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🔐 Only Kevin De Bruyne (54) has created more goalscoring chances than Martin Odegaard (45) in the Premier League in 2022.

This creature will be another ESR, Odegaard. Occasionally will look good but no material impact on the team..

We didn’t have a single player remotely similar to Odegaard, so what happens if he got injured, or dropped in form? We’d have to change our whole strategy in order to adapt. Vieira is an essential signing, especially with European games next season..

@FPLGOAT7 I’m not saying it’ll definitely happen, but I don’t see why not? Odegaard and Martinelli were £ last year and you’d say they were more desirable FPL options back then than Vieira is now!.

@mattkandela @LeGrove Means Odegaard rotation, off the bench option alongside Odegaard to break lowblocks. Also Means Smith will now fight Martinelli for the left wing slot.


Premier League: Xhaka/Tielemans - Partey - Odegaard Europa League and Cup games: Sambi - Elneny - Vieira Quality depth at midfield.

@LeGrove @ltarsenal Vieira will cover both Odegaard and Saka, our 2 crucial players. Can play both roles. Clever signing..

Passer en 2 ans de Mustafi David Luiz Kolasinac Ozil fainéant Laca pas buteur à Gabriel Jesus Gabriel Tomiyasu Odegaard Tielmans Merci Mikel.


@Danielfloyd1981 Yh he is extremely talented Liverpool were in for him last summer he bagged 14 assists and 6 goals only problem is idk where he will play because he plays as a 10/winger. I think he will be rotation for odegaard maybe saka as well.

Someone produce full details of Vieira asap please. Want to know everything about the lad. All I know is he’s the 2nd best midfielder in the league after Odegaard.


@NSftbl if viera can overlap carry with the ball with burst he already 2x more useful than odegaard.

Bernardo as an alternative to Odegaard/Saka is big. Not being overly reliant on any player where a dip in form limits the collective >.

@oleole717 @stighefootball Who? Virtually all of our chances are created by Saka and odegaard. Creativity was one of our biggest issues last season.

Fabio Vieira with the clips i have watched has a bit of Bernado silva, Odegaard and Ozil in his play. Dunno how he will fit at Arsenal but i will take him all day. @Arsenal sign more tenkeew.

@MarxistGooner We have Odegaard and he can’t play all 50 games next season. ESR is a LW and doesn’t have the skills to play the Odegaard role. He could also cover for Saka..


@GadgetAFC class business, I mean even if this vieira guy ain’t all it, odegaard is still on par If not better than madders.

@Kannanz2207 @Prasanthsreee Unexpected Arsenal signing viera Especially considering odegaard in that position Looks like tielemans and jesus will be one within next 2 weeks Idk what arteta formation and tactics 5 substitutions as well.

Arsenal fans say they “don’t need Bissouma” but are suddenly so excited about surely they don’t need Vieira if they have Odegaard….

Osimhen, Jesus, Eddie. Odegaard, Tielemans, Vieira. White, Gabriel, Saliba. Tears in my eyes. We could be back 🔴⚪️ #COYG.

This Vieira deal is making me want that Osimhen deal more. Those half-space crosses. Through balls from Odegaard, Saka deliveries. Dang. Even Nketiah would clock up 15goals easy.

Should arsenal get raphinha, I think saka might play the left wing and odegaard shifted to the lhs, while tielemans will be moved to the rhs. Just my thoughts..

Vieria, Odegaard and Saka assisting Jesus and Osimhen. My goodness our goal streak is over. We are going to be a complete different attacking force next season!.

@PP_OGDL Fez uma má escolha porquê? A política de contratações vai de encontro ao perfil (idade e enquadramento no modelo). Não sei como as pessoas afirmam tão categoricamente que o Fábio vai para suplente, ou que é difícil de o conjugar com o Odegaard..

@_mihai_mitroiu_ I’ve been on YouTube having a look! I can’t help but think he’s like Odegaard off the left rather than the right.

Having him and Odegaard together in the line up is giving me chills.

Adoro. Era o meu jogador favorito do Porto e o que acho que tem o maior teto para brilhar na Europa. Ansioso por ver onde vai jogar. Se no meio campo com Odegaard ou na direita..

@afc_pmc Yeah he’s decent, but I don’t understand why there’s been so much hype for him. Every summer, this fanbase likes to act like the club is doing really big things when that’s just not true. IMO, we need to work on the 11 first, then depth. Odegaard is the least of my concerns atm.


For all the hype I was expecting a bit more icl but I see why people rate him. Just don’t think he will be as good as odegaard tbh. Other thing is he seems very good on counters and progressing the ball when they play deep but not so much at actually breaking down a low block.

@amineGB99 @EBL2017 They do need tielemans he will provide depth to xhaka and can play with partey. Vieira will be rotating with odegaard..


@piersmorgan @m8arteta Honestly Piers. We’ve only lost Lacazette from last season (who wasn’t scoring anyway), heavily linked with Viera, Jesus and Tielemans, our kids from last year will continue to get better (ESR, Martinelli, Saka). Odegaard is a baller. Why would we all of a sudden be mid table? 🤦‍♂️.

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