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Macron announces Notre Dame fundraising campaign as dawn pictures reveal scale of damage.

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Debris covers the floor of Notre-Dame Cathedral in front of the 18th-century Pietà sculpture 📷: @dkitwood.

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We understand a fire alarm first rang out at 6:20 The building was evacuated. Hence the fact this has not been a human catastrophe, explains @MelissaBell outside Notre Dame in Paris. We reckon over $600 million has already been pledged, to rebuild the Cathedral..

French leaders pledge Notre Dame Cathedral again will grace Paris skyline.

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💔 Fire breaks out at the historical Notre Dame cathedral ➡️.

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Notre-Dame fire under control, Macron pledges to rebuild - The Economic Times.

Notre Dame Cathedral fire being investigated as accident for now, prosecutors say.

See first images inside Notre Dame Cathedral after fire 来自 @YouTube.

A broken soul is like the Notre Dame Cathedral! One small spark created massive destruction! With the flames put out; it’s still beautiful, just run down an ready to be built beautiful again! 🙌🏼🙏🏼.

Macron announces Notre Dame fundraising campaign as dawn pictures reveal scale of damage.

Last photos taken of Notre-Dame cathedral last week, Paris. @ Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

I do know that the destruction of the Notre-Dame de Paris was an undeniable tragedy. The cathedral is a symbol of the heritage of Paris, even France. The building is significant to Catholicism worldwide, considering it housed a piece of the true cross and the crown of thorns..

Our Lady of Paris: a history of Notre Dame Cathedral | Paris | The Guardian.

via @PerilofAfrica Fury as YouTube Attaches 9/11 Article to Notre Dame Fire Livestream.

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Bonjour a tout le monde. Je suis tres triste . Painful to see the Notre Dame like this. 😱 Visited it so many times during my French study in Paris. The Gargoyles of the Cathedral : One believes that they protected the Notre Dame against evil Spirits. ❤.

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Notre Dame cathedral fire: Five famous houses of worship reborn after destruction.

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Notre-Dame cathedral: Macron pledges reconstruction after fire.

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Catholics with Rosaries Sing ‘Ave Maria’ As Notre Dame Cathedral Burns (VIDEO).

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Jon Jafari Conspiracy Theory Confirmed. @JonTronShow.

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@seanhannity The fire appears suspiciously too fast to happen. I wonder if an accelerant was a factor in the conflagration that quickly engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in flames..

The Notre Dame cathedral was build in the 1100’s. I really wanted to go see this in person before I die..

@realDonaldTrump My thoughts are with the people of France tonight and with the emergency services who are fighting the terrible blaze at Notre-Dame cathedral..

THE YOUNG PEOPLE OF PARIS PRAYING BBC News - Notre-Dame fire: Hymns sung in the street as cathedral burns.

Huge fire sweeps through Notre Dame Cathedral – in pictures.

@cozyshxxbi when you scroll around the Notre Dame # there’s many tweets from kpop stans saying “it would’ve not happen if the cathedral stanned kpop” or idk who “warned us not to play with fire” and i see this EVERY. TIME. there’s a tragedy, i just cannot anymore (obv you’re not included).

@afneil A French television channel reported last night that 30% of the precious objects in the Notre Dame Cathedral survived the fire..

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