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Brits and Americans are unironically tweeting how horrible it is to be LGBTQ in Palestine. Almost as if their countries aren’t in the middle of a full blown war against trans rights..

Gaza has no iron dome. And Palestine is not Ukraine. The world is fine with millions of people in a tiny overpopulated strip living with no basic rights under occupation, so of course they won’t mind civilians wiped out in a sick show of force correlated with Israel’s elections..

Horrific brutality being unleashed by Israel on Palestine; absolute disregard for the sanctity of life; for women and children. Pakistan will always stand with the people of #Palestine. The world must act to end Israeli atrocities. #GazaUnderAttack.

#Israel - #Palestine के बीच बरसीं मिसाइलें, 27 नागरिकों समेत 51 की मौत, बच्चे भी हुए शिकार : रिपोर्ट.

#عاجل يديعوت أحرونوت: الجيش يؤكد: تم اغتيال المطلوب ابراهيم النابلسي #نابلس.

British police in London assault a young man who raised the flag of Palestine and the pictures of the martyred children of Gaza at the Israeli embassy..

DO NOT let Zionists SCARE you with the “Anti-Semitic”label. When you criticise Israel, you are denouncing & deploring occupation, oppression, & the killing of innocent human beings. The decades long occupation of Palestine & the oppression of the indigenous people of #Palestine..

❤️Good Morning Sir ❤️🌞🌄🌅🐓 I hope u r very faithful 4 ur people and their families but sir action about palestine families have u vetopower? So plz. Use this power at Israil u know ur step will the first faithfully step 2 humanity 💪❤️👍❤️💪.

عاجل| إذاعة جيش الاحتلال: إنزال مسافرين من طائرات على مدرج مطار بن غوريون بالتزامن مع إطلاق صواريخ نحو تل أبيب.

I’m sorry to air my ignorance, I don’t understand why Palestine can’t have land declared a state. The aim of Israel seems to be to take over all land..

solidarity today and every day with Palestine and Palestinians. nothing more, nothing less..

@_KangAen @maspiyuaja Loh yg penting save palestine lah, walo ngga tau jalur cerita nya 😂😂🙏.

@Timesofgaza So heartbreaking 💔 where is Human Right who talks about war in Ukraine but not for Palestine..

Israel confiscates Palestinian land, uproots olive trees in #Hebron - #Palestine.

Palestine Photo,Palestine Photo by al whit🍉,al whit🍉 on twitter tweets Palestine Photo

#FreePalestine. This hypocrisy sickens me. As a Jewish American, I will never stop working toward a just and free Palestine..

Living in an age where Egypt seals a truth between Palestine and apartheid Israel… who would’ve thought. Forever, long live the free Palestine..

@Palestine_Gaz ٲستودعناه الله الذي لا تضيع ودائعه؛ وجعلنا من بينهم سداً ومن خلفهم سدًا فٲغشيناهم فهم لا يبصرون.

🔴UPDATE - Two were killed near Falluja cemetery - Three more were killed in an attack that targeted a civilian car - At least 36 Palestinians have been killed so far since Friday.

All we want from you is to tell the truth. Talk to the world about Gaza, tell them that Israel is killing civilians and targeting children, women and safe houses. We want you to be wary of the false Israeli narrative that justifies its crimes. Gaza, Palestine 🇵🇸✌️.

All we want from you is to tell the truth. Talk to the world about Gaza, tell them that Israel is killing civilians and targeting children, women and safe houses. We want you to be wary of the false Israeli narrative that justifies its crimes Gaza, Palestine 🇵🇸✌️ #غزة_تحت_القصف.

The leaders of Muslim Countries should do something for Palestine 😢 #TheKillerIsrael.

Palestine Photo,Palestine Photo by Ayat 💕(backup),Ayat 💕(backup) on twitter tweets Palestine Photo

@MarkSeddon1962 Both sideist equivocating is all the West ever does regarding Palestine..

Don’t like my post on Palestine 🇵🇸 unfollow!! 👊🏽 I will not stop talking about Palestine 🇵🇸 #GazaUnderAttack.

@EricRWeinstein Arabs have political control of over 70% of the original Palestine Mandate land and they freely live across 95+% of it. The <5% being Area C, much of which they develop anyway. What more do you want Israel to do when dealing with hardcore rejectionists for 20 years?.

@Patricia_Bantom What do we say to the oppressed people of Palestine? We know his love for Israel.

@OrenZiv_ They do what they want since they are protected by western (democracies) ,if Russia did so the western Medea will heavily protest , but it’s Palestine no one cares.

@BFMTV Israël est un pays d’ASSASSIN, de CRIMINEL qui commet un GENOCIDE en Palestine @Meyer_Habib Comme pour la Russie, Israël mérite d’être condamné.

Check out what our colleague Salwa has to say about the current situation in Gaza🔽🔽.

Palestine Photo,Palestine Photo by CARE_palestine,CARE_palestine on twitter tweets Palestine Photo

praying for Palestinians and their loved ones who died, hopefully one day someone notices the similarities between killing white people and killing indigenous levants in Palestine..

#GazaUnderAttack Why the West doesn’t talking about Gaza, Palestine the way they covered the war on Ukraine!? Until Sun, 7th Aug 2022 - 08:10 pm 🚨41 Martyrs; Including, 15 children, 6 women, and an elderly. 🚨311 Injured; #gazaunderattacks.

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