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Updated: July 24th, 2021 07:41 AM IST

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SHE’S YOURS “fever” is out everywhere now. stream the hell out of it, we poured our souls into this one.

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tbh i can’t believe it’s been 11 years of one direction, but i’m so so grateful for this band and all the boys — i met some of the best people i know bc of this fandom and i’m incredibly happy because of it <3

sorry , directioners really exist?? like in 2021, people who stan the band one direction??? not their careers, a band that ended six years ago?

I wish Fulci would release another full length 😔 The Drone Metal band, not the Death Metal one

@Palle_Hoffstein Its like one of 2 german places in the city. they have a live oompah band nightly

One Band Photo,One Band Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@3minboardgames @Volko26 LOL I love those band names. At one gig I had to sing stairway to heaven with no mic - as it had popped - that was interesting 😳

@Kingnemo91 Oh yeah, for sure! I just tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible and even played some One Direction for him since he said they were his favorite band.

I looked after Color Me Badd on #TopofthePops After the show the manager told me the band wanted to see me in their dressing room where they formed a semi circle around me & sang a Capella ‘We Wanna Thank You Up’; still one of the cringier moments of my life.

no that band mentally and physically drained them all, i wouldn’t want them to go back to that toxic space. ofc i would love one but this isn’t about me lmao

SHE’S YOURS “fever” is out everywhere now. stream the hell out of it, we poured our souls into this one.

One Band Photo,One Band Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Happy 11 years to the band that make/made me smile every single day. To the band that can cheer me up when im feeling down. To the band I have loved for so long. Happy anniversary one direction!! #11YearsOfOneDirection

11 years of my favourite boy band to ever exist :,)) i still remember when i was 6 watching them perform “kids in america” on xf in my living room, strange how that one thing stuck with me and i still remember it clearly to this day :,)

Il y a 11 ans, un 23 juillet un boys band vit le jour 5 garçons Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, et Niall, devenaient les one direction. 11ans après le boys band est séparé depuis 6 ans mais les directioner son toujours là. Joyeux 23 juillet à tout les directioner #11YearsOfOneDirection

Vorrei finire nei ricordi di una madre che dice a sua figlia “sai alla mia epoca c’era quella band i One direction erano forti ma dei pessimi ballerini” #11YearsOfOneDirection

One Band Photo,One Band Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Sono 11 anni da quando voi 5 ragazzini vi siete messi insieme e avete formato una band, una band pazzesca Sono 11 che fate felici delle persone Sono 11 che salvate persone Sono 11 di voi. Di voi ONE DIRECTION. #11YearsOfOneDirection

11 anni di one direction, sono grata che sia nata questa band, mi hanno dato tanto,mi hanno fatto conoscere Zayn e Louis senza di loro non sarei qui, i 1d mi hanno aiutata a superare momenti difficili sono e saranno sempre una parte fondamentale di me #11YearsOfOneDirection

#11YearsOfOneDirection Exactly 11 years ago the band called One Direction was formed. So proud of you lads. Love lots

Through the pandemic one of my favorites artists @jillandrews has been doing livestream concerts of her different albums throughout the did one from her previous band the everybodyfields and was having a giveaway of a rare photograph from the band! And I won! Thank you

One Band Photo,One Band Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

it’s midnight where i live so happy 11 years to the band i love most,one direction, but also to the five boys that made it happen ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #11YearsOfOneDirection #11YearsOf1D

One Band Photo,One Band Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@marlakins22 I don’t have a tattoo but I heard that if you aren’t happy with the design, you can change it before it is inked on your body. So don’t worry if you get a shitty one. Just don’t get one of the name of a current partner or a band


Also woah it’ll be 11 years of one d tomorrow. The band will officially count more years hiatus than when they were all together

@ehspmb when one day they got us so much watermelon and water on a really hot or when there was a solar eclipse at band camp

@jenny2x4 Ben & Jerry’s was already a terrorist organization when they named one of their best flavors after the band Phish

ma voi ci pensate che le mie band preferite sono queen e one direcrion capite che o piango o piango nel senso

@RevRevvinEv I have been to a party in the red one. The adjacent area has a sand beach and huts for a very tropical feeling. There was a live band, too. It was so much fun.

@k8ekol @soju_nights Oh, I would love that too! My problem is that I’m a real monk and need everything even. I checked on the website and I have only one fitting band light stick but would need three more that aren’t listed.

that one band from tiktok“- im gonna commit unalive wtf is this shit💀

Do you know what? It’d just be amazing to be remembered, like, as a mum telling her daughter: The boy band at my time, One Direction, they just had fun, they were normal guys, but terrible, terrible #11YearsOfOneDirection #11YearsOf1D

One Band Photo,One Band Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@amelka282828 1 band😍😍 1 dream🤧🤧 one direction🆔❤️💛💚💙🇮🇪 hold my tpwk😅😇 we’re doing in the tommo way🤪😆 KEVIN🐦🐦 spoons🥄🥄😅😋😱 im a girl who eats carrots🥕🥕😍

Death Wish: One band of anti-vax vigilantes is all that stands between America and herd immunity…

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