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If Ekweremadu was in Nigeria, DSS would have picked that doctor and threatened him to silence (if he even had the decency to refuse the transplant), journalists would have been picked and harassed, and the boy and his family bullied to silence.

The patient dog don hang himself! Nigeria failed him too Go and get your PVC!.

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@BloombergAfrica In December, I travelled to a small town in the south western state in Nigeria. My common practice is to open up fresh bread, then stuff bean cake inside it. To my surprise, each bean cake was sold at 50 NGN from the previous 10 NGN. I felt petty for many people in the poor town..

🔙 Final JJOO Atlanta 1996. El oro fue para Nigeria cuando al descanso perdía 3-1 al descanso. Gran remontada liderada por Kanu..

Could you believe that National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) of Nigeria used to have a helicopter with which they used to trace electrical fault and make repairs??? 🤔🤔🤔.

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@meks2850 this is the kinda of reasoning you prevent by having them finish aleast University or worst case Secondary school in Nigeria. Imagine your Mama catching you talking like.

Nigeria: Raided Abuja Property Of Stockpiled Multi million Naira Cash Owned By Military Contractor, Not Buratai -ICPC.

@PeterObi And what happens to the little boy they wanted to harvest his kidney to save their child?… I have said all of you ruining Nigeria and taking the life of the defenseless at your own Corning you will be caught….

Nigeria: Raided Abuja Property Of Stockpiled Multi million Naira Cash Owned By Military Contractor, Not Buratai -ICPC.

Nigeria: Raided Abuja Property Of Stockpiled Multi million Naira Cash Owned By Military Contractor, Not Buratai -ICPC.

The Minister of Agric. & Rural Development, said the partnership aimed to fast-track the mechanisation of the Agricultural sector, improve production, boost the economy, enhance food self-sufficiency and create job opportunities for Nigerian youths..

@guist93 Mas dá para passar . Na verdade se torna obrigação passar. O problema é que passando em primeiro , Nigéria é um time razoável para encarar numas quartas. Já Alemanha e essa Alemanha é muito boa também, o buraco é mais embaixo..

I always complain about the scanty coverage of the Nigerian situation on Iranian media platforms as Our media asset is weak in Nigeria. The @PressTV correspondent in Nigeria is trying his best. Some Editors in Iran are sabotaging his effort. #ReleaseZakzakyPassport.

A lot of misguided folks in Nigeria these days see the iphone as a criteria for dating, what has a piece of tech got to do with feelings and emotions?.

Prelate of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Uche, has insisted that those who kidnapped him three weeks ago were Fulani, contrary to intelligence reports that the prime suspect hails from his village..

El primero a Nigeria en el 2018 El segundo del 3-1 a Ecuador 2019 El segundo a Bosnia 2014.

@Canada_hr_i_cm Lol na who Nigeria never reach their side dey chop egg now o 😁🤣.

@DataRef_ 3 - Messi a Bosnia 2 - Messi a Nigeria 1 - Messi a Irán (porque estaba en la cancha, sino el 1 sería Nigeria).

Keep quiet! This should be below you, at this point. Allow the VP be, please!.

This is the highlight of my day My Yoruba landlord telling my Hausa Caretaker to vote Peter Obi because Atiku and Tinubu are vampires planning to suck Nigeria dry #PeterObi4President #PeterObi.

THE KING FROM NIGERIA 🇳🇬 Disney+ based on the triumphant real-life story about the remarkable family that gave the world the first trio of brothers to become NBA champions in the history of the league:.

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@Bobbydbobo @Mario9jaa Nice. Was that the colloquium held at Kano on the 29th March 2021? Did you know that 5 minutes before that video, in the same speech, he also talked about recruiting 50 Million Nigeria youths into the army and feed them àgbàdo, and he took 8 secs pause before he said that?.

@channelstv Nigerian leaders are very selfish, They tend to use critical times to cause chaos @ a time like this let choose critical the Voice of Nigeria #PeterObi4President2023.

@iameneji You took him out of context. He was talking about Nigeria that’s why he mention Abuja. He lived in England before becoming the governor. Do you expect him not to have a house in England?.

@DanielRegha Lol. I don’t think it’s centered on Nigeria alone. I’m Cameroonian and I saw the my flag in the vid raised by a Nigerian. Always vet your tweets.

@SaharaReporters Majority of Nigeria public officer holders are Billionaires. Money at their disposer more than enough to fix Nigeria economy..

@DrightSauce Bruh I have a question, if someone sends a device to me from Canada is it guaranteed to come here to Nigeria safe and sound ? Please reply.

That you set the house on fire, does not render you immune from its effects. Nigeria happened to Ekweremadu, and the question of his personal complicity in the ruinations of the Nigerian peoples and state, is another argument entirely. Nigeria happened to Ekweremadu in the 🤔.

Nigeria’s Flamingos Drawn Against Germany At U-17 Women’s World Cup.

mass impoverishment of the people of Anambra. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, poverty rose under Obi’s watch in Anambra from 20% in 2004 (lowest in Nigeria then) to 68% in 2010 (a 238% deterioration!)..

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