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💥 💥 boom!! Let’s get ready to rumble. This will 100% be better entertainment than the #NUFC shit show.

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GonadsBenjamin2019 ()

💥 💥 boom!! Let’s get ready to rumble. This will 100% be better entertainment than the #NUFC shit show.

Ginkoh_NUFC ()

You know, because Ashley is stupid enough to think he can spend some players and team will definitely do well. Football is not easy like that. He know nothing about football. #nufc

Keith ()

@stevewallwork Watching that today Steve and knowing your (and Allisons) dedication over the years - when others like me, stopped, actually makes me want to cry. Asset stripped, destroyed and the disdain shown to our club, city and people, is beyond comprehension The main is pure evil #nufc

Tribal Football ()

DONE DEAL: Newcastle snap up Kyle Crossley from Morecambe #NUFC

MZ0(ムゾ) ()

@Silvia_X07 このネギが重要なのです。 上の部分、豚しゃぶだと思えばネギのシャキシャキ感が重要な事を(ネギが嫌いな人以外は)おわかりいただけるのではないかと。 いろいろ書いたけど、今日のお昼は親父と一緒に、親父が買ってきたコレを強制的に食べるんですけどね…。

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MZ0(ムゾ) ()

@Silvia_X07 師匠さんの分も含めて奢るのは全然構わないのですが…交通費は出すのなんか嫌~ めっちゃ美味しかったデスよ

⚫️ Shaneo ⚪️ ()

Because they’re scoring against Big difference playing against world class players #NUFC

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Black and white travel ()

@ScottDaley26 Yes time for Ashley charnley and cabbage to fuck off. And Bruce can be a area manager in in sports direct. #nufc

Mabel1984NUFC ()

@NufcPortal Had the same shitty scouts for years at @NUFC! They are all useless! #jobsfortheboys

Hilmy Lightning Shawwal ()

Heard Dubravka is getting paid £80k a week. Double his wages and give him another new contract right now because the biggest Slovakian deserves everything the way he has carried this team. #NUFC

K ()

@David_B_HU @NUFC To think as Manchester United Fan, my team was thinking about splashing 50m on that flop. 🤣

Phillwillkill ()

@milesstarforth What’s that? Not get beat? Not be appalling to watch? Have a plan B? Have a plan? #nufc

Charlie ()

Tagging @Grantshenton4 until he follows 🤝 might’ve shouted some things I shouldn’t have said from the sidelines today at @SouthShieldsFC game 🙌 managed to get his twitter tho 😁

Newcastle United News ()

Saturday evening Match of The Day running order now announced by Gary Lineker

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Richard Smith ()

The scary thing Ashley is looking at NUFC under Steve Bruce and is feeling OK.

Ali Pericles ()

The most depressing thing is, if you look at the replies, it’s NUFC fans agreeing with this. And undeniably we should have been hammered.

Gazpilicueta ()

@WillMarsden85 #NUFC are dreadful mate. Worst feeling ever. Bring back the Temuri Ketsbaia and Nikos Dabizas days. Club is rotten to the core. Can see a double relegation soon. Ashley needs to go. Bruce needs to go and all the other Steve’s at the club. #Footballforbeginners

Danny Thompson ()

This is up there with John carvers a win would be nice, but the 3 points is the most important thing🤦🏻‍♂️#nufc

Alex ()

Anyone else feel like these loan signings were just an absolute waste of time ? #nufc

Liam ⚫️⚪️ ()

Before I was like if we go down we will be another QPR but now especially the way we play under Bruce championship clubs would destroy us so yes I do think we could do a Sunderland #NUFC

Neilnufc ()

No takeover, owner who doesn’t give a fuck, a manager way out of his depth championship here we come 🤬🤬🤬 #nufc

Steve ()

@BorisBedd Big half? Good luck, you seem on fine form so I hope you smash it! The #nufc might fluke a win.

IC ()

2nd visit to the capital in under a week for me and my two boys - no goal threat (again) and conceding poor goals. The luck we have had all season is running out. Bruce is tactically inept - loan signings have added nothing. #NUFC #AshleyOut

Alan watt ()

@HecoDubravka have to say u have been an absolute rock for this team and with out u we would be going down, most underrated gk going #PremierLeague #nufc

Craig Wilkinson ()

@MsiDouglas @HecoDubravka Problem is, I’ve no doubts if anyone came in with a half decent bid, fat mike would gamble and sell him and not think twice.

Mark Lawrence ()

thanks to rafa benitez, off the back of under funding & a limited squad due to our beloved owner, nufc have survived through organisation & hard work . we have lost those elements by incorporating rose bentaleb & joelinton . if bruce continues with these, we are in trouble #NUFC

Liam ⚫️⚪️ ()

Newcastle fans if we go down do you think we will do a Sunderland or even being a possibility #NUFC

Newcastle News App ()

Get the app (Android and iOS!)! All the latest news in one place, plus much more. Download it here: #nufc #toon

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Manni ()

Andy Cole scored 34 goals for #nufc in the Premier League 93/94 season @vancole9 Currently @nufc we have scored a combined total of 24 goals so far 🙈

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Nick Lannister ()

@Toonoptomistic @NUFC Now you know how the rest of the world feels when they see the crap you put on fb

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