nepal

☚ Pant #KLRahul ☛
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