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マイクロソフトがOpenAIに巨額投資する3つの狙い #テレ東BIZ.

Tras lanzar una encuesta a usuarios para conocer su umbral de precio, se ha filtrado que ChatGPT podría costar 42 dólares al mes. @microsoft, por su parte, confirma que está ampliando su asociación e inversión en @OpenAI..

Top story: Microsoft and OpenAI extend partnership - The Official Microsoft Blog , see more.

Microsoft announces multibillion dollar investment in OpenAI days after mass layoffs.

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Every other tweet I see now is about OpenAI/ChatGPT being worth obscene amounts and replacing every job - surely getting overhyped now?.

いやChatGPT様マジで凄いわ。 書いたJavaScriptのコード最適化して改良してくれるし、エラーも見つけてくれる。 あと普通に会話できるけど、個人名についてはかなりトンチンカンな答えになるのもポイント高い.

Daily Crunch: Days after announcing plans to cut 10K jobs, Microsoft invests billions more in OpenAI - TechCrunch.

@carotalksshit they invested a billion in openAI quite a while ago, that was the signal.

Microsoft lay off 12k employees and signs multi billion dollar deal with openAi Crazy.

@dominiconorton @OpenAI Oooh wow… I guess those are considered symbols not letter right?!.

I hope Microsoft will treat Open ai better then it treats Skype.

Microsoft Tambah Investasi ke OpenAI, Perusahaan AI Pembuat ChatGPT.

Microsoft Tambah Investasi ke OpenAI, Perusahaan AI Pembuat ChatGPT.

ChatGPT : Microsoft investit 10 milliards de dollars dans OpenAI, son créateur @TomsGuideFR #robot #robotics.

La estrategia genial que convirtió a OpenAI en la startup más popular en tecnología.

the deal with OpenAI would involve deploying the company’s artificial intelligence models across Microsoft products, which include the Bing search engine and its office software such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook..

Na fali popularności ChatGPT OpenAi, kilka aplikacji mobilnych wykorzystujących słowa kluczowe chatbot i ChatGPT zostało uruchomionych przez globalnych wydawców..

@OfficialLoganK @OpenAI Yes, of course this is big news for the world: OpenAI has been exploiting people in Kenya - hourly wages between and 2 US dollars. Pooh devil..

#AI is coming 😎 @Microsoft @OpenAI ✍🏻 “In this next phase of our partnership, developers and organizations across industries will have access to the best AI infrastructure, models, and toolchain with Azure to build and run their applications.”.

OpenAI a fait appel à des travailleurs kenyans sous-payés pour parfaire ChatGPT via @Siecledigital #IT.

Microsoft extends AI partnership with ChatGPT and Dall-E maker OpenAI.

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