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#Update: A law enforcement source tells CBS News at least ten people were killed and more were injured in a mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket..

Gov. Kathy Hochul is calling on social media companies to do more when it comes to monitoring their content in the wake of a deadly mass shooting in Buffalo that was live-streamed by the alleged gunman. @ThaliaPerezTV reports..

At least 10 people were killed after a man opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York on Saturday. #ITCard #NewYork READ:.

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I was busy today with limited access to my phone this is our normal and I hate this. I hate this reality. A nightmare for these lives. A stain on our nation! Healing to all impacted! #Buffalo.

अमेरिकेत न्यूयॉर्क मध्ये #buffalo इथं किराणा दुकानात एका अज्ञात बंदूकधाऱ्यानं केलेल्या गोळीबारात किमान दहा जण ठार तर अनेक जण जखमी झाले.#NewYork.

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A boy of 18 years killed 10 people in #NewYork and live streamed it . This generation is going somewhere else. #SHOCKING.

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This is hurtful. I send my love to all of our New York families, and my deepest condolences to the families and friends of the fallen. No words. Beyond the healing, we need collective action. This was cruel and inhumane. #NewYork.

▶️Δέκα άνθρωποι έπεσαν νεκροί από τα πυρά ενόπλου μέσα σε ένα σούπερ μάρκετ στο Μπάφαλο της Νέας Υόρκης ▶️«Είναι σαν να βρίσκεσαι σε ταινία τρόμου, αλλά είναι όλα αληθινά» #Buffalo #NewYork.

Bertha Brainard - Commercial Program Manager NBC, Director of Eastern Programs NBC, Announcer/Program Host/Manager WJZ Newark/newYork. Born June 16, 1890 in S. Orange, NJ. She attended a Teachers College but became an ambulance driver. Her brother urged her to try radio. 1.

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@NickSotoudeh You should stand with people who are dying on NewYork streets. Don’t stand with people of Islamic republic of Iran.

#NewYork employees and taxpayers are unwittingly financing Russian companies and the oligarch pals of Vladimir #Putin with at least $519 million invested in assets now frozen by the war-mongering dictator Continue reading at | 10z viral.

10 dead as heavily armed teenage opens fire at #NewYork supermarket, live streams incident 🔗.

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@land_optc 初めまして!!入団希望です。 過去のイベントは海賊祭ヘルメッポ最高86位、トレマハロウィンはんこ44位です。 御検討宜しくお願い致します。.

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A bad attitude is like a flat tire! You can not go anywhere until you change it #NewYork?.

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A heavily armed 18-year-old white man shot 10 people dead on Saturday at a Buffalo, #NewYork grocery store in a “racially motivated” attack that he live-streamed on camera, authorities said Read More▶️.

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Out of 13 people, 11 are black. Why is racist still a thing on 2022? #WhiteSupremacy #NewYork.

Watch Jimboboiii Twitch Streamer Live Shooing video – NewYork Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Video.

Watch Jimboboiii Twitch Streamer Live Shooing video – NewYork Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Video – NewsUltraPro.

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